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Queries Related to CCE answered by CBSE Chairman

Question: It is mentioned  in the Circular that March 2011 Class X examination will be based on the syllabus published in 2011 Curriculum document. But nothing has been mentioned about question paper pattern. Please clarify

Answer by CBSE: In the light of recent changes introduced under CCE scheme, the termwise details of syllabus and question paper pattern for March 2011 are being worked out. Please wait for some time.

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Promoting Reading Habits as part of CCE in English Language

Inculcating good reading habits in children has always been a concern for all stakeholders in education. Now with the introduction of CCE and grading in secondary education there has been a paradigm shift from getting marks at an end of the term summative examination to the process of learning and acquiring better language skills.

With everything – information, entertainment, videos and even books within reach through the internet, it is indeed a challenge to convince students to pick up books and engage with the author, story, character and ideas presented in the reading passage or book.

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FAQ for CBSE Board Exams

Frequently asked questions by students preparing for CBSE Board exams

Q.1. I am studying from NCERT books and I have completed latest CBSE Sample Papers. Will I be able to score good marks ( say 80% or more ) ?
Ans. Marks scored by any student depend upon their preparation and performance during examination. The students are adviced to remain focussed and do their best.

Q.2. How many sets are there for a particular question paper ? Can questions in one sets may be easier than the other set ?

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The first phase of CBSE counseling will begin from 1st Feb. to 2nd April, 2009.  This is the 12th consecutive year that CBSE will be providing counseling services to students and parents during examinations to overcome their anxiety and examination related stress.

The CBSE outreach programme is carefully designed keeping the heterogeneity of students’ population and geographical spread. 

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Modification in external Science practical examination syllabus

The salient features of the scheme included :

a) One Theory paper of weightage 60 marks with duration of 2.5 hours.
b) A year-end school based practical examination for 20 marks.
c) A separate paper on practical skill based multiple choice questions of weightage 20 marks and duration of 1.5 hours.

Thus a relative weightage of 60 marks and 40 marks was assigned to theory and practical work in the subject in the restructured syllabus. Class X March 2007 examination of the Board was conducted on the basis of above scheme. 

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