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Who was first person who invented malaria
  • 1 answers

Om Kolte 3 minutes ago (5852475)

Sir Ronald Ros
  • 1 answers

Shrey Rastogi 7 minutes ago (5366737)

Explain vande graaf generator
  • 0 answers
Why liberals were not democrats
  • 0 answers
What is hydrogen bond in D.N.A
  • 0 answers
Maths formulas where i can get
  • 0 answers
  • 0 answers
How to prepare chemistry in everyday life .
  • 1 answers

Saurabh Vashisth 23 minutes ago (3760005)

I see the to learning the medicine
What are industrIes
  • 0 answers
What is STD name two STDs
  • 1 answers

Aamreen Fatima 33 minutes ago (3324176)

STD are sexually transmitted diseases..and STD are AIDS ,gonorrhea and syphilis
What is ***.How is it done
  • 1 answers

Deepak Kumar 50 minutes ago (5927933)

You ask ownMom and father
What is the effect of catalyst on the rate of the reaction
  • 1 answers

Vjy Maderna an hour ago (5007776)

Catalyst change the rate of the reaction.Positive catalyst increase the rate of the reaction while negitive decrease the rate of reaction. (rate means speed of reaction)
9724679 2255789
  • 3 answers

Isha Bhardwaj.....🤗 54 minutes ago (3732890)


Christin Mathew an hour ago (3354770)

What nonsense is this

Amrit Kaur an hour ago (5028401)

Wht is this??
What is full form of -INDIA
  • 1 answers

Riyan Rajguru an hour ago (5926640)

IND-Independent Nation Democracy
Describe the structure and function s of Nephron . Draw the diagram also
  • 4 answers

Disha Rathore 10 minutes ago (5076610)

You can get diagram in your NCERT book on page no 111.

Deepak Kumar an hour ago (5927933)

Diagram also please

Deepak Kumar an hour ago (5927933)


Uma Suhag an hour ago (3045817)

a nephron is the structural and functional unitof a kidney . it is also known as the filtering unit of kidney.it consists of bowman's capsule ,artr.glomerulus,PCT,DCT ,loop of henle,collecting ductetc.a nephron filters blood ,absorbs useful substances from it and collects harmful substances such as CO2,nitrogeneous waste ,urea in the form of urine.
How does respiration take place in plants
  • 1 answers

Enosh Chauhan an hour ago (1379784)

Read the book and find out the answer Do some effort😀😕😕😕
What is diverging mirror
  • 1 answers

Anmol Mahiya an hour ago (4034218)

Diverging mirror:- The diverging mirror is also known as the convex mirror. When the light rays fall on the mirror it will diverge the light rays. It is used in vechicle mirror bcz it will give image of wider area in comparasion of concave mirror. Another reason to use convex mirror is that it will show small size of image to understand properly.
What is hemoglobin? Wher it is found
  • 2 answers

Deepak Kumar an hour ago (5927933)

So short ans please gave long ans

Anmol Mahiya an hour ago (4034218)

Hemoglobin is a red pigment present in RBC to show the red color of blood. It is made up of protien. The hemoglobin is used for carrying oxygen in the whole body via blood.
which book is best for surface area and volume
  • 1 answers

Aamreen Fatima 31 minutes ago (3324176)

RD Sharma
What are the hots questions from novels and society
  • 1 answers

Disha Rathore 8 minutes ago (5076610)

Refer to Xamidea
Do you think reforms can be forced on political parties by legal actions
  • 2 answers

Aradhya Veema an hour ago (5795881)

no government has taken many steps to reform political parties but they are not seem to be very helpful

Rishi Negi an hour ago (5701914)

Hindi ques give to me

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