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Bhumika Agrawal a minute ago (7500585)

Blue print means
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Diksha🌼 12 minutes ago (7961539)


Royal Thakur 📚 12 minutes ago (6628100)

Sorry the image distance will be positive because it forms virtual and erect image.

Royal Thakur 📚 16 minutes ago (6628100)

Image distance will always be negative because it forms real and inverted image in all case .
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Yogita Ingle 11 minutes ago (2577571)

Usually, when the school began, there was a great bustle. The noise could be heard out in the school. Students opened and closed their desks. They repeated the lessons together very loudly. They kept their hands over their ears to understand better. The teacher would go on rapping the table with his great iron ruler.

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Yogita Ingle 12 minutes ago (2577571)

  (x – 1, y + 3) = (2, x + 4) 

So, x - 1 = 2

x = 2 + 1 = 3

and y + 3 = x +4

y + 3 = 3 + 4

y + 3 = 7

y = 7 - 3

y = 4

Pk . 27 minutes ago (8063023)

X=3 and Y=4
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Diksha🌼 15 minutes ago (7961539)

Nice number🙄😒😒

Akhil Singh 24 minutes ago (5380245)

807249010 kya koi Maths Standard and science ke group mein aana chahta hai....

Pk . 30 minutes ago (8063023)

Be brave we r going to score 80 out of 80😊😊😊

Pk . 31 minutes ago (8063023)

Nothing more bro....it is like a previous year paper........you don't have to worry about this......clear all the concepts of ncert and solve each question of it.😊😊😊

Ritika Jhala 34 minutes ago (6164260)

Please help me out guys
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Psych Ultra 24 minutes ago (8065808)

Barrett M82 .50 cal no question the AWM is not even 50 caliber get out of here with PUBG knowledge

Tanishk Ghaloth 31 minutes ago (7686598)

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Royal Thakur 📚 52 minutes ago (6628100)

When image is virtual and erect then the image distance will be positive but when it is real and inverted then the image distance will be negative. In concave mirror only in one case when object is between pole and focus then the image distance will be positive. In convex mirror image distance is always positive.
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Yogita Ingle 20 minutes ago (2577571)

Following are the types of mirrors that are most widely used:

Plane mirror: The images formed from a plane mirror are the reflected images in their normal proportions but reversed from left to right. These are the most widely used mirrors.

Convex mirror: These are the spherical mirror that is curved outward and the image obtained is virtual, diminished and erect for a real object.

Concave mirrors: These are the spherical mirror that is curved inward and the image obtained from these mirrors depend on the placement of the object.

Lenses: A lens is a part of a reflecting material like glass or plastic but curved from both sides. Lenses are unlike mirrors that have a reflecting surface only on one side. Depending upon its shape a lens can be categorized as:

  • Convex Lens - A Convex Lens is curved outwards. It is thicker in the centre and narrows down at the edges. It merges the light rays passing through it at a certain point. Therefore, it is also called a Converging Lens.

  • Concave Lens - A Concave Lens is curved inwards. It has wider edges and a thinner centre. It reflects back the light that travels through it in different directions. Therefore, it is also called a Diverging Lens.

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Yogita Ingle 26 minutes ago (2577571)

Ashoka's dhamma was not related to the worship of any god or performance of sacrifice. He considered that it was his responsibility, just like a father has towards his children, to instruct the people of the empire so as to reduce conflicts among them. He was inspired by the teachings of the Buddha

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