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Yogita Ingle 7Ā minutes ago (2577571)

A group of stars forming various patterns is called a constellation.

A huge system of stars is called a galaxy.

Rina Singh 29Ā minutes ago (8483434)

A huge of start is called
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Yogita Ingle 6Ā minutes ago (2577571)

Evolution is a gradual and continuing process of change that occur over a period of time, due to slight variations in genetic compositions as well as changes in environment, leading to formation of new species.

Abhinava Varma 8Ā minutes ago (8457743)

The devolopment of plants and an animals etc for many years is called evolution

Himanshu Rathore 26Ā minutes ago (8248106)

the development of plants, animals, etc. over many thousands of years from simple early forms to more advanced ones
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Yogita Ingle 5Ā minutes ago (2577571)

An atmosphere is a blanket of gases that surrounds Earth. It is held near the surface of the planet by Earth’s gravitational attraction. Argon, oxygen and nitrogen from the three main constitutions of the atmosphere.

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Yogita Ingle 4Ā minutes ago (2577571)

The Earth takes 365 ¼ days to complete one revolution around the Sun. To keep the equation simple, we take 365 days in a year. The rest one fourth of the day or six hours are added up to one day or 24 hours over a span of four years to the month of February. Thus the month of February has 29 days in a leap year which comes once in four year.

Manish Kumar 7Ā minutes ago (8483343)

Because a leap year is come after four year and when leap year comes February have 29 Days
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Yogita Ingle a minute ago (2577571)

Cowries are the currency in Maldives.

Cowries were a form of currency in the Maldives and later on it was use in China and East Africa also.

LuciferšŸ˜‡ MorningstaršŸ˜Ž 42Ā minutes ago (8471039)

A form of currency of maldives
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Yogita Ingle 26Ā seconds ago (2577571)


30 + 12 = 42

The sequence progresses +6, +12, +18, +24, +30.

Anita Sharma 44Ā minutes ago (8470047)


LuciferšŸ˜‡ MorningstaršŸ˜Ž 50Ā minutes ago (8471039)

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Meghna Thapar 19Ā minutes ago (6237)

A two-wheeler is a vehicle that runs on two wheels. A two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle is called a cart. Common carts are dog carts, governess carts, and rally carts. By definition, a two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle is called a cart. Motor cycle, cycle, scooter and scooty are the examples of a two- wheeler.

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Santosh Singh 43Ā minutes ago (8116627)

Cellulose is a fibre and it's function is to made paper and plastic.

Parneet Kaur 44Ā minutes ago (7282946)

Cellulose is organic cpmpound which has complex structure it has linear chain of several linked glucose units .it provides structural strength to plant and prevents burstings of cells in hypotonic solutions

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