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What is apomixis? ☺
  • 0 answers
What do you mean by dry ice?
  • 0 answers
Who was huxter??
  • 0 answers
Father of computer
  • 1 answers

Hariom Sagar 7 minutes ago (6449201)

Father of computer
What is the melting point of ice?
  • 0 answers
Prose come from which chapters
  • 0 answers
What is the chronic disease
  • 0 answers
Katherine Mansfield is basically a
  • 1 answers

Gaurav Seth 8 minutes ago (2898529)

Katherine Mansfield, one of New Zealand's finest authors, wrote dozens of short stories and poems.

A consumer consume only 2 goods ,each price rupees 1 per unit . If the consumer chooses a combination of 2 goods with MRS equal to 2 ,is the consumer is in equilibrium ?give reason ,explain what rational consumer do........ Answer fast tomorrow is my exam...plzzzzz
  • 1 answers

Sumit Garg 4 minutes ago (5557497)

No, in the given statement the consumer is not in the equilibrium because the required situation for consumer equilibrium is MRSab = Pa/Pb . In the given question MRS is greater then the ratios of their respective prices. The to attain equilibrium , the conumer will go on sacrificing more unit of second to get additional unit of first unit . After some time this will lead to mariginal unity . Hence the consumer will be in an equilibrium.
Check wether 4 power n can end with the digit 0 for any natural number n
  • 2 answers

Mrunu 💟💟💟 45 seconds ago (6364459)

no because if it has to be end with 0 , it would have factors both 2 and 5 but it has only 2 as its factor ....so it can not end with 0 ...😊

Himanshu Singh 16 minutes ago (5934357)

What happened to the princess September's parrot?
  • 1 answers

Gaurav Seth 5 minutes ago (2898529)

One day, Princess September found her parrot lying dead at the bottom of its golden cage. She burst into tears suddenly. She cried so much that the Queen got angry and told her to go to bed without any supper.

Theme of flamigo chapters
  • 0 answers
Question 7 ka kya mean hai?
  • 0 answers
Theme of every chapters in vistas
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Follow request send kr di hai shriya tumhare ista pe
  • 6 answers

Rohit Sahani💖 a minute ago (6535337)

Tumse sarah rani

Rohit Sahani💖 2 minutes ago (6535337)

Sarah rani tumse

Sarah Rani 5 minutes ago (6523077)

With whome are you asking

Rohit Sahani💖 8 minutes ago (6535337)

Kya tum meri gfriend ho

Sarah Rani 19 minutes ago (6523077)

Moring rohit

Rohit Sahani💖 23 minutes ago (6535337)

Accept jaldi kro

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