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CBSE Sample Papers Class 11 (2022-23) | Free Solution PDF

CBSE Sample question papers for Class 11 with solutions in PDF format are available for download in the myCBSEguide App and website. Class 11 CBSE has more than 40 subjects divided in four streams viz. Science stream, Commerce stream, Humanities and Vocational. We provide modal question papers (solved) for all major subjects in class 11 CBSE. Download the best app for CBSE students, My CBSE guide app to get fully solved sample papers for class 11 in all subjects.

CBSE sample paper Class 11 (2022-23) | Solved PDF

As the syllabus of class 11 is considered one the vast in the context of time interval, we provide you best idea of the syllabus and sample papers with a variety of questions. We also recommend going for an online test module to know your capabilities and cast your presence among scholars. This is a career deciding phase of a student's life so they choose the discipline accordingly. As mentioned earlier we create an environment of competition and our efforts start to bear fruit here. After class 12, students will have to go for higher studies like Engineering, Medical, CA etc through competitive exams conducted by different authorities so it's our duty to prepare them for the same.

Download Solved Sample papers for class 11 as PDF

Explore and score more with the techniques we offer

  1. There is constant back-end work done for each and every sample paper, article and online test series. We repeat our quality instead of study material and contents.
  2. A well summarized and concise syllabus pattern is uploaded with sample papers based on it, which is easy to understand and elaborate.
  3. All model test papers and solutions can be downloaded in pdf format with no charges (Only in case of all file in one folder download option, charges are applicable)
  4. This is the only domain where you get n number of questions which will be helpful for bright and weak students equally.
  5. This is part 1 of your senior secondary, so the efforts you put in this class will be helpful in part 2 and in the future.

CBSE sample papers for class 11 with solution

Subjects of CBSE class 11 at a glance

Let’s categorized all subjects to get a clear view while marking system can be seen from syllabus for class 11 section.

In the table 1 we have subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology

  • In Mathematics questions are of theory-based only which carries 100 marks. Important units in class 11 are Sets and function, Algebra, Coordinate geometry, Calculus, Mathematical reasoning, statistics and probability.
  • Physics contains theory of 70 marks with 30 marks for practical. Important topics are Physical world, Kinematics, Laws of motion, Work energy and power, Thermodynamics, Oscillations and waves etc.
  • In physics calculus and formula-based questions are important.
  • Chemistry questions are based on theory, formula and chemical reaction with practical while biology is theory and diagram based with practical.  

In table 2 we have subjects like English, Hindi, Sanskrit

  • These are language subjects and can be high scoring if your concept is clear. Our sample paper has practice sets on these subjects to ensure your overall performance in class 11

In table 3, we put subjects like Accountancy, Business studies, Economics, History, Geography, Sociology, Political science and others

  • While Accountancy, Business studies and Economics are for commerce based students so we have put it in a different category to get more knowledge and concept of it.
  • History, Geography, Political science, Sociology are also dealt with same features to prepare yourself for annual examination.
  • Sample paper of all subjects are given here through link. Please download it.

Exchange of ideas, technology and knowledge

We include this section particularly to get connect with students and parents. The study materials we provide are testimonials of school exams as well as competitive exams so keeping this temperament in mind students can follow the path we recommend for. There is a need for the spot solution and for this, we assembled the entire topics and offer you in the form of sample papers with solutions that can be downloaded from anywhere and on any device. To connect with us, you have an option to post your queries and ask solutions for any question through WhatsApp etc. Our experts have to work hard for it so students it’s time to prove their mettle. Our mantra for class 11 is to practice daily and improve daily.

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