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CBSE Sample Papers Class 11 Hindi Elective

CBSE Sample Question Paper for class 11 Hindi Elective – in PDF

CBSE Sample Papers Class 11 Hindi Elective The new marking scheme and blueprint for Class 11 have been released by CBSE. We are providing Hindi Elective sample papers for Class 11 CBSE exams. Sample Papers are available for free download in myCBSEguide app and website in PDF format. CBSE Sample Papers Class 11 Hindi Elective With Solutions of 11 Hindi Elective are made available by CBSE exams are over. CBSE marking scheme and blue print is provided along with the Sample Papers. This helps students find to answer the most frequently asked question, How to prepare for CBSE exams. CBSE Sample Papers of Class 11 Hindi Elective for 2018 Download the app today to get the latest and up-to-date study material. CBSE sample paper for Class 11 Hindi Elective with questions and answers (solution).

Download Hindi Elective Sample Papers as PDF

CBSE Sample Papers Class 11 Hindi Elective

CBSE Sample Papers Class 11 Hindi Elective myCBSEguide provides CBSE Class 11 Sample Papers of Hindi Elective for the year 2018, 2019, 2020 with solutions in PDF format for free download. The CBSE Sample Papers for all – NCERT books and based on CBSE latest syllabus must be downloaded and practiced by students. Class 11 Hindi Elective New Sample Papers follow the blueprint of that year only. A student must check the latest syllabus and marking scheme. Sample paper for Class 11 Hindi Elective and other subjects are available for download as PDF in-app too. myCBSEguide provides sample paper with solutions for the year 2018, 2019, 2020.

Marking Scheme for Class 11 exam

SubjectBoard MarksPractical or internal Marks
English100 MarksZERO Marks
Hindi100 MarksZERO Marks
Mathematics100 MarksZERO Marks
Hindi Elective70 Marks30 Marks
Physics70 Marks30 Marks
Biology70 Marks30 Marks
Computer Science70 Marks30 Marks
Informatics Practices70 Marks30 Marks
Hindi Elective80 Marks20 Marks
Business Studies80 Marks30 Marks
Economics80 Marks20 Marks
History80 Marks20 Marks
Political Science100 MarksZERO Marks
Geography70 Marks30 Marks
Sociology80 Marks20 Marks
Physical Education70 Marks30 Marks
Home Science70 Marks30 Marks
(क)अपठित अंश15
1.अपठित गद्यांश पर आधारित बोध, प्रयोग, रचनान्तरण, शीर्षक आदि पर लघुत्तरात्मक प्रश्न (2×4 लघुत्तरात्मक प्रश्न + 1×2 अतिलघुत्तरात्मक प्रश्न)10
2.अपठित काव्यांश पर आधारित पाँच लघुत्तरात्मक प्रश्न05
(ख)कार्यालयी हिंदी और रचनात्मक लेखन (पुस्तकः अभिव्यक्ति और माध्यम)25
3.किसी एक विषय पर निबंध (विकल्प सहित)10
4.कार्यालयी पत्र (विकल्प सहित)05
5.जनसंचार माध्यम और पत्रकारिता के विविध आयामों पर पाँच लघुत्तरात्मक प्रश्न (1×5)05
6.व्यावहारिक लेखन (प्रतिवेदन, कार्यसूची, कार्यवृत्त इत्यादि) पर एक प्रश्न05
1)अंतरा भाग-135
अ)काव्य भाग20
7.एक काव्यांश की सप्रसंग व्याख्या08
8.कविता के कथ्य पर दो प्रश्न (3+3)06
9.कविताओं के काव्य-सौंदर्य पर दो प्रश्न (3+3)06
ब)गद्य भाग15
10.एक गद्यांश की सप्रसंग व्याख्या04
11.पाठों की विषयवस्तु पर दो प्रश्न (3+3)06
12.किसी एक लेखक/कवि का साहित्यिक परिचय05
2)अंतराल भाग 115
12.पाठों की विषयवस्तु पर आधारित एक मूल्यपरक प्रश्न05
13.विषयवस्तु पर आधारित दो निबंधात्मक प्रश्न( 5+5)10
(घ)मौखिक परीक्षा (श्रवण तथा वाचन)10

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 11 2018

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