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Class 11 Political Science Sample Papers, Notes, and Important Questions

Students can download CBSE class 11 Political Science Sample Papers, NCERT Book Answers, Notes, and Important Questions here. Check out our exclusive course material for higher grades in exams.

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The exposure of a subject increases at the senior secondary level. Opting for political science as a subject at higher secondary engages the students with the political processes with which they are surrounded. It also allows them to interpret and understand the historical relevance of their presence and the process that has shaped their present state. Students who are looking for quality course material for political science at senior secondary can get them on myCBSEguide. Here you get, CBSE class 11 Political Science downloads, online tests, and practice papers in form of syllabus, question papers, online tests, and important questions as per the CBSE syllabus. Notes, test papers, and school exam question papers with solutions.

CBSE Class 11 Political Science Complete Course

Student's best app myCBSEguide has been providing a complete course package for CBSE subjects. Our Class 11 political science content offers valuable resources in the form of ample papers, Syllabus, NCERT textbook solutions, MCQ tests, learning videos, and online mock tests. All this content is available in PDF format which is easy to download. You can also find previous years' question papers and NCERT book in PDF in our students' dashboard.

Our quality content has been very helpful for the students as they provide products for the initial stage (like syllabus) to the final stage (sample papers) under one roof. Let's check the complete course material for class 11 political science.

CBSE Class 11 Political Science Syllabus

Three major streams of political science are covered under the senior secondary syllabus. They are Political Theory, Indian Politics, and International Politics. The syllabus is so designed that the students would be familiar with the basic tenets of the subject. They will also be acquainted with the present jargon and terms of political science. The class 11 political science syllabus covers Indian Constitution and Political Theory in particular. The chapters of these sections are mentioned below. As we know every year CBSE deletes or adds some topics, you can check our Class 11 Political Science syllabus 2022-23 post for such details related to the syllabus. 

Part A: Indian Constitution at Work Part B: Political Theory
  • Constitution
  • Election and Representation
  • The Legislature
  • The Executive
  • The Judiciary
  • Federalism
  • Local Governments
  • Political Theory: An Introduction
  • Liberty 
  • Equality
  • Justice 
  • Rights
  • Citizenship
  • Nationalism
  • Secularism

The course aims to engage the students with the discipline and develop competencies in the subject of Political Science. This would boost their confidence and subsequently prepare them for higher education, learning, and knowledge.

Class 11 Political Science Revision Notes

With lesser time and a bigger syllabus. students usually run out of time to make proper notes, especially for theoretical subjects. Here the revision notes provided by myCBSeguide can help the students. In no time they can get the gist of a chapter that too in a simplified language. You can find chapter-wise revision notes for all the lessons of Class 11 political science. These notes are prepared by expert teachers and are very helpful for last-minute revision.

Class 11 Political Science Important Questions

Every lesson has some important section or topic. The important questions are generally based on that part of the lesson. Hence, myCBSEguide prepares a few important questions or extra questions for each subject with special emphasis on these topics. Students who wish to score higher grades in their senior secondary examination must try these questions. We have class 11 political science important questions with complete solutions. You can also log in to our students' dashboard to access these important questions.

Class 11 Political Science Case Study Questions

The latest major change that the CBSE has introduced in its question paper pattern is the inception of competency-based questions. These are in the form of case-based questions. These questions are generally clubbed under a paragraph called source, based on which 4 to 5 questions are asked which can be either subjective or objective. Being a new type of question, very few such questions are available. With our sheer effort, we present the best case study questions for class 11 political science. You can check our Class 11 Political Science Case Study Questions samples here. 

Class 11 Political Science Sample Papers

Solving sample papers is a sure-shot way to score well. Be it a school final examination or boards every student should solve as many sample papers as they can. This not only makes them more confident but also enables them to optimize their resources and time. Based on the official CBSE sample papers with an exact blueprint, we prepare full-length question papers for all the senior secondary subjects. You can find Class 11 Political Science Sample Papers for the upcoming 2023 examination with a complete solution. These question papers are available in PDF format. You can access our complete CBSE course at a minimal price. Download the myCBSEguide app to uplift your performance. 

Class 11 Political Science Test Papers

Test papers are good to test your short-term goals. If used in a proper and planned manner it can boost your overall performance. You can find chapter-based test papers for class 11 political science on our dashboard. These tests are in the form of online tests, mock tests, and MCQ tests. You can opt for the way you like to take the test. Test papers are the best tool for self-assessment for two reasons, first, they are not very lengthy and second they make the learning process easy and less cumbersome. Students can find it a fun learning a chapter and testing their progress. 

The genuine motto of myCBSEguide is to assist the students with valuable resources and support those who are trying to be self-dependent in their preparation. Students having an equally genuine quest for knowledge must download this app and try their hand at its exclusive content for a good deal.

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