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Class 11 Physics Sample Papers, Notes | NCERT Solutions

Get our premium content for CBSE class 11 Physics in the form of Sample Question Papers, Notes,  Exemplar Solutions, NCERT Solutions & Question Bank as PDF tailor-made for the toppers.

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CBSE class 11 Physics solved sample question papers, NCERT textbook answers, revision notes, and guess papers for free download, online practice tests in MCQ format for CBSE, IIT JEE, AIPMT, NEET, and other entrance exams along with high-quality free videos. 

CBSE Class 11 Physics Study Material

There is a transition from general education to a discipline-based focus on the curriculum at the senior secondary stage of school education. Hence, young learners need to pay extra attention to the preparation for their board examinations. For CBSE Class 11 Physics quality study material like NCERT exemplar solutions, the latest sample question papers, test papers, and chapter-wise quick revision notes students can check our website. Here you can also find learning videos for class 11 Physics for a better understanding of the chapter.

CBSE Class 11 Physics Syllabus

Physics as a subject in the senior secondary stage of school education aims to develop conceptual competence in the learners and make them realize and appreciate the interface of Physics with other disciplines. Therefore, it becomes very important for the students at this stage to prepare vigorously in concurrence with the updated syllabus. Those who are looking for a reliable stop to get everything for Class 11 Physics like syllabus, sample papers, notes, and NCERT Solutions may download the myCBSEguide App.

A syllabus is subject to change. This change may not be very big but there are small changes that are mostly accommodated in the syllabus. That is the reason students must know their syllabus well. Given below are the chapter names of the present CBSE Class 11 Physics syllabus.


  • Class XI – 2022-23 (Theory)
  • Unit–I Physical World and Measurement
  • Unit-II Kinematics
  • Unit–III Laws of Motion
  • Unit–IV Work, Energy, and Power
  • Unit–V Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body
  • Unit-VI Gravitation
  • Unit–VII Properties of Bulk Matter
  • Unit–VIII Thermodynamics
  • Unit–IX Behaviour of Perfect Gases and Kinetic Theory of Gases
  • Unit–X Oscillations and Waves

The CBSE senior secondary Physics basically aims to expose the learners to different processes used in Physics-related industrial and technological applications. Therefore, the topics and chapters have been thoughtfully chosen. For detailed information on the syllabus, you can check Class 11 Physics Syllabus 2023.

CBSE Class 11 Physics Revision Notes

It is impossible to get good marks without understanding the key concepts properly. Physics is a subject of theories and formulae, one has to know them well in order to answer the questions based on them. For this revision notes become important. You can download the revision notes for CBSE Class 11 Physics from myCBSEguide which has explanations of important topics in layman’s language. Students can make the best use of these notes for their preparations. The Physics revision notes are helpful in understanding the concepts easily.

CBSE Class11 Physics NCERT Exemplar Solutions

A complete knowledge of NCERT is a must for any CBSE subject.  Students of senior secondary science need to focus more on the NCERT textbook solutions and Exemplar Solutions. The best part is our class NCERT solutions are available free of cost on our students’ dashboard with a simple registration. Get the Class 11 Physics NCERT Solutions with detailed answers. Students can also learn from the video solution for better understanding. The Physics exemplar solutions can also be accessed which are available for download.

CBSE Class 11 Physics Question Bank

There is a dynamic range of questions that the students need to be aware of. These questions can be multiple choice questions, case study questions, competency-based objective questions, and description subjective questions. The question bank of myCBSEguide is very rich in this matter and has numerous questions for every type. To get the best and latest question type for CBSE Class 11 Physics you must check our website. Our question bank is revived even and accommodates even a subtle change in the syllabus.

CBSE Class 11 Physics Sample Papers

Based on the CBSE question paper pattern, the myCBSEguide model question papers are one of our top-selling products. Students are advised to solve as many sample papers as they can because sample papers reflect the original question paper. Practicing sample papers drives away stress and boosts the confidence of the students. The class 11 Physics sample papers with the latest blueprint are now available on the myCBSEguide app. For more information check out Class 11 Physics Sample Paper 2023.

Class 11 Physics Previous Year Questions & Practice Papers

You can find previous years’ question papers for class 11 Physics on our student dashboard absolutely free. In fact, you can check CBSE Previous Years Paper for all the subjects here. These are the most important question for senior secondary students from the board exam perspective.

The CBSE has released practice papers for the main subjects. Students who would be sitting for the upcoming boards must thoroughly revise these papers before sitting for their exams. You can find the class 11 Physics Practice papers 2023 and begin your preparation right away.

CBSE Class 11 Physics Case Study Questions

The senior secondary Physics curriculum is designed to promote problem-solving abilities and creative thinking in learners. The CBSE has incorporated the concept of competency-based education (CBE) by including a new model of questions called Case-based questions or simply case study questions. Our CBSE Class 11 Physics case study question has been prepared by senior CBSE teachers and is sure to give efficient outcomes.

Our Class 11 Physics Case Study Questions will help to develop conceptual competence in the learners and make them realize and appreciate the interface of Physics with other disciplines.

CBSE Class 11 Physics Test Papers & Online Tests

The chapter-based test can be a good way to achieve small targets. The test papers of class 11 Physics help in providing logical sequencing of units of the subject matter and proper placement of concepts with their linkage for better learning.

Along with the test papers, students can also test their acquired knowledge through our online MCQ tests. This can fill the gap during the preparation of a particular chapter. These Physics test papers and Physics online tests can ease the burden of completing the whole syllabus before taking a test. These tests can opt for chapter-wise as well.

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