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The new update of myCBSEguide App includes Report Card feature for students. This will help students to monitor their progress. Report Card is also a very useful tool for parents to check the performance of the student.

What is Report Card in myCBSEguide App?

Report Card is a tool in myCBSEguide App helps students to analyse their activities within the app. It shows total items available and the items accessed by the student. It also displays the performance of the student.

Report Card in myCBSEguide App

How to get Report Card Module?

Report Card module is available in the latest version of myCBSEguide App only. So, to get it, you must update myCBSEguide App latest version from Google Playstore. If you have not yet installed the CBSE Guide App, you can get it from Google Playstore.

Can I use it in Laptop or iphone?

Yes. myCBSEguide is available in PWA format too. Students can access it on google chrome as myCBSEguide Dashboard. It is exactly same as our android app version. All the features available in the mobile app are part of this dashboard. Now, we have different product offerings for students and teachers. So, you must select your profile carefully.


myCBSEguide App

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