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UBSE - Syllabus, Sample Papers, Notes and Videos

Uttarakhand board UBSE high school and intermediate exam syllabus, date sheet, exam schedule, model papers, NCERT books solutions, and UK board Ram Nagar Nainital exams, results, and question papers. UK Board, UBSE syllabus, and sample papers for High school and Intermediate.

उत्तराखंड बोर्ड के सभी शिक्षा संसाधन यहाँ उपलब्ध है।  उत्तराखंड बोर्ड के विगत प्रश्न-पत्र से ले कर मॉडल प्रश्न पत्र, ऑनलाइन टेस्ट, अधिगमन वीडियो, नोट्स, एन.सी.आर.टी नोट्स, इत्यादि। 

Uttarakhand Board exam papers, syllabus, notes and videos are now available in the myCBSEguide app for free download. UBSE, Nainital conducts board exams for classes 10 and 12 in Uttarkhand state. It is also called UK Board. All government schools and some private schools follow UK Board in Uttarakhand. Trusted by more than 1,00,000 teachers and over 5 million downloads makes us trustworthy enough to supply authentic course material for Uttarakhand Board.

हमारे वेबसाइट पर आपको उत्तराखंड बोर्ड के प्रश्न बैंक, सिलेबस, सेम्पल पेपर और अन्य अध्ययन सामग्री मुफ्त डाउनलोडिंग के लिए उपलब्ध है | यह सब आपको PDF में उपलब्ध होगा जिससे डाउनलोड करना और प्रिंट करना अत्यंत आसान हो जायेगा। हमारे अधिगमन वीडियो शिक्षार्थियों को उनके पाठ्यक्रम में दिए गए अवधारणाओं और सिद्धांतों सहजता से समझने में बहुत ही लाभकारी सिद्ध होगा।

About Uttarakhand Board

UBSE Class 10

Uttarakhand board UBSE class 10 high school syllabus, date sheet, exam schedule, class 10 NCERT books solutions and UK board Ram Nagar Nainital exams, results and class 10 question papers. UK Board, UBSE class 10 syllabus and class 10 high school sample papers.

UBSE Class 12

Uttarakhand board UBSE class 12 intermediate syllabus, date sheet, exam schedule, class 12 intermediate NCERT books solutions and UK board Ram Nagar Nainital exams, results and class 12 intermediate question papers. UK Board, UBSE class 12 syllabus and class 12 intermediate sample papers.

Latest Syllabus for Uttarakhand Board 

सही दिशा में तैयारी करने का अर्थ  पाठकों को अपने पाठ्यक्रम का सही ज्ञान होना है। ये आवयश्यक इसलिए भी है क्योंकि के यह आपको आपके लक्ष्य को निर्धारित करने में सहयोग करती है। पाठ्यक्रम की सही सूझ-बूझ एक बुनियादी पौड़ी है, इसके बाद ही आप बाकी का सफर तय कर सकेंगे। शिक्षार्थी सम्पूर्ण उत्तराखंड बोर्ड पाठ्यक्रम सरकारी वेबसाइट पर देख सकते हैं या फिर हमारे डैशबोर्ड पर भी अपने कक्षा और विषय के का चयन कर के भी देख सकते हैं।  माय सीबीएसई गाइड आपको पाठ्यक्रम के बारे में सही सूचना देती है जो की सरकारी परिपत्र के अनुकूल होता है।  

According to National Education Policy 2020 things will be different for the central as well as state boards. Here you can get the latest syllabus prescribed by the Uttarakhand Board for the current session. All information regarding the topics added or deleted is mentioned in details over here. You will have a clear idea about the Uttarakhand Board syllabus and can clear your doubt related to it. The first step to begin your preparation is knowing the syllabus right that too in detail.

Uttarakhand Board Question Bank & Previous Years' Question Papers

The Question Bank of myCBSEguide is its most trusted resource which is used by over lakhs of teachers. Our success for CBSE is well-known, on the same ground we are now providing Question Bank for Secondary and Senior Secondary Classes of Uttarakhand Board. Many reputed schools and teachers use our question bank to generate question papers. Our study material for UK Board, if used in a planned way, can help in scoring better in the high school and intermediate examinations.

Uttarakhand Board Notes & Learning Videos

Students can download revision notes for each chapter-wise revision note for all the subjects of the Uttarakhand Board which are available on the myCBSEguide mobile app. In case a concept is not clear and you still have doubts, you can watch our learning videos. Every subject on our dashboard has a section of learning videos. Students can have a classroom experience through the Uttarakhand Board learning videos which will surely help them understand the chapters in a much easier and more lively way.  

NCERT Textbook and Solutions for Uttarakhand Board 

As we know most of the state boards follow NCERT and so we also have everything related to NCERT which can be of great use for the UBSE students. You can find the NCERT Textbook along with the solution on our website. The questions based on NCERT are available for free download in PDF format. Also, these questions can be used to generate free question papers

Uttarakhand Board Online MCQ Tests

The online MCQ tests are mostly designed for objective-type questions. These tests help students to prepare for any type of competitive examination that they wish to take. It is also fun to practice objective questions for UBSE within a fixed time frame. It kind of gives you a double benefit. Students of Uttarakhand Board must try these online tests to have a playful learning experience of our online tests. 

Uttarakhand Board Test Papers and Sample Papers

The sample question papers for Uttarakhand Board that we provide are the replica of the actual board exam question paper. We follow the same blueprint and MS of the model question paper provided by the official Uttarakhand Board website. Our Uttarakhand Board Sample Papers aim to make students aware of the format of the actual paper and also teach them how to manage their time during their examinations. They can analyze the difficulty level too. The model question paper and actual question paper will have the same format, question counts, and difficulty level. So, teachers always advise their students to practice sample papers as much as possible.

Students must follow a pattern to prepare for their exams. They should not take things lightly and follow the pattern of academic planning earnestly. You can download the PDF of UBSE Board Sample Papers on myCBSEguide App with solutions.

Case Study Questions for Uttarakhand Board 

The NEP which has been mentioned above earlier in this article now encourages competency-based learning. You can notice a shift in the pattern of the UBSE questions. The idea is to promote conceptual learning rather than rote learning which is applicable in day-to-day life. The introduction of case study questions is an initiative in this direction. It gives students a variety of questions to learn and practice in different scenarios. They understand the concepts and no doubt apply the learning in real-life situations. Here you will find quality case study questions for all major subjects of UBSE Board.

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