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RBSE Syllabus, Question Bank, Sample Papers, Notes, Learning Videos, Online MCQ Tests

After successfully helping the CBSE students, myCBSEguide brings the best study material for the students of the Rajasthan Board. Like our CBSE module, the RBSE module offers the latest syllabus, Textbook Solutions, Model Question Papers with complete solutions, Previous Year Question Bank, Online MCQ tests, Learning Videos, and many more things. In nutshell, this module enriches the knowledge of young learners in a special way, which parallelly prepares them for competitive exams like TET, Olympiad, SSC, etc.

The favourite app of CBSE students, myCBSEguide App presents quality course content for dominant Hindi language Boards like Rajasthan, Haryana, Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttarakhand, UP, MP, etc. The reason for this project is simply to provide the best study material to the students of the Hindi belt at a bare minimum price. 

Our app has been known for its standard content and we commit the same for these boards as well. We intend to bridge the gap between the learners and the quality of education that they deserve. We resolve to help our students (of the aforementioned boards) by providing them with a level playing field. It is our small step with genuine intent to help the learners with standard academic resources. Besides the learners, our course material will also benefit the teachers in many ways.

Latest RBSE Syllabus

You get here the latest syllabus prescribed by the Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan for the current session. This section describes the topics added in detail and mentions the deleted ones. Basically, you will have a clear idea about the RBSE syllabus and can ward off any doubt related to it. Knowing the syllabus in detail is necessary because the RBSE prepares question papers on the basis of the latest syllabus. 

Revision Notes & Learning Videos

Chapter-wise revision notes for all the subjects of the Rajasthan Board are available on the myCBSEguide mobile app. 

If a student is not satisfied with the notes and still has some doubts, we have a solution for them as well. Every subject on our dashboard has a section of learning videos. Students can have a classroom experience through the RBSE learning videos which will surely help them understand the chapters in a much easier and more lively way.  

RBSE Sample Question Papers & Test Papers

The sample question papers for Rajasthan Board that we provide are the replica of the actual board exam question paper. We follow the same blueprint and MS of the model question paper provided by the official Rajasthan Board website. The very purpose of issuing RBSE Sample Papers is to make students aware of the format of the actual paper and also teach them how to manage their time during their examination. They can analyze the difficulty level too. The model question paper and actual question paper will have the same format, question counts, and difficultly level. So, teachers always advise their students to practice sample papers as much as possible.

myCBSEguide App and website have a wide range of model papers with solutions for practice. You can download them in PDF file format too. So, RBSE model question papers with solutions in PDF available on myCBSEguide will definitely help students in their studies.

Question Bank for Rajasthan Board & RBSE Previous Year Questions

The previous years' question papers of the Rajasthan Board are available here with solutions as PDF files. The reason why are the students advised to go through the previous years' questions because it acquaints them with the pattern of the Board Question Paper. Students will get an idea how of the weightage and eventually have a correct approach to their preparation. Our previous year's question bank includes questions of Rajasthan Board from the year 2005 to the current session.

Online MCQ Tests for Rajasthan Board

The post-COVID period has made the online education imperative. It has become apparent for us to be prepared for any type of digital classes and tests if the situation demands it. Online tests have a special position for any kind of state or national-level competitive examination. Also, for unhindered flow of education online education is important as it prepare our students for any such contingent situation as they can take tests sitting in their space. Therefore, to practice online MCQ tests for Rajasthan Board you can download the myCBSEguide app and sufficient number of practice questions and tests.

 We have lakhs of MCQ from classes 3 to 12 in all major subjects, JEE main, NEET-UG, NDA, and other subjects. Download myCBSEguide App and get unlimited access to online MCQ tests.

RBSE Case Study Questions

The purpose of education is not rote learning but to understand the concepts and apply them in day-to-day life. The latest education policy intends to promote competency-based education. The introduction of case study questions is an initiative in this direction. It gives students a variety of questions to learn and practice in different scenarios. They understand the concepts and no doubt apply the learning in real-life situations. Here you will find quality case study questions for all major subjects of Rajasthan Board.

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