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  • CBSE course material for class 12 students in form of notes, solved papers, NCERT solution, test papers, online tests, videos and homework help. CBSE class 12 study material, Key notes, NCERT solutions, solved sample papers in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology & other subjects including Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, ...

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  • CBSE class 11 complete course in all subjects viz. Physics, Chemistry, mathematics, Biology, Accountancy, Economics, Business studies, History, Political Science, Geography etc. CBSE question papers, CBSE exam ready notes and guess papers for free to download.

  • class 10 course for SA-I and SA-II in Science, Maths, Social science, English and Hindi. It includes sample question papers, practice papers, notes, CBSE and NCERT text book solutions, and online tests for free. class 10 board exams conducted by CBSE schools are 100 mark question papers based on some specific blue prints and marking sc...

  • Class 9 study notes, model papers, downloads, online tests, free practice papers, youtube videos and question papers to download in PDF format. CBSE SA1 and SA2 study material and exam notes for class IX students. Class 9 papers for formative assessment and summetive assessment with detailed solutions.

  • Complete study pack of CBSE class 8 Maths, Science, social science and other CBSE/ NCERT subject which includes printable worksheets, practice questions, solved papers and homework help. Class VIII course is based on recommendation of NCERT as prescribed by CBSE, New Delhi.

  • NCERT solutions and CBSE question papers with answers for class 7 Maths, Science, Social Science and other CBSE subjects are available for downloads, online tests, practice and watch as videos. The free course material for CBSE class 7 is based on latest syllabus issued by CBSE for this session.

  • Class 6 study material, Notes, homework help, online exams, PDF files, chapter-wise summary of the lessons, elearning course and other exam related text and videos for free to download and use. The course contents include NCERT solutions, question papers, MCQ tests and Unit tests in SA-I and SA-II.

  • CBSE class 5 study material includes worksheets, old papers, chapter summary, NCERT solutions and videos in Maths, Science, Sst, Hindi and English. CBSE class 5 course contains lessons, tests, videos and practice papers for free in form of PDFs, Videos and online tests.

  • Practice maths online with unlimited questions, download worksheets and take online tests. It's free. CBSE class-4 course includes question papers and practice sets in Maths, Science, EVS, English and Hindi in form for downloads, online tests and videos.

  • Class 3 course contents for Environmental Science, Maths, English and Hindi for CBSE students includes free to download worksheets, online tests, practice papers and videos. CBSE class 3 study material covers complete NCERT syllabus and CBSE curriculum for current session.

  • CBSE NCERT syllabus, videos, online tests, worksheets and free study material for class 02 Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Environmental Science, English etc. These chapter-wise videos and tests for class 02 covers the whole syllabus as prescribed by CBSE/NCERT.

  • Free CBSE study material for class 01 Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Environmental Science, English with CBSE NCERT syllabus, videos, online tests, worksheets. These chapter-wise videos for class 01 covers the whole syllabus as prescribed by CBSE/NCERT.

  • Nursery rhymes, worksheets, games, printing toons, videos, downloads, online activities for nursery and kindergarten students. study material for nursery and pre-school kids. KG rhymes for English, Hindi, maths EVS.

CBSE Study App

  • Install myCBSEguide mobile app for FREE sample papers, Test Papers, Revision Notes, Previous year question papers, NCERT solutions and MCQ tests
  • Refer myCBSEguide App to your friends and Earn upto Rs.500/-.

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