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If you feel there are still some grey areas in your study strategy, get some help from www.mycbseguide. com. The website is projected as a complete guide for CBSE students. Readers will find class-wise solved test papers, syllabus information, news and updates, chapter-wise questions, notes and assignments. All you need to do is to sign up on the site, select your class and subject and look for the material you need to refer.
Portals like is highly popular with city students who are finding it difficult to turn every page of their text books or refresher courses. Even the teachers are finding such website effective in last minute preparations. "I am going through a website known as which is very convenient. It is offering free material including practice papers, revision notes and solved answers whenever needed," said a class XII student.
Students usually do not go through external material during exam days. They feel more comfortable revising the notes and papers they already have. Trying to get new things may confuse them. Still we get good clicks if there is longer gap between two exams, says Mr. Basant Pandey of This website gets 20,000 hits (students) a day. Students say many of these online preparation tools help in one way or the other.
With the mushrooming of websites offering services such as customized question papers, revision notes and study tips for a fee or even free, tutorials are only a mouse click away. is one such website which is providing free sample papers, notes, study tips for CBSE students. Students are no longer spend hours in the school library to dig up reference material for their upcoming exams.
Board exam countdown has begun. You may have too many questions about it. One way to overcome these concerns is the online mock test. Through mock tests will help you understand not only the examination of the pattern, but in a time frame to resolve the questions to assess your preparation will be even easier. For this you can visit As well as you can find tips and tricks, sample papers, practice papers and chapter-wise Solved Papers.
β€œIn the beginning, we started the platform to help students and there was almost zero operating cost for us as we were on a free hosting server. As soon as the traffic started growing, we implemented Google AdSense and it was more than enough to meet the initial expenses. To keep it low cost, we used open source CMS and shared/VPS hosting. At the initial stage, most of the content was being generated by our friends and colleagues serving as teachers in KV and CBSE schools,” says Basant, Founder and CEO, myCBSEguide.

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