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Class 11 Maths Sample Papers, NCERT Solutions | Mock Tests

Designed for the toppers, the course content of CBSE Class 11 Maths like Sample Papers, NCERT Solutions, Notes, and Important Questions can be availed as PDF on myCBSEguide.

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Regarded as a scoring subject, Mathematics is equally important, especially when it comes to the senior secondary level. One can master this subject with little effort. All they need to do is to apply the flow of reasons while proving a result or solving a problem. To attain this level of competence you need good practice. For having the good practice you need to have quality course material. You can get the best resources for CBSE class 11 Mathematics on myCBSEguide as we gave a huge question bank with a variety of questions.  Download the latest Sample Papers for CBSE Class 11 Mathematics, chapter-related Revision Notes, NCERT solution, and test papers all in PDF files.

CBSE Class 11 Mathematics Resources

Trusted by millions of teachers and students alike, myCBSEguide is a one-stop solution for quality course content for CBSE subjects. Students must put some extra effort to excel in Mathematics at the senior secondary level, as it will be working as the foundation of their future careers and profession. We provide a wide range of products with the help of which you can prepare for senior secondary Mathematics on myCBSEguide beginning from the syllabus to the model test papers. There are online tests, mock tests, learning videos, revision notes, NCERT solutions, and some important questions for class 11 Mathematics.

Class 11 Mathematics Syllabus

The syllabus is regularly updated based on the latest development. Students of senior secondary level, i.e., Class 11 Mathematics are on the threshold of higher academics. The marks they score here will play a decisive role in choosing their career options. Therefore, the syllabus of class 11 Maths includes every such topic that helps the students to develop a positive attitude to think, analyze and articulate logically. Given below are the name and the weightage of chapters of Class 11 Mathematics.

UNITS Weightage
  • Sets and Functions
  • Algebra
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Calculus
  • Statistics and Probability






Total 80

The prescribed books for class 11 Mathematics are:

  • Mathematics Textbook for Class XI, NCERT Publications
  • Mathematics Lab Manual class XI, published by NCERT

To know the chapter and topic-related details check out our detailed blog on the Class 11 Mathematics syllabus.

Class 11 Mathematics Notes and NCERT Solutions

All CBSE students should practice NCERT textbook solutions because most of the time the questions asked in the final board examination are based on them. As we know that the CBSE encourages following NCERT textbooks because they cover almost all possible topics of any central examination. Some of the topics of class 11 Mathematics are:

To get the complete notes based on the exercise check out Class 11 Mathematics NCERT Solutions

Although Mathematics is not a theory subject, an explanation of each chapter is needed. One cannot understand the chapter if they are not aware of the subject-specific terms and jargon along with the explanation of theorems. You can find a step-by-step explanation of each example sum of a particular topic of class 11 Mathematics. Do check our Revision Notes for Class 11 Mathematics and download them in PDF.

CBSE Class 11 Mathematics Case Study Questions

Case study questions are the latest type of questions included in the CBSE question paper. This change is to promote competency-based learning and motivate topics from real-life and other subject areas, greater emphasis has been laid on the application of various concepts. The class 11 Mathematics case study questions look forward to acquainting students with different aspects of Mathematics used in daily life. Being the newest question format, it is difficult to get an assured quality of CBQs in the market or over the internet. Check our Class 11 Maths case study questions to know the actual standard of the questions. These case-based questions have sub-questions which can be objective or subjective type depending on the CBSE sample question paper. To get these questions get a subscription to our student dashboard.

CBSE Class 11 Mathematics Sample Papers

A student who aims to get good grades must solve sample papers religiously. Based on the official sample papers of the CBSE, myCBSEguide prepares around ten sample papers in each subject. Knowing the blueprint and MS can help the students to write their papers confidently. Even the school-level examinations follow the CBSE pattern, therefore it is advised to solve full-length class 11 Mathematic model test papers. Get the app to download the latest Class 11 Maths Sample Papers 2023

Sample papers are also helpful for periodic assessment too. This is because a sample paper has an assortment of questions. A standard sample paper has all types of questions such as very short answer (VSA), short answer (SA) and, long answer (LA) to effectively assess the knowledge, understanding, application, skills, analysis, evaluation and, synthesis. We can say that ideally, a sample paper matches the modalities of a proper pen-paper test.

CBSE Class 11 Maths Test Papers & Important Questions

Memorizing the rules and formulas is one thing and applying them is another. Good coordination between the two can make wonders. This can be achieved by enthusiastic practice. You can get the Test paper set for Class 11 Mathematics, which you can practice according to the level of your preparation. This helps in segmented learning. Test papers are good ways to learn and test simultaneously. The class 11 mathematics test papers have all types of questions. Besides, we make efforts to chalk out the most important questions from every chapter so that our students do not miss out on crucial information. Class 11 Mathematics important questions are available on myCBSEguide.

You can find such valuable study material for other CBSE subjects in our CBSE module.

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