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CBSE Online MCQ Quiz Maker

myCBSEguide App

myCBSEguide App

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The ultimate quiz builder helps CBSE schools and teachers, create MCQ quiz online and share the same with their students. Now schools and coaching institutes can create and share MCQ quiz online with their own Name and Logo. The students will attempt the quiz and teachers will get the result in their screens instantly. This MCQ quiz maker is available for classes 3 to 12 in almost all major subjects.

What is MCQ Quiz Maker?

MCQ Quiz Maker is an online software to create online tests and share the same with students. This quiz builder is preloaded with thousands of questions from class 3 to class 12. The question bank of MCQ quiz maker is based on CBSE and NCERT curriculum. myCBSEguide adds around 10 thousand new questions every month to this question bank.

How to use Online Quiz Maker?

MCQ quiz creator is easy to use. It is part of the CBSE Guide Test Generator. So, no additional subscription is required to use this facility. Teachers need to login the CBSE Guide Test Generator and select online quiz in place of offline PDF.

Here is a demo video on how to create an online quiz with the quiz builder and share the same with their students.

Here are the steps to create your first free quiz now:

  1. Login to https://myCBSEguide.com/test-generator/
  2. On the top, click Try it now (free) or Start.
  3. Select test paper type as online (quiz).
  4. Choose your class and subject.
  5. Select questions from chapters given.
  6. Create the quiz and share with your students.

Some Use Cases of Quiz Creator

Schools: ABC School has 1500 students from class 6 to 12. The school wants to conduct an academic MCQ test for all the students covering chapters from the first unit test. This MCQ test will help them to evaluate the readiness of their students for the upcoming periodical test. The class teacher creates an online MCQ test using myCBSEguide Test Generator and shares the link to all computers available in their school computer lab. Now students come to the lab in their designated periods and attempt the quiz. The teacher gets the result instantly with question-wise analysis.

Coaching Institutes: Sharma Classes have 50 students in class 10. It has created a WhatsApp group of all the students. It regularly sends them homework questions and other relevant information through the WhatsApp group. Now Sharma Classes creates an online quiz using myCBSEguide Test Generator and shares the link via WhatsApp. The students attempt the quiz on their mobile phone. Sharma Classes gets the result instantly.

Home Tutors: Rafaqat teaches Mathematics to a class 12 student at her residence. He takes weekly tests so that he can monitor his student’s performance regularly. He creates online tests with myCBSEguide Test Generator and shares the same with his student. His class starts at 4:00 pm but today he is still in Metro/bus. It will take another half an hour to reach the destination. He creates an online quiz in 2 minutes using CBSE Test Generator and shares the same with his student. He asks his student to attempt the test in half an hour and till then he will be reaching there.


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