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Multiple Choice Questions for CBSE Class 10 and 12

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The new curriculum issued by CBSE, New Delhi includes objective type questions along with Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). Now CBSE will ask around 20% questions based on objective type questions. myCBSEguide App has more than one lakh MCQ from class 3 to 12 in almost all major subjects.

Multiple Choice Questions for CBSE Class 10 and 12

MCQ questions for class 10 and 12

As per the new pattern of examination, CBSE class 10 and 12 board exams will have multiple choice questions in all the subjects. If you want to score high in exams, you must practice MCQs as much as possible. It is the most important part of your examination now. Especially, in class 10, the main three subjects (Maths, Science and Social) are going to be very crucial with the inclusion of MCQs. The same case is in class 12. The main subjects other than languages must be taken care of as per the new MCQ pattren. It is confirmed that CBSE will ask MCQs in all the subjects. But most of the students are still neglecting these objective type questions in class 10 and 12.

How to Answer MCQs in Board Exam

Many parents are not clear about the way MCQs are answered. Most of them are asking their students to solve these questions step by step and derive the correct option. Some are confused if students need to write a complete solution for the MCQs or they just need to tick/write down the correct option only.

Here are a few points that all parents must know about MCQs:

  • Step by step solution is not required in MCQ type questions.
  • The student should tick/write down the correct option only.
  • Writing a complete solution is nothing but wastage of time.
  • Students will not get extra marks for writing a complete solution.
  • For board examiner, writing a complete solution is part of the rough work only.

Now it is clear that writing long answers for MCQ type questions in board exam is not required. So, the next question should be, Is there any trick to get the correct option without solving the MCQ? Yes, there is and students must follow it.

How to get correct option without solving MCQ

Most of the time, you need not to solved the MCQ completely to get the correct option. You can start thinking in reverse order and choose the best fit option. For example, let us take one question from Maths:

Which of the following are the angles of a right-angled triangle?

  1. 60, 60, 60
  2. 90, 90, 90
  3. 90, 45, 55
  4. 35, 55, 90

We know, the right-angled triangle must have one side of 90 degrees. So, option 1 is incorrect. Another fact is that the sum of all three angles must be 180 degrees. So, only option 4 will correct in this case. The simplest trick is, observe the options first and take out the least possible one and repeat the process until you reach the correct option. Even, you can put the values given in the options and try to find if it works.

How to get more MCQs for Regular Practice

However, there are some smart tricks to tackle MCQs but definitely there is no shortcut to hard-work. The more you practice, the better you understand. So, the only way to get command over it, is to practice more and more. myCBSEguide App has more than 1,00,000 MCQs for practice in form of online tests and practice questions. To access MCQs in myCBSEguide App, open the app, select your class and subject, click chapters given there and click Online Tests and practice the questions. So, download myCBSEguide App and start your preparation today.


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