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Online Exam App for Schools

Are you searching for Online Exam App for Schools? If yes, this article is for you. We will discuss how schools can go digital with their Online Exam App in minutes. The best part of this app is, it comes with your own branding and displays the school’s name and logo to students. Online Exam … Read more

How to Conduct Exams Online

Conducting exams online is easy. Just use Examin8.com to create and conduct exams in minutes. It has 300,000+ questions to choose from. It helps schools and Coaching Institutes to create papers with their own branding. The website has ample questions for CBSE, NCERT, JEE, NEET and NDA exams. Examin8.com Examin8.com is our first choice to … Read more

Google Forms Vs myCBSEguide

Our previous academic session was a new experience for students as well as teachers. Going digital was the only way to carry on the teaching-learning process. Last year, we used many temporary JUGAADs with an assumption that the normal offline mode will come back soon. But this year we have been mature enough and willing … Read more

Why is Child Development and Educational Psychology Essential for Teaching?

Schools play the most crucial role in developing a child’s personality. The basic education, as well as emotional growth of a child, is directly proportional to the environment of the child’s educational institution/s. As a result, it is necessary that a child’s complete developmental procedure is effectively administered and comprehended by those around him, especially … Read more

How to Prepare Effective Lesson Plans?

Let’s begin with the digestive system of the human organ system. We’ll learn about the organ system later but since we’re all into eating food and digesting it, we’ll start with this one. Imagine doing this in a science class. What would be the students’ reaction towards the subject or the topic that you would … Read more

My First Day in School

A grumpy stomach churning with fear and anxiousness, sweat beads forming on the forehead and an overpowering sense of dizziness…is this what your first day at school feels like? Are you bothered that it might affect your days at school? Every one of us has to go through a first-day-in-school experience in our life, sometimes … Read more