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CBSE Model Question Papers 2024 – New Sets

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This academic year was so great that CBSE released sample question papers on 31st March 2023 with the new curriculum for the session 2023-24. So, it was quite surprising because usually, CBSE issues sample papers in December.

CBSE Model Papers 2024

CBSE Model Question Papers 2024

Apart from CBSE sample papers, now you can download CBSE practice papers from CBSE’s official website. These are new sets of model papers that will definitely help you practice more and get better scores. You can download more question papers from myCBSEguide app or myCBSEguide website.

Class 12 Model Papers 2024

Class XIISet 1Set 2
AccountancyPQs MSPQs MS
BiologyPQs MSPQs MS
Business StudiesPQs MSPQs MS
ChemistryPQs MSPQs MS
Computer SciencePQs MS
EconomicsPQs MSPQs MS
English CorePQs MSPQs MS
GeographyPQs MSPQs MS
Hindi (Elective)PQs MS
HistoryPQs MSPQs MS
Informatics PracticesPQs MS
MathematicsPQs MSPQs MS
PhysicsPQs MSPQs MS
PsychologyPQs MS

Class 10 Model Papers 2024

Class XSet 1Set 2
Computer ApplicationsPQs MS
SciencePQs MSPQs MS
MathematicsPQs MSPQs MS
EnglishPQs MS
English Language & LiteraturePQs MS
Social SciencePQs MSPQs MS

Practice More Score More

There is no shortcut to hard work. You will get better results only if you practice more. Because as much as you practice, you will get to know your weak areas and improve them. Once your syllabus is complete, you must practice such full syllabus mode question papers regularly. It will surely help you in your board exams.

Here are some very important pages to download CBSE model question papers

We should check them all and practice these model papers as much as possible.

Competency-Based Questions

You may have noticed that now CBSE is asking more competency-based questions. Such questions need the next level of thinking skills and a practical approach to writing answers. So, only mugging up the facts is not going to help you in your board exams. You must have a thorough knowledge and the skills to use your knowledge in real-life situations.

In other words, competency-based questions are questions that are related to your real-life situations, and the only purpose of asking such questions is to judge your ability to use your knowledge in day-to-day life.

Follow NCERT Books

NCERT books are the best books for preparing for board exams. These books will clear all your doubts. Once you have done with NCERT books, you can practice model papers and previous year’s papers. It will boost your confidence.

Make sure that you are using NCERT to understand the concepts. The chapter-end questions in NCERT books are very limited. If you match them with the CBSE question paper pattern, you will analyse that there is a huge gap. So, you must practice extra questions from other sources as well.

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