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Class 11 Political Science Case Study Questions

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You`ve come to the right place if you’re looking for Class 11 Political Science Case Study Questions. These case studies can assist students in answering various types of questions based on the case study. In the forthcoming board exams, the CBSE Board will ask case study questions based. As a result, it becomes a necessary study resource. You can get these case study questions from the myCBSEguide app or our student dashboard.

Class 11 Political Science Case Study Questions

Political Science in CBSE Curriculum

Political Science manages political frameworks and laws. Thus, it is an immense subject. Helpful learning, commitment and appropriate direction are crucial. Political Science is a vital subject for students as well as for every other person as it significantly affects our entire lives. It turns out to be substantially more significant for students who opt for Humanities and have Political Science as one of their significant disciplines.

The basic idea here is to establish the foundation for a genuine commitment to the discipline and foster capabilities connected with Political Science to get ready for advanced education, learning and information. The NCERT Textbooks apportioned in class 11 principally centre around the comprehension of the constitution.

Class 11 Political Science Content

” The Indian Constitution at work ” and “Political theory” are two parts of Class 11 Political Science.

  1. The first part is “The Indian constitution at work” which focuses entirely on understanding the constitution, its inception, its foundation, how it was formed and what it has gone through. The book puts more emphasis on the three pillars of democracy, legislative, judicial, and executive, and their current mode of operation.
  2. The second part is “Political theory”, which includes theories of freedom, democracy, equality and rights, and focuses more on values ​​and development aspects. These topics are vital to comprehend because they help us understand politics and why all of these aspects are significant.

Class 11 Political Science Case Study Questions

You can read the sample Class 11 political science case study questions provided below. All the questions in the Class 11 case study have been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the exam and the latest CBSE, NCERT syllabus. To get a better test score, you should read all the case study questions provided by MyCBSEguide. For case study questions and other related learning materials, download the MyCBSEguide app now. You can also access it from the student dashboard.

Class 11 Pol Sc Case Study Questions

Case Study 1

Read the given passage and answer the questions that follow:

The independence of India should mean the independence of the whole of India… Independence must begin at the bottom. Thus, every village will be a republic… It follows therefore that every village has to be self-sustained and capable of managing its affairs. In this structure composed of innumerable villages, there will be ever-widening, ever-ascending circles. Life will be a pyramid with the apex sustained by the bottom – Mahatma Gandhi.

  1. Which concept is Gandhiji explaining in the above passage?
  2. What are the Gandhiji’s views regarding the decentralization of powers?
  3. “Do you take decentralization as a means to minimize the conflicts ?” Give your viewpoint.

Case Study 2

Read the passage given below carefully and answer the questions that follow:

Though freedom is guaranteed in our Constitution, we encounter new interpretations all the time. This is a bit like playing a game; as we play chess or cricket, we learn how to interpret the rules. In the process, we discover new and broader meanings of the game itself. Similarly, the fundamental rights guaranteed by our Constitution are continually being reinterpreted in response to new circumstances. For instance, the right to life has been interpreted by the Courts to include the right to livelihood. The right to information has been granted through a new law. Societies frequently encounter new challenges which generate new interpretations. The fundamental rights guaranteed by our Constitution have been amended and expanded over time through judicial interpretations and government policies which are designed to address new problems.

1. How the right to freedom has been designed to address new problems?

  1. Through debates and discussions.
  2. Through judicial interpretations and government policies.
  3. Through amendments in the constitution.
  4. Both a and b

2. ________ has been interpreted to include right to livelihood

  1. Right to Life
  2. Right to Survival
  3. Right to Live
  4. All of the above

3. Which right has been granted by a new law?

  1. Right to information.
  2. Right to livelihood.
  3. Right to live freely.
  4. Right to property.

Class 11 Political Science Students, while doing these case studies are advised to must persist with the NCERT books and MyCBSEguide because it offers sufficient understanding and makes the fundamentals of case study clear in each sense.

Solving Case Study Questions

Students who want to solve case study questions must first carefully study the passage and then solve it. The best technique to solve the paragraph is to highlight the important facts or data. It will make it easier for them to compose the final answers afterward. Class 11 Political Science case study questions are made up of 4 to 5 questions that must be answered in an MCQ format.

Students will get a hint about the possible answer to the question while reading the paragraph. Those questions should undoubtedly be highlighted. This is the most effective method for answering Case Study Type Questions.

Benefits of CBSE Class 11 Political Science Case Study Questions given in myCBSEguide app

CBSE is drafting a question bank with case studies for all major subjects. It is available on the CBSE official website. The myCBSEguide app and student dashboard provide hundreds of Class 11 Political Science case study questions.

  1. Students will find better ways to prepare for case studies.
  2. Case studies for Class 11 Political Science have been processed with special care and due to careful content analysis, no queries are generated.
  3. A closer look at the case study solution will help students to answer all kinds of questions.
  4. Students can easily overcome all the hurdles of case studies asked in Class 11 political science.

Tips and tricks to remember before the exam

For effective pre-examination learning, students can always remember some tips. This will improve learning efficiency. Here are some general tips that students should follow before taking the exam:

  1. Completely understand the syllabus and understand exactly what you need to learn.
  2. Refer to the sample papers issued by CBSE and thoroughly follow the pattern.
  3. Find out the most confusing or difficult topics to learn and focus on those first. This speeds up the completion of the hard part while leaving time to finish the easier part later.
  4. You can always rely on teachers and online tools. MyCBSEguide offers students a variety of study resources and worksheets.

myCBSEguide App for Case Studies

MyCBSEguide should be your first choice in case you need to stable an excellent role in the examination. Other ed-techs fail to offer the ideal method to prepare a case study and this is why relating to MyCBSEguide becomes important. MyCBSEguide Case Study Questions for Class 11 will provide you with detailed, up-to-date, comprehensive solutions to the maximum number of case study questions covering all topics in your NCERT textbook.

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