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Class 11 History Sample Papers, Notes | Test Papers

Download CBSE class 11 History Sample Papers, NCERT Book Solutions, Notes, and Important Questions and access the premium content created for the toppers from myCBSEguide. 

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The senior secondary history curriculum introduces important events and processes in much detail. It is so well-designed that besides discovering these events and processes, the students would also discover the excitement of reading history. History is a critical discipline since its a process of inquiry, a way of knowing about the past rather than just a collection of facts. Students need to focus on the subject with a serious approach. For this, they need to trust a reliable platform that offers genuine content to them. Access our exclusive course material for senior secondary History on the myCBSEguide app includes the syllabus, question papers, online tests, and important questions as per the CBSE syllabus. You can get Revision Notes, test papers, sample papers, and school exam question papers with solutions. These contents are available in PDF format. 

CBSE Class 11 History Study Material

CBSE designs and updates the questions asked for senior secondary History. We even see certain changes in the question paper pattern every year. Students need to keep abreast with all the changes and prepare appropriately. They can check the CBSE Class 11 History course material designed by myCBSEguide. Our team does the hard yards to plan the subject-specific content for the students. Our effort is to optimize the time the students which they devote to prepare a lesson on any given subject. This module deals with the CBSE content. However, we also have course-related resources for other boards like UP Board, ICSE, JEE, Competitive exams, etc.

Here, in this module, we bring to you CBSE Class 11 History resources like NCERT textbook solutions, chapter-wise revision notes, test papers, and mock tests, online tests. Students can avail of these simply by logging in to our  student dashboard

CBSE Class 11 History Syllabus

The CBSE syllabus for senior secondary History aims to help the students understand the process through which historians write history, by choosing and assembling different types of evidence, and by reading their sources critically. Pupils will appreciate how historians follow the trails that lead to the past, and how historical knowledge develops. The CBSE Class 11 History syllabus is organized around some major themes in world history

The themes have been selected with certain objectives:

  • To focus on some important developments in different spheres-political, social, cultural, and economic,
  • It not only acquaints the students with the grand narratives of development-urbanization, industrialization, and modernization but also educated them about the processes of displacement and marginalization.
  • Through the study of these themes’ students will acquire a sense of the wider historical processes as well as an idea of the specific debates around them.

The table below names the chapters included in the themes. You can also check our detailed Class 11 History Syllabus 2022-23 too. 

Section A: Early Societies
  • Introduction
  • Writing and City Life
Section B: Empires
  • Introduction
  • An empire across three continents
  • Nomadic Empires

Section C: Changing Traditions

  • Introduction
  • The Three Orders
  • Changing Cultural Traditions
Section D: Paths to Modernization
  • Introduction
  • Displacing Indigenous People
  • Paths To Modernization

The syllabus would also enable students to register and relate the developments in different situations. They can also analyze connections between similar processes located in different periods, and discover the relationship between different methods of inquiry within history and the allied disciplines.

Class 11 History Revision Notes & Important Questions

Revision notes are the best way to prepare for voluminous humanities subjects. It encapsulates extensively lengthy chapters and makes it easy-peasy for the students to learn the important points in a quick view. Besides, there are some important questions from a chapter which is a MUST for all the students. Those questions should not be overlooked at any cost. Our experts at myCBSEguide prepare such important questions for every chapter, you can check our chapter-based Class 11 History important questions.

Given below is the list of  Class 11 History Revision Notes available on the myCBSEguide mobile app for free download. These notes are helpful for school-based class tests as well as annual examinations like summative assessments. You can download our revision notes from the myCBSEguide website as well.

Chapter Wise Revision Notes for Class 11 History

CBSE Class 11 History Case Study Questions

The latest change students get to see is the inclusion of case-based questions. These are the newest form of questions that have been introduced to check the competency of the students. The motive is to encourage competency-based learning. You can find supreme-quality History case study questions on the MyCBSEguide app. Hence, students need not panic, as they can now prepare for such questions here. Check our sample case-based history question for Class 11 History case study questions

CBSE Class 11 History Sample Papers

The question typology becomes more dynamic when you come to the senior secondary level. The senior secondary History question paper can have questions like multiple choice questions, case study questions, competency-based objective questions, description subjective questions, map questions, etc. The question bank of myCBSEguide has been trusted by millions of teachers as it has a wide range of questions for all school levels. Taking a cue from the latest CBSE History sample papers we swiftly release the same for Class 11 History. You can find all the details related to Class 11 History Sample Papers here and can download them in PDF. Also, you can get previous year's questions and filtered important questions of Class 11 History that are relevant for your upcoming final examination.

It is always advisable to solve as many sample papers as you can before facing any kind of final exam, be it a school-based term-end exam of your final boards. 

CBSE Class 11 History Test Papers & Mock Tests

There are different methods of assessing the learning outcomes predefined by the CBSE when they plan the syllabus of a subject. Test papers, mock tests, or any other short-objective test can be a tool for evaluating learning outcomes. Test papers can also serve as the means to self-education. Pupils who want to self-assess their progress can give it a try. You can access our Class 11 History test papers on the students' dashboard. It is also to be understood that the learning objectives and their outcomes are organically linked and complementary to each other.

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