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Class 11 Geography Sample Papers, Map Questions | Notes

Students can download CBSE class 11 Geography Sample Papers, Overall Map Questions, NCERT Solutions, Important Questions and Revision Notes, and related study material to score good marks in exams…

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Clubbed with social science at the secondary level, Geography becomes one of the academic elective subjects at the senior secondary stage. Students are exposed to the magnitude of discipline at this stage for the first time. Choosing Geography for pursuing higher academic levels demands the need for having a deeper understanding of the subject. Therefore, students need to have sufficient study material at their disposal. This course page is designed to cater to students having elected Geography as one of their elective subjects at the senior secondary level. It offers CBSE Class 11 Geography exam material including syllabus, question papers, online tests, and important questions as per the CBSE syllabus.

Class 11 Geography Complete Course

The 1discipline of Geography explores the relationship between people and their environment, it includes studies of physical and human environments and their interactions at different scales-local, state/region, nations, and the world. At the senior secondary level, students need to know their subject in detail so that by the end of their two-year course they have some in-depth knowledge of the subject. Therefore, keeping sturdy productive resources handy helps them come through the course pretty well. Having a record of providing quality content in CBSE courses, myCBSEguide, offers quality course material for Class 11 Geography on this course page. Here you can find everything related to the course and curriculum of the subject. It offers NCERT books with solutions, Revision Notes, Test papers, Sample Papers, and school exam question papers with solutions. The best part is our most of our content is available in PDF format for free download.

CBSE Class 11 Geography Syllabus

The objective of the senior secondary Geography syllabus is to familiarize the learners with key concepts, terminology, and core principles of Geography. The learners should be well-acquainted with the discipline so that they would be able to describe locations and correlate with geographical perspectives. They should be able to apply their geographical knowledge and methods of inquiry to emerging situations or problems at different levels-local, regional, national, and global.

Hence, the chapters are chosen very thoughtfully. The table below presents a basic structure of the class 11 Geography syllabus for the session 2022-23. Every year the syllabus is subject to change. For details about the inherent topics of a chapter and project or map-related details, check the blog on CBSE Class 11 Geography Syllabus 2022-23.

PART A: Fundamentals of Physical Geography (35 Marks) PART B: B India-Physical Environment (35 Marks) PART C: Practical Work in Geography Part I (30 Marks)
  • Unit-1: Geography as a discipline
  • Unit-2: The Earth
  • Unit-3: Landforms
  • Unit-4: Climate
  • Unit-5: Water (Oceans)
  • Unit-6: Life on the Earth
  • Map and diagram
  • Unit-7: Introduction
  • Unit-8: Physiography
  • Unit-9: Climate and Natural Vegetation
  • Unit-10: Natural hazards and disasters
  • Map and Diagram
  • Unit-1: Fundamentals of Maps
  • Unit-2: Topographic Maps
  • Practical Record Book and Viva

CBSE Class 11 Geography Revision Notes

When comes to student-centric preparation, there is no alternative to preparing notes while studying which is very helpful revision notes are the best way to prepare a chapter. But we understand the time crunch of a student's life as they are now engaged in so many co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that hardly find time to prepare condensed chapter notes for themselves. The revision notes for class 11 Geography provided by myCBSEguide for every individual chapter is very helpful and are best for last-minute revision. Find the details of CBSE Class 11 Geography Revision Notes here.

Chapter Wise Revision Notes for Class 11 Geography

Class 11 Geography Important Questions

Every chapter has a few important sections that need special attention. This section should not be overlooked and must be prepared carefully. Students can access the important questions for class 11 Geography on the students' dashboard, where teachers chalk out the few most important questions from every chapter. These questions should not be missed by any student who aims to do well in their Geography examination, be it in the class test or final exam. 

Class 11 Geography Case Study Questions

The idea behind introducing the Case Study questions is to enhance competency-based learning among the students. Learners need to apply their problem-solving skills to get through these case-based questions. The senior secondary Geography syllabus aims to make the students understand the fundamental principles responsible for the varieties in the distributional pattern of physical and human features and phenomena over the earth's surface. Application of these principles would be taken up through selected case studies from the world and India. Thus, the physical and human environment of India and the study of some issues from a geographical point of view will be covered in greater detail. Students will be exposed to different methods used in geographical investigations. The case study questions are the best way to test this application. There are ample such questions on myCBSEguide, for further details, do have a look at our CBSE Class 11 Geography Case Study Questions.

CBSE Class 11 Geography Sample Papers

Sample papers or model test papers are considered to be the best tool to prepare for final exams, either boards or school annual exams. Every year the CBSE releases its sample papers followed by practice papers. Based on the official sample papers, students can get many such sample papers in CBSE subjects on myCBSEguide. Solving sample papers is like getting confirmation for higher marks. Our sample papers are our key product and teachers testify to their authenticity. If you are seriously planning to outshine your rivals, you can be the go-getter with the help of CBSE sample papers available on the myCBSEguide website. To get Class 11 Geography sample papers on the students' dashboard.

CBSE Class 11 Geography Previous Year Question Papers

Students can also access the CBSE Previous Year Question Papers for Class 11 Geography along with the marking scheme. Solving the question papers of the last 10 years is one of the checklist items of How to Prepare for Final Examination? These are very useful for the students and they get a clear picture of the weightage and Marking Scheme. Get the details related to CBSE Class 11 Geography's previous year's question paper here.

CBSE Class 11 Geography Test Papers & Mock Tests 

Students can test their progress through short tests and mock tests in any subject. This lessens their burden of learning and their interest persists. Certain learning outcomes need to be achieved by the end of the course. For smooth and accurate acquisition of knowledge, students should go through various formats of self-assessment to up the ante in getting good grades. These testing tools may be in the form of test papers, mock tests, or any other short test based on a specific chapter or section. The test papers for class 11 Geography are specially designed to achieve this purpose. To practice these test papers and mock tests for class 11 Geography, students can download the myCBSEguide app from the google play store.

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