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Fuck 🤓You 9 minutes ago

Teri hand maru
Good afternoon ☀️☀️😘

Aarti 😎 2 hours ago

🙂Good afternoon☺
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Nikita Garg an hour ago

The first is so risky and horrible some do it or some not . You have not fear the flight of part first the sprrow and second part blake cloud
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Lencho, a naive farmer shows immense faith in god. His believe gave him hope when his corn fields were ruined. ... This inspires us to have faith in god as it gives us hope and helps us to remain calm and think positive even in worst situations.(hope it help)

Yogita Ingle 4 hours ago

Lencho was a hard working farmer. He had grown corn in his field and was waiting for rain anxiously. He was very happy to see the rain but it later turned to worry as the rain became a storm and destroyed his fields. He had deep faith in God and after the destruction of the field, he was hopeful that everything will be all right. Although Lencho was a very strong man and worked hard in the field, his faith in God made him write a letter to God. He asked for hundred pesos from God and was confident of receiving the amount. When he received only seventy pesos he again wrote to God asking for the remaining money and accusing the postal department for stealing money. This shows that Lencho was a religious man.

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Attitude Girl 👑 39 minutes ago I am attitude girl....Do ur work ok nd mind your own buisness....nd one more thing BE IN UR LIMIT.....😒hhhh
Haa ..... Pdha maine

Surya 4 hours ago

Read yesterdays chat in all questions
Don't know
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Suhani Arora 4 hours ago

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Rouhaan Sheikh 4 hours ago

He was a small farmer .During the hailstorm his field was destroyed .So he sent a "letter to god " for 100 pesos.but he got only 70 pesos by a postman

Avni Jain 4 hours ago

Lencho was a farmer He wrote to God asking for hundred rs. Problem-crops were destroyed.

Gaurav Seth 5 hours ago

Lencho was a farmer who, when his crops were ruined, wrote a letter to God. He wrote to God, asking for hundred pesos. His main problem was the ruining of his crops by hailstorms. The hailstorm proved to much disastrous therefore, he was left with no food stock for the following year.

Vansh Vasodiya 5 hours ago

Lencho was a Farmer. He was facing the problem of his crops were destroyed.

Palak Jain 6 hours ago

Please give my question answer
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Yogita Ingle 4 hours ago

Maddie wanted to tell Wanda that she had not meant to hurt her feelings. She had the feeling that Wanda might not have moved away as yet. She thought to climb the Boggins Heights with Peggy, and together, they would tell Wanda that she had won the contest and her hundred dresses were beautiful.

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Yogita Ingle 4 hours ago

Ausable outwitted  Max by making him  believe that there was a balcony in his room by telling him that once a robber had entered the room on the floor below as it was easy to jump from the next building to the balcony of his room. He also said that it was easy for any robber to steal his important documents because of the connection of his balcony and the other building. he said that he thought that someone might come to steal his super secret file which was going to come on that day so he had asked the policeto come  and check on him after 5 minutes. so as the bell of the room rang Ausable told Max that it must be the police and out of fear and thinking that there was an actual balcony he jumped out of the window and so he died. Ausable had just mde up a story of the balcony and the police at the door but in real there was no balcony and he had asked the waiter to get water and not the police.

Surya 5 hours ago

L no Please and pg

Amruta Kulagod 6 hours ago

Ausable outwitted max by making him believe that there was a balcony in his room by telling him that once a robber had entered the room on the floor below as it was easy to jump from the next building to the balcony of his room

Mayank Jha 7 hours ago

Plz someone help me out
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Surya 6 hours ago

Its is currency of a country where lencho lived....HOPE IT WILL HELP U.....
Gm sister ☺️
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Yogita Ingle 4 hours ago

  • Coorg is situated in Karnataka. It is midaway from Mysore to Mangalore.
  • The people of Coorg are a proud martial race. Their women are beautiful. Martial race means those who have well developed fighting skills. They have a great tradition of hospitality. They would often recount stories of valour of their menfolks.
  • The sporting activities in Coorg are of high energy variety. They are river rafting, canoeing, rock climbing, rappelling and mountain biking.
  • Macaques, Malabar squirrels, langurs and slender loris are widely found in Coorg. Apart from them elephants are also present.
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Avni Jain 17 hours ago

Bye tc

Khushi 💕 17 hours ago

Kha gye chalo kio ni byee tke cre...🤗

Khushi 💕 17 hours ago

Ha ji aap aapne papa ji se pochoo chonkar wada ke baar mein Avni aap dutnut pe ho kya....

Avni Jain 17 hours ago

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Khushi 💕 17 hours ago

Are hum bhut dar ha aapse... Kase iyy
Icecream party chl rhi h aajao..

Khushi 💕 17 hours ago

Yrr fir hum log baate sakse ki ky post kiya ha...
Haa kl tk aa jaungi

Khushi 💕 17 hours ago

Good night my dear sd nd tke cre byee kal se toh bid baat aap dutnut pe ho kya
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Ji ha avi kota se h

Khushi 💕 17 hours ago

Aacha fir toh aap aur mein bhut jada close ha... Mein proper Bharatpur se nhi hui..... I am chonkar wada aapne suna hoga yr

Khushi 💕 17 hours ago

Jaga ka naam nhi batya I think avi kota se...
Kota se..

Avni Jain 17 hours ago

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Khushi 💕 17 hours ago

Naam bataoo jaga ka

Avni Jain 17 hours ago

M bhi bharatpur ke pass se hu

Avni Jain 17 hours ago

M bhi Rajasthan hu friends 🤝
I am also from rajasthan

Khushi 💕 17 hours ago

Aacha, mein bhartpur se aur aap....
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Surya 5 hours ago

Boycatt atritude girl
Radhe Radhe 🙏🙏

Khushi 💕 17 hours ago

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Khushi 💕 17 hours ago

Sweet dreams and take care.. itna bhi nhi smjte hi aa
What is sd and tc
Gn,sd and tc..😃😃

Khushi 💕 17 hours ago

Good night..

.. .. 17 hours ago

Good night
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Yes 🙂♥️♥️♥️😘🤨🍧😃
R u on doubtnut
Ok are u having id on share chat
Hmm hu to pr kuch tum se use nhi kr rhi hu..kuch prblm ho gyi thi..😃😃
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Watching TV ♥️♥️🙂🙂🙂🙂😘😘

Khushi 💕 18 hours ago

Yrr plzz aap log mat karo yeh baat and aap log dutnnt pe ho kya
Call pr baat kr rhi thi..aap kya kr rhe ho mere se baat krne k alawa
Kya kar rhi ho aap ♥️♥️♥️🙂🙂🙂🙂😘😘
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Its ok dear🤗🤗

Khushi 💕 18 hours ago

Jaldi karo and come to post I post photo of krishna ji and rdha ji..9.20 pe
No but ab download krungi..

Khushi 💕 18 hours ago

Last ques sana are u on dobhnut...
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Look ms attitude girl agar aapko meri kisi bhi baat ka bura lga ho to sry...but aap jis tarah se mssg kr te ho aur itna bura bura bolte ho wo hm me se kisi ko bhi wo achcha nhi lgta..aaap ye baat shanti se bhi bol skte ho bina apna attitude show kre...i really appreciate that u r the topper of ur class..but aapka attitude aapki ek alag he image bnadeta h sbka pls its a request ki aap apni language mt khrab kia kro........

Gagandeep Singh 19 hours ago

I totally agree with u But if u are the topper u should not live in attitude . Ur attitude can be the reason for ur fall beta hm bhi tumhari tarh ghamand krna hme nhi apne baare m khud btata h na uske dimag m zanf lga ho tah
To tumhe bhi btane ki zaroorat nhi h ki ddosro ko kya krna chahiye...
Ooho ghamand
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R_C_Y_@ 💔💔 21 hours ago

Ye attitude girl aap apna tym waste kyo kr rhi ho aapko baat nhi krni kisi se to kyo aap dusroo ko tang kr rhi ho aur ye white elephant khne ka hkk nhi h tume so, mind you language. Insaan ki language se pta chl Jata h uske bare me dusro Ko bol rhi ho ki focus on study so u also need ur brain itna kuch likhne ki kya jrurt thi tumne hmara Bhi tym Waste kiya aur khud ka bhi one thing always remember ki tum kisi ke baare me acha nhi bool skti to Kam se kam ye Bhi Mt bolo white elephant, stupid, nonsense etc. So concentrate ur study

Khushi 💕 21 hours ago

Arre bhut bhut dhanivd aap ne toh meri eye,nose, and every single parts tk khul diya...... Muje toh pata hi nhi tha ki meri iss baar boards ha yrr tum bhut aachi girl ho tum mera itna chinta ha itna toh mere dhost bhi nhi karte ha...... Aur white elephant toh aur bhi pyaar ha muje toh proud ha ki mein ek elephant hu tumare liya kafi hu.......🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙄🙄☠️☠️☠️🐘🐘🐘🐘
Especially to khushi sing who is a white elephant on this earth as well as on this app...White elephant means dharti pr bojh........ Stupid fellowww

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