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What is haber process
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What is gathering?
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Who r u
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Is virus living or dead
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Debopratim Dam 15 minutes ago

PQR is a right angled triangle right angled at Q.PQ=5cm, QR=12cm.A circle with centre O is inscribed in ΔPQR, touching its ll sides.Find the radius of the circle.
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Yagyanshu Yadav 6 minutes ago

(PQ)^2+(QR)^2=(PR)^2 (5)^2+(12)^2=(PR)^2 13=PR let the centre of circle be O and radius be"r" ar(por)+ar(qor)+ar(poq)=ar(PQR) 1/2*13*r+1/2*5*r+1/2*12*r=√15(15-12)+(15-5)(15-13) 15r=30 r=2

Abhinav Bhargav 8 minutes ago

I don't know
I think it waste of time to solve all questions ask by u all ..... I m also a student. .. i have decided to give my what's aap number. .. but be careful. . Only those students are invited who want to score goods marks .. if you all want my number comment below. . Bcoz i don't have to share personal information. .. if u all want that then only i can give ...
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Syed Khabib 19 minutes ago

Ok i agree with you

Lakshita Sharma 22 minutes ago wht u wanna do...frm my side...i hve warned u...nd now its all up to u syed...who i m to force u...ttyl

Lakshita Sharma 23 minutes ago

Why dk u think so...tht if no one is able to compete u thn they r not of ur u really wanna help...or u just wanna to show ur knowledge to others...have a doubt...

Lakshita Sharma 25 minutes ago

I will talk later...i hve sme work to do...

Syed Khabib 25 minutes ago

I came here to help u all ... but there is no competition bw me and another student. . ..

Lakshita Sharma 27 minutes ago

Oh! I thought u hve came up here for helping us wth ur knowledge...but now seems tht u r a bit over-confident...m i ryt?

Syed Khabib 34 minutes ago

I just came here to get competition. . But i can't get it. .. so now i will try upgrade some students like u

Lakshita Sharma 34 minutes ago

For wht???

Syed Khabib 36 minutes ago

Sorry. .

Lakshita Sharma 39 minutes ago

As u wish thn...

Syed Khabib 45 minutes ago

I don't care about it

Lakshita Sharma 47 minutes ago

I m agn warning u...pls dont shre ur prsnl info here...coz u will b blocked...if u really think tht it is waste of time thn do better leave answering...but if u shred ur prsnl info thn u will b blocked thn u will not b able to view all the info in the app...just a its all up to one will deny to take help of urs...

Syed Khabib 50 minutes ago

Lakshita ,vanishta, Shahid quresi , comment below
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