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Factorise : 9(x-2y)2 -4 (x-2y)-13
  • 1 answers

Yogita Ingle 10 minutes ago

9(x - 2y)2 - 4 (x - 2y) - 13
= 9(2x - 4y) - 4x + 8y - 13
= 18x - 36y - 4x + 8y -13
= 18x - 4x - 36y + 8y -13
= 14x - 28y - 13

What is environment?
  • 1 answers

Yogita Ingle 7 minutes ago

Everything that we are surrounded by is known as Environment. They continuously interact with its components and tries to adapt themselves to the conditions in their surroundings. In the environment, there are different interactions between animals, plants, soil, water, and other living and non-living things. It consists of:

  • Physical surroundings (air, water, and soil)
  • Inorganic substances (carbon dioxide, Nitrogen, water etc.)
  • Meteorological factors (temperature, weather, rainfall etc.)
Explain the role of government policy in checking deflationary gap.
  • 1 answers

Yogita Ingle 4 minutes ago

When in an economy aggregate demand falls short of aggregate supply at full employment level, the demand is said to be deficient demand and the gap is called deflationary gap.
Inflationary gap is also referred to as excess demand. When aggregate demand is greater than aggregate supply, at full employment level in the economy, it is referred to as inflationary gap or excess demand. This situation actually results in an increase of prices, that is inflation.

Number line 2\7
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Diff b/w shift in demand nd movmnt in demand
  • 1 answers

Nitin Jain 40 minutes ago

Shift is because of change in price of related goods , change in taste and preferences ,change in income, distribution of income, population and so are remaining price constant. It is also known as change in demand or rightward and leftward shift. Movement is because of change in price of commodity ,remaining other factors constant it is also known as change in quantity demanded ,change on demand curve, upward or downward movement ,Extension and contraction.
How many daye the earth have to take one full round in the sun
  • 2 answers

Yogita Ingle 2 minutes ago

The motion around the sun along its orbit is called a revolution. The amount of time it takes for a single trip around the sun is called a period of revolution. The period for the Earth to revolve around the sun is 365.24 days or one year.

Saraj Bera 32 minutes ago

365 days
Who is hadappa
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Atif aslam
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what are components of Balance of payment account ?
  • 1 answers

Abhishek Attri 33 minutes ago

Visible items,Invisible items,Capital transfer,Unilateral transfer
Hadapa kon tha
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Vishal Pandey an hour ago

Who is hadappa

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