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We know that in a ohms law the current is directly proportional to pd or pd is directly proportional to curren then v=ir then i is not =to vr
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Honey 😊😊😊 2 minutes ago

See if we increase voltage then current will be increased ,not if we increase current voltage get increased For example if you join 2 volt battery to a 1.5 volt battery current will be increased to let 50 amperes , but if you increase current from 40 amperes to 50 amperes then voltage could not be increased , lastly for current increasing voltage should be increased first . So it is v=ir and not i=vr ,
Is marking scheme of physics class XII available?
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not now as pattern is quite change this year by the mid-off July they will soon declare.
Factorise 2x^2-7x-15
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How many angles are there in a triangle.
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Yogita Ingle 19 minutes ago

There three angle in a triangle.

Prashant Mall 27 minutes ago

3 angles

Technical 6G World 28 minutes ago

If T is equal to one second then I is equal to what
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Honey 😊😊😊 21 minutes ago

Oviously it will be 1 coulomb ,

Vikas G 22 minutes ago

We don't know answer bro
What is the significance of apomixis
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Yogita Ingle 17 minutes ago

Apomixis is the method involved in production of seeds without fertilisation.Apomixis has an advantage of producing inividuals with desired qualities in more numbers.
Apomixis is a type of asexual reproduction which is genetically controlled. There is a development of embryos and seeds without meiosis taking place in the female to produce eggs and thereby prevnting its participation in fertilisation. Apomixis helps in the enormous amount of seed production which are exact replicas of the mother plant. 

Area of tringal
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