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U 2
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Yr jo hota aache k lie hota h

Sahil Singh 32 minutes ago

Yaar wt happen
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Kuch log ki bajase par kio na jo hote ha aache ke liye hota h...
Hum toh shi h bas thode pgl se intelligent ban gye h....
Kaise ho
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😭😭😭aap log kya meri ques ka reply doge mein khud hi fill kar diya yeh...
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Pta ni...khushi ka exactly nhi pta mujhe ..
Dono ka pr vo muj sa baat kyou nee kr rhi ha
Aap kiska reson pooch rhe ho khushi ka..
Accha pr kyou reason
Subah khushi thi , ab m hu ..or pta nhi..
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Yhi pr h " now stop pretending...."
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Aaj sab sad kyu h..🤔🤔
Vo aj ma thida sad tha iss liya pr afternoon ma aaiya to tha ma
Aap subah se kha gayab the
Yeah u too
Good night..sweet dreams..take care..😴😴
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Go and search on google it really help u....
Iska mtlb kya h
Ye user name kisi particular insan k liye h kya..🤔🤔
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Kiss ka dil todta ha uske pass words nhi hote ha my dear....
Ooo but why r u hurt..
So i said na go and search i really hurt from my heart so i dont have any power to explain smthing....😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶
Yrr aap se ek baat bolni h....yrr kuch tym m he m aapko apni real sis maane lgi hu..ek alag bond ho gya h aapse..thanks for being in my life..♥️♥️
M emoji ka mtlb pooch rhi hu
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Thank you so much....❤️❤️

Bhawani Sahu 2 hours ago

It's okay yaar
Kio na... Par mein aapko ques ki vajase sry bol rhi hu...

Bhawani Sahu 2 hours ago

Kyunki likh Kar samjhate tak Bahut time ho jata hai na isliye
Arre sry
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Arre di... Aap shi bol rhe ho ki own notes banaoo sry glt mat samjoo yr... Aapne likha tha ki make your own notes for khushi aapko yeh likhan chahe tha ki khushi make your own notes and study well but kidar aapne opposite likh diya
Arre kya hua muje bura nhi laga bas aapne thoda sa glt likha kiya tha sry agar aapko bura laga ho toh.....
Ooo to justify karo

Bhawani Sahu 2 hours ago

Or Mai unse bat nahi jo pit pitche bat karte hai kyunki vo log pitche hi reh jaate hain
U r mad . 😂🤣
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Gaurav Seth 2 hours ago

  • This group includes diatoms and golden algae (desmids), found in fresh water as well as in marine environments.
  • In diatoms the cell walls form two thin overlapping shells embedded with silica.
  • diatoms have left behind large amount of cell wall deposits in their habitat, which accumulated over billions of years is referred to as ‘diatomaceous earth’ .
  • Most of them are photosynthetic and are the chief ‘producers’ in the oceans.
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Gaurav Seth 3 hours ago

The relation tan  = v is wrong because the dimensions on both the sides of the equation are not equal.

Dimension of right hand side is [MoL1T-1

Dimension of Left hand side quantity is [MoLoTo

Hence, the equation is wrong. 

To make the relation dimensionally correct, R.H.S should be divided by the speed of the rainfall. 

That is, 

, is a dimensionally correct relation. 

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Bhusan Sahu an hour ago

Typing ke time square kaise likha aapne

Gaurav Seth 3 hours ago

Given Equation is 2sin²x + 3cosx = 0


⇒ 2(1 - cos²x) + 3cosx = 0


⇒ 2 - 2cos²x + 3cosx = 0


⇒ 2cos²x - 3cosx - 2 = 0


⇒ 2cos²x - 4cosx + cosx - 2 = 0


⇒ 2cosx(cosx - 2) + (cosx - 2) = 0


⇒ (2cosx + 1)(cosx - 2) = 0


⇒ cosx - 1/2, cosx = 2[Not possible]


⇒ cosx = -1/2


⇒ x = 120°,240°


⇒ x = (2π/3) + 2πn, x = (4π/3) + 2πn

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Gaurav Seth 3 hours ago

S.No.                       SPEED                     VELOCITY
1. It is defined as the rate of change of distance. It is defined as the rate of change of displacement.
2. It is a scalar quantity. It is a vector quantity.
3. It can never be negative or zero. It can be negative,zero or posituve.
4. Speed is velocity without direction. Velocity is directed speed.
5. Speed may or may not be equal to velocity. A body may possess different velocities but the same speed.
6. Speed never decreases with time. For a moving body, it is never zero. Velocity can decrease with time. For a moving body , it can be zero.
7. Speed in SI is measured in ms-1 Velocity in SI, is measured in ms-1

Yogita Ingle 3 hours ago




1.   The distance traveled by a moving object in one second is called its speed.

2.    It is a scalar quantity.

3.    Speed is always positive.

The distance traveled by a moving object in one second in a particular direction.

It is a vector quantity.

Velocity can be positive, negative or zero.

Annu Yadav 3 hours ago

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