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Jyoti Thapliyal 36 minutes ago

It means it has no ending
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Ritik Agrawal 2 hours ago


❤Sona❤ ... 2 hours ago

ooo 😊

Ritik Agrawal 3 hours ago

Khudki Nahi Banti hai yaar Tumhari kya bnayenge 😅
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Jyoti Thapliyal 43 minutes ago

Secondary data As it is easily accessible 😁
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Yogita Ingle 4 hours ago

Nutrition is a method in which the food is consumed by the organisms into the body and utilizing the nutrients from the food . Nutrients are energy source for the human body and are listed as fibers, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, fats water and proteins. Good nutrition includes the right combination of proper proportion of nutrients from a balanced diet.

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🙂 Kirtika 2 hours ago


Riddhika Pathak 3 hours ago


Janani Sowmya 4 hours ago

The actual ph level in the human stomach is b/t 1.5 to 3.5

Janani Sowmya 4 hours ago

1.5 to 3.5 so I think its option B.)3
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❤Sona❤ ... 3 hours ago

I did it to some extent 😅
$$\boxed{\; \; \; \; \; \; \; Name \ of \ school \; \; \; \; \; \; \; \\ \; \; \; \; \; \; \; \; \; \; Notice \; \; \; \; \; \; \; \; \; \\ Date \\ \; \; \; \; \; \; \; \; Title \; \; \; \; \; \; \; \; \\ \\ \\ \\ Content \\ \\ \\ \\ Signature \\ Name \\ Post }$$
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Yogita Ingle 4 hours ago

It may so happen that we may earn some incomes during the current accounting year but not receive them in the same year. Such income is accrued income.Thus, these incomes pertain to the current accounting year. Therefore, we need to record them as current year’s incomes.

The Accrued Income A/c appears on the assets side of the Balance Sheet. While preparing the Trading and Profit and Loss A/c we need to add the amount of accrued income to that particular income.

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Ritik Agrawal 4 hours ago

Outstanding Income means incomewhich has become due during the accounting year but which has not so far been received by the firm.
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Anshu Kumar 4 hours ago

Coding challenge😂😂😂😂😎😎
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Yogita Ingle 5 hours ago

The seedless vascular plants include club mosses, which are the most primitive; whisk ferns, which lost leaves and roots by reductive evolution; and horsetails and ferns. Ferns are the most advanced group of seedless vascular plants. They are distinguished by large leaves called fronds and small sporangia-containing structures called sori, which are found on the underside of the fronds.

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Shreya R 5 hours ago

Disclaimer: I am new here, and all my facts might not be true. Hence, please verify them before you note them down. Thank you in advance! The story is set in the post War times in Holland. The narrator, after the War, returns to her motherland with nostalgic retrospections. She remembers her mother, and the 'address' she told her to spare a thought for; it was Number 46, in which resided the Dorlings. The narrator reminisces how the old lady, with whom she just had an interaction with, used to pay her mother visits when she was but a girl. Every time she came home, she took away somethings claiming to be antique during the peace situations. Much to her horror, her priced childhood possessions which, at present, are indeed antique, were just stuffed in a room. All her tries to forget this incident were in vain. Thus she decided to forget the address, because of all the thing, that would be the easiest to forget. As we can see, of most things that grabbed the author's attention, and of all things she remembers, the address was the most significant. Her childhood memories too were, mostly, of the old Mrs.Dorling. She couldn't handle the misery of her possessions being mishandled, even after knowing the fact that they were antique and unique. She couldn't pretermit it out of her memory except for the address. Thank you for the read!
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Yogita Ingle 5 hours ago

Following Are the Basis of Classification:

(1) Geographical Classification
  • When data are classified with reference to geographical locations such as countries, states, cities, districts, etc. it is known as Geographical Classification.
  • It is also known as ‘Spatial Classification’.
(2) Chronological Classification
  • When data are grouped according to time, such a classification is known as a Chronological Classification.
  • In such a classification, data are classified either in ascending or in descending order with reference to time such as years, quarters, months, weeks, etc.
  • It is also called ‘Temporal Classification’.
(3) Qualitative Classification
  • Under this classification, data are classified on the basis of some attributes or qualities like honesty, beauty, intelligence, literacy, marital status etc.
  • For example, Population can be divided on the basis of marital status as married or unmarried etc.
(4) Quantitative Classification
  • This type of classification is made on the basis some measurable characteristics like height, weight, age, income, marks of students, etc.
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❤Sona❤ ... 3 hours ago

yes 😊😊
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Tripti Sheokand 2 hours ago


Tripti Sheokand 2 hours ago

Kbir pe puch le
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a = $$\frac{d^2x}{dt^2}$$
a = $$\frac{d}{dt} 12t - 5$$
a = 12 m/s³ at every time means it >s constant
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Ritik Agrawal 7 hours ago

Bhai questions Ka answer pta hai to wo do na Yaha koe parwachaan samharo thodi chaal ra hai Jo Tu aise bol ra hai

Aman Tripathi 7 hours ago

Keval Hindu aur musalman hi nhi balki sara sansar hi Kabir aur ishwar ke batye marg se bhatak gaya hai aur wo marg hai Insaniyat ka

Ritik Agrawal 7 hours ago

Kabir ke anusaar Hindu or musalmaan dono he bhaichaare , inshaaniyaat , sacchi Shraddha bhawana or Satya ke Marg se bhatak Gaye hai
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Khushi nahi aati ab
Ye miss kon hai 🤔 khushi ati hai kya ab
Miss aapko kya hogya pehle to khushi se baat krti thi

Aadya Singh 7 hours ago

Okay... Bbye 🙄

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