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Sanjeev Mehra 12 hours ago

संविधान में कुल कितना समय लगा ?
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Rohan Bhagat 29 minutes ago


Aditya Maurya 11 hours ago

It should have a catchy title and the content should relate to one's life. This gives a perfect touch to the article.
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Riya Riya 12 hours ago

But bank is an asset in liability+capital =assets also. so it means it is real accounts also. Give reason why I should consider bank loan as nominal account.

Rishu Rishabh 13 hours ago

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Yogita Ingle 12 hours ago

Absolute Threshold:

An example that illustrates an absolute threshold is when a person goes has a hearing test done. An individual has to listen for the tones which are of different intensities. This threshold is likely to change as a person becomes older since there is likely to be age-related hearing loss. This is true for most of our senses which means that the actual value of the absolute threshold for each sense can change and is not the same for every person. Absolute intensity can also be used when assessing the fitness of individuals and for comparing the fitness of different groups of people.

Difference Threshold: An example of a difference threshold is having the ability to discriminate between two auditory tones that are being heard.

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Yogita Ingle 14 hours ago

  • Escape velocity is the minimum velocity that a body must attain to escape the gravitational field of the earth.
  • Suppose if we throw a ball,it will fall back. This is happening due to the force of gravitation exerted on the ball by the surface of the earth due to which the ball is attracted towards the surface of the earth.
  • If we increase the velocity to such an extent that the object which is thrown up will never fall back.This velocity is known as escape velocity.

Shweta Dhama😇 14 hours ago

Escape velocity is the minimum velocity with which the body must be projected vertically upward in order that it may just escape the gravitational field of the earth...☺
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Yogita Ingle 13 hours ago

  1. Ketones and aldehydes are functional isomers
  2. Ketones have functional group C=O while aldehydes have functional group CHO.
  3. The first member of ketone series is Propanone while that of aldehyde is Methanal.

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