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How constitution express the fundamental identity of people??
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Yogita Ingle 21 hours ago

Yes,the rights mentioned in the constitution shows the vary dignity of the citizens in a number of ways from equality to constitutional remedy when the rights are encroached by any powerful authority .The fundamental identity is safeguarded when all forms of discrimination as prescribed by the constitution are shed.

What do you mean by a just and effective constitution??
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Sia 🤖 4 days, 21 hours ago

Constitution is a set of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is governed. To be a just Constitution it means to be morally right and fair. A Constitution needs to be fair for its laws to be fair.

Syllabus of +1, andaa+2
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Demerits of adult franchise
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Gaurav Seth 1 week, 4 days ago

Universal adult franchise means anyone who is above 18 years of age have a right to vote and elect their representative

Following arguments are given against Universal Adult Franchise:

(i) Illiterate persons are not able to exercise their right to vote properly, so this right should be given only to the educated citizens.

(ii) Poor people are liable to sell their votes. So this right should not be given to them.

(iii) The system is very expensive. Large-scale arrangements have to be made for the election.

"vigilant citizens are a must for the successful working of a democracy".comment.
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Gaurav Seth 1 week, 4 days ago

If the citizenry is vigilant, politics becomes much more public-spirited.

For example: As citizens, we are a bit like the audience in a music concert; we are not the main performers interpreting the song and melody. But we set the agenda and appreciate the output and put in new requests. Have you noticed that musicians perform better when they know the audience is knowledgeable and appreciative.

(i)Vigilant citizens are a must for the successful working of a democracy because they possess awakening, reason and ability to reflect on the actions of their representatives.

(ii)If vigilant citizens see politicians defecting from parties, making false promises and tall claims, manipulating different sections of the society, pursuing personal or group interests ruthlessly, these vigilant citizens can challenged this by taking various public platform.

(iii)They can protest and organise demonstrations to persuade the government to change the existing outdated laws or to frame or pass new laws and regulations.

(iv)Vigilant citizens have the capability to check wrong policies and corruption persisting among government officials and leaders.

Scope of politics
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British rule adversely hampered the industrial sector of India. Do you agree with the view ?give reasons to support your answer
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Yogita Ingle 2 weeks, 1 day ago

Yes, British rule hampered the industrial sector of India in an adverse manner.
Under the British rule, India could never develop a sound industrial base. On one hand, while the world famous Indian handicrafts sector declined, on the other hand, no modern industries could ever be established to cover the loss.
The British government followed the policy of Systematic Deindustrialisation . This policy had the following two-fold motive
1.  Making India a supplier of raw materials: The British government intended to reduce India to a mere supplier of cheap raw material for its own flourishing industrial base.
2.  Making India a market for finished goods:  Another important objective of the British government was to turn India into a virgin market for the machine made finished products produced by the British industries.
Also, competition from machine-made Britain goods, discriminatory tariff policies, disappearance of princely states etc resulted in a substantial setbacks in Industrial sector of India.

Define rights.
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