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Journal entry of cheque dishonoured
  • 1 answers
Customer's A/c. Dr To bank A/c
Is accounts from incomplete records of chapter accountancy is more imp. Than computer accounting ????
  • 2 answers

Himani Maurya 1 day, 12 hours ago

Thxx 😄

Ritesh Patel 1 day, 12 hours ago

Yes because it will contain more marks in paper And numericals will not be less than of 6 marks
Following transaction of Ramesh for April 2018 are given below journalise them
  • 1 answers

Sakshi Sharma ✌️✌️ 1 day, 16 hours ago

Where the transactions are given?????
What are the importance of making financial statements
  • 2 answers

Himani Maurya 1 day, 16 hours ago

Thanks bro..!!

Ansh Garg 1 day, 16 hours ago

To know about profit and financial position of business during the year
What do you mean by Bill receiveabl
  • 2 answers
Bill receivable is drawn by the person called drawer and the person who accept it called as drawee . when drawee accepts the bill by signing on it and accepting a certain amount of money that he'll pay in future and return it to the drawer or payee than for drawee/payee it is bills receivable !

Khushboo 😊😊 1 day, 23 hours ago

B/R is a bill which is drawn by the seller (drawer) n accepted by the purchaser (drawee). It is an asset for drawer.
  • 0 answers
Define matching concept
  • 2 answers
All cost incurred during a particular period should be charged to revenue of that period for determining the net profit.

Nitesh Khatri 3 days ago

matiching concept
What is accured income .:: ????
  • 3 answers
Welcome ji😎😎

Himani Maurya 3 days, 12 hours ago

Thanks ji 😊😊

Khushboo 😊😊 3 days, 13 hours ago

Income earned but not received.
Difference between closing stock and opening stock?
  • 2 answers
Closing stock = the unsold goods remain in any firm during any accounting period is known as closing stock. Closing stock termed as an asset and added onn the asset side of the balance sheet. Opening stock = in any accounting period the unsold goods were again put for selling is known as opening stock .

Shubham Jha 3 days, 12 hours ago

When starting a business stock is purchase is called opening stock and On ending of year the stock remaining is called closing stock
Why dep is not charged on land????
  • 3 answers

Khushboo 😊😊 4 days, 13 hours ago

Yaaa depreciation is not charged on land because the value of land is not decrease by passing of time generally it's value get increase .So apreciation is charged on land.

Gaurav Seth 4 days, 22 hours ago

Land is not depreciated because land is assumed to have an unlimited useful life. Other long-lived assets such asland improvements, buildings, furnishings, equipment, etc. have limited useful lives. Therefore, the costs of those assets must be allocated to those limited accounting periods.

Harshit Goyal 4 days, 23 hours ago

Depriciation is not charged on land because the value of land is never decrease and always increase
Entry of interest on capital
  • 4 answers

Shubham Jha 3 days, 12 hours ago

Sorry Dr..

Shubham Jha 3 days, 12 hours ago

intrest on capital A/c dr. To capital A/c
Int on capital a/c dr To capital a/c
Anybody online...😴😴😴😴
  • 3 answers

Kamikaze Himanshu 5 days, 12 hours ago

Yes ., ask your doubts ?

Sampurna Dash 1 week ago

Haan 😴😴😴
which account is not consuderd while preparing trail balance?
  • 2 answers

Vaibhav Aggarwal 4 days, 23 hours ago

No if its written NOT ADJUSTED then its not included otherwise it is...

Suhani Sharma 6 days, 23 hours ago

Closing stock is not considered while preparing the trial balance. because it is assumed that closing stock is already included in purchases and opening stock.

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