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Sia ūü§Ė 3¬†hours ago

Indian Odyssey (Delhi ‚Äď Sawai Madhopur ‚Äď Agra ‚Äď Jaipur ‚Äď Udaipur ‚Äď Vadodara ‚Äď Ellora Caves ‚Äď Mumbai) Hidden Treasures of Gujarat (Mumbai ‚Äď Vadodara ‚Äď Palitana ‚Äď Sasan Gir ‚Äď Somnath ‚Äď Little Rann of Kutch ‚Äď Modhera ‚Äď Patan ‚Äď Nashik ‚Äď Mumbai)
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Sia ūü§Ė 3¬†hours ago

Strengths of using a computer are speed, high storage capacity, versatility, accuracy, and reliability. The weakness of computer is zero IQ and lacking decision making. Computers can not decide their own. They do not posses this power which is a great asset of human being.

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Gamya Soni 2 days, 1 hour ago

Cut : ctrl + x . Copy : ctrl + c . Paste : ctrl + v .
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Shruti Kumari 1 day, 1 hour ago

AI is artificial intelligence

Mahesh Kumar 1 day, 17 hours ago

AI is artificial intelligence

Divyansh Jain 2 days, 17 hours ago

AI is Artificial Intelligence.
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Sia ūü§Ė 2¬†days, 21¬†hours ago

the study or use of systems (especially computers and telecommunications) for storing, retrieving, and sending information.

Ayushi Dhyani 1 day, 17 hours ago

It (Information technology) has changed everything over the years. Nowadays, IT refers to use of computer and other resources to create , store, manage and exchange all kinds of information . It is an essential and tightly integrated part of every business today. Benifits of IT are : 1 Helps to reach more potential customers. 2. Provide better service to customers.
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Sia ūü§Ė 4¬†days, 3¬†hours ago

A word processor is a programme for editing, rearranging and storing text. There are many functions that a word processor can perform, some of which are very sophisticated. It is unlikely that any one person will ever need to use all the functions available.

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Sia ūü§Ė 4¬†days, 4¬†hours ago

The mole concept is a convenient method of expressing the amount of a substance. Any measurement can be broken down into two parts – the numerical magnitude and the units that the magnitude is expressed in. For example, when the mass of a ball is measured to be 2 kilograms, the magnitude is ‘2’ and the unit is ‘kilogram’.

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Shubho Tripathi 2 days, 1 hour ago


Chirag Kulshrestha 3 days, 3 hours ago

Data is a primary information or instructions for computer or any other device to get the meaningfull result

Arkojit Das 4 days, 2 hours ago


Surya Mohapatra 5 days, 18 hours ago

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Sia ūü§Ė 3¬†days, 16¬†hours ago

In a word processor, such as Microsoft Word, a section break splits your document's pages into sections that can have a different format or layout. For example, you could create pages that have different headers and footers. Answer:Sections breaks are used to divide and format documents of all sizes.
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Sonal Devi 1 week, 1 day ago

Phone, computer, laptop or tablet and etc.
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Sia ūü§Ė 1¬†week, 2¬†days ago

<th>Shortcut Keys</th> <th>Description</th>
Alt+F File menu options in current program.
Alt+E Open Edit options in current program.
Alt+Tab Switch between open programs.
F1 View help information (F1 is used by almost every Windows program to display help).
F2 Rename a selected file.
F5 Refresh the current program window.
Ctrl+D Bookmarks the current page in most Internet browsers.
Ctrl+N Create a new or blank document in some software, or open a new tab in most Internet browsers.
Ctrl+O Open a file in the current software.
Ctrl+A Select all text.
Ctrl+B Change selected text to be bold.
<c ctrl-i.htm="">Ctrl+I</c> Change selected text to be in <i italic.htm="">italics.</i>
<c ctrl-u.htm="">Ctrl+U</c> Change selected text to be underlined.
<c ctrl-f.htm="">Ctrl+F</c> Open <f find.htm="">find window for current document or window.</f>
<c ctrl-s.htm="">Ctrl+S</c> Save current document file.
<c ctrl-x.htm="">Ctrl+X</c> <c cut.htm="">Cut selected item.</c>
Shift+Del Cut selected item.
<c ctrlc.htm="">Ctrl+C</c> <c copy.htm="">Copy selected item.</c>
<c ctrl-ins.htm="">Ctrl+Ins</c> Copy selected item
<c ctrl-v.htm="">Ctrl+V</c> Paste
Shift+Ins Paste
<c ctrl-y.htm="">Ctrl+Y</c> <r redo.htm="">Redo last action.</r>
<c ctrl-z.htm="">Ctrl+Z</c> Undo last action.
<c ctrl-k.htm="">Ctrl+K</c> Insert <h hyperlink.htm="">hyperlink for selected text.</h>
<c ctrl-p.htm="">Ctrl+P</c> Print the current page or document.
<h homekey.htm="">Home</h> Goes to beginning of current <l line.htm="">line.</l>
<c ctrl-home.htm="">Ctrl+Home</c> Goes to beginning of document.
<e endkey.htm="">End</e> Goes to end of current line.
<c ctrl-end.htm="">Ctrl+End</c> Goes to end of document.
Shift+Home <h highligh.htm="">Highlights from current position to beginning of line.</h>
Shift+End Highlights from current position to end of line.
Ctrl+Left arrow Moves one <w word.htm="">word to the left at a time.</w>
Ctrl+Right arrow Moves one word to the right at a time.
<c ctrl-esc.htm="">Ctrl+Esc</c> Open the Start menu.
<c ctrl-shift-esc.htm="">Ctrl+Shift+Esc</c> Open Windows <t taskmana.htm="">Task Manager.</t>
<alt-f4.htm">Alt+F4</alt-f4.htm"> Close the currently active program.
<alt-enter.htm">Alt+Enter</alt-enter.htm"> Open the properties for the selected item (file, folder, shortcut, etc.).

Kamal Kumar 1 week ago

Ctrl+f4 close the programs.

Nikhil Singh 1 week, 1 day ago


Praveen Kumar 1 week, 2 days ago

Shortcut KeysDescriptionAlt+FFile menu options in current program.Alt+EOpen Edit options in current program.Alt+TabSwitch between open programs.F1View help information (F1 is used by almost every Windows program to display help).F2Rename a selected file.F5Refresh the current program window.Ctrl+DBookmarks the current page in most Internet browsers.Ctrl+NCreate a new or blank document in some software, or open a new tab in most Internet browsers.Ctrl+OOpen a file in the current software.Ctrl+ASelect all text.Ctrl+BChange selected text to be bold.Ctrl+IChange selected text to be in italics.Ctrl+UChange selected text to be underlined.Ctrl+FOpen find window for current document or window.Ctrl+SSave current document file.Ctrl+XCut selected item.Shift+DelCut selected item.Ctrl+CCopy selected item.Ctrl+InsCopy selected itemCtrl+VPasteShift+InsPasteCtrl+YRedo last action.Ctrl+ZUndo last action.Ctrl+KInsert hyperlink for selected text.Ctrl+PPrint the current page or document.HomeGoes to beginning of current line.Ctrl+HomeGoes to beginning of document.EndGoes to end of current line.Ctrl+EndGoes to end of document.Shift+HomeHighlights from current position to beginning of line.Shift+EndHighlights from current position to end of line.Ctrl+Left arrowMoves one word to the left at a time.Ctrl+Right arrowMoves one word to the right at a time.Ctrl+EscOpen the Start menu.Ctrl+Shift+EscOpen Windows Task Manager.Alt+F4Close the currently active program.Alt+EnterOpen the properties for the selected item (file, folder, shortcut, etc.).
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Bhumi Jain 1 week, 2 days ago

Sender, Message, Encoding, Communication channel, Decoding, Receiver, Feedback

Jaspreet Saini Rajinder Saini 1 week, 2 days ago

Communication channel
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Srishty Kumari 1 week, 2 days ago

A piece of computer hardware apparatus used to supply a data processing system including a computer or information device with control and data signals. Examples of input device: Mouse, keyboards.
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Sia ūü§Ė 1¬†week ago

Information Technology (IT) means creating, managing, storing and exchanging information using all types of technology to deal with information. ITeS: Information Technology that enables the business by improving the quality of service is Information Technology enabled Services (ITeS).

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Nnn Rrr 3 days, 18 hours ago

Write ur question plz
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Sia ūü§Ė 1¬†week, 4¬†days ago

Many barriers to effective communication exist. Examples include filtering, selective perception, information overload, emotional disconnects, lack of source familiarity or credibility, workplace gossip, semantics, gender differences, differences in meaning between sender and receiver, and biased language.

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Pallavee Tripathi 1 week, 5 days ago

Prateek should use oral conversation for sharing the marking criteria to his teammates because Corel general conversation is very attractive interactions with his teammates. He immediately understand his teammates and conclusion by expressing his views and taking feedback from his teammates
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Sia ūü§Ė 2¬†days, 19¬†hours ago

The main reason ICTs are used in the workplace is that they allow humans to do their work faster, more efficiently and with fewer wasted resources. Companies no longer need staff to handle physical mail as email is faster and more effective than an employee sorting through post and delivering it to the correct people.

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Sia ūü§Ė 1¬†week, 6¬†days ago

Body language is termed as untold communication. The body language can either be gesture, facial expressions, postures, etc. The body language supports most of the presentation greatly. It is also required to conduct and attend interview successfully. The body language clearly express the positive and negative aspects.
Example: Folding hands throughout the interview process gives a negative impact to the interviewer.

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Sia ūü§Ė 1¬†week, 6¬†days ago

During the past years, the Indian government successfully started various initiatives though, which resulted in meeting many of these challenges and in paving the way to digitization. The biometric identification program  “Aadhaar” rang the bell for India´s digital revolution. Further projects like Jan-Dhan Yojana (providing a bank account for every Indian household), PAHAL (LPG subsidies for Aadhaar Card holders) and DigiLocker (storage of personal documents on a secured government server) followed.  

Under the flagship campaign “Digital India”, the government continues to initiate further projects for the benefit of citizens as well as companies. The mission “Smart Cities” e.g. is supposed to change the urban landscape, to create new investment opportunities and to promote employment. Furthermore, the Indian government continues to strongly promote the transfer into a cashless economic system by pushing the establishment of digital payment transactions which has been thriving dynamically since the demonetarization in 2016.

Development continues to move forward slowly but steadily, with public-private partnerships playing a major role. Progress achieved in the fields of technology, connectivity, collaboration tools as well as improvements in management practice perceptively affect every day´s life, pointing out the importance of digitization to every individual. The limited access to electricity in rural areas remains a major obstacle for the further advance of digital technology, though.  

Everyone, including the social sector, took benefit of the digitization. We observed a larger growth though in fields which are directly linked to state programs. The mission “Smart Cities”, e.g., will mainly contribute to the promotion of the construction and real estate industry, the infrastructure sector as well as the steel and concrete industry. „Make in India” and „Digital India” successfully opened up new chances for the technological sector. Some market leaders started to manufacture electronic products in India. The “Skill India” initiative is supposed to promote the digital infrastructure by enabling the mass scaling of competence development, using technology as a mechanism for mass supply.  

We don´t see any areas that remain untouched by the digitization process, but the lack of legal clarity tends to have a negative impact on some sectors. Due to the political framework, companies like Uber and Amazon had to face several controversies with communal authorities – which is not compatible with business in the digital era.  

In July 2017, Siemens inaugurated its first digital manufacturing plant in Mumbai – its third digital plant worldwide. More than five million devices are supposed to be produced here annually.

Like mentioned before, there are definitely challenges to be overcome in all areas – from establishing guidelines and adjusting workflows to initiating a profound change of mentality in bureaucracy.

We need to be aware of the fact that digitization in India means realizing a technological revolution in an extremely diverse country. As a consequence, there is a strong demand for consultants from all different service areas, especially from IT and Corporate Compliance.  

There is major potential for German and European companies to be seen in the food and agriculture industry. So far both sectors are still poorly organized and locally restricted. There are extraordinary investment opportunities lying in the automation of industrial food processing and packaging processes as well as in data supply for precision farming.  With a constantly growing population and an increasing urbanization, the demand for food will increase dramatically in the near future. An increase in purchase power will lead to a growing demand for high-protein food.  

Progressive IT devices and services (e.g. cloud computing, blockchain) offer further investment and collaboration opportunities, especially with regard to the rapidly growing sector of financial services.

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Harshita Vaishnav 1 week, 6 days ago

Information technology gives us information about buisiness. It is giving information about talking in office or the correct way to talk to anyone while we talk with family,friends,etc.
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Tarun Singh 1 week, 1 day ago

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Srishty Kumari 1 week, 2 days ago

BPO ( Business Process Outsourcing) comprises of front-office customer services and back-office business function. Services : 1.Accounting and financial services. 2.Sourcing and procurement. 3.Digital marketing. 4.Supply chain management. 5.Healthcare and insurance.
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Sia ūü§Ė 2¬†days, 19¬†hours ago

There is not a lot of information to differentiate between BPO and BPM, but BPO is more focused on outsourcing, whereas, BPM is more focused on management related tasks. Outsourcing, is the business that focuses on tasks, ranging from manufacturing products to providing customer care.
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Sia ūü§Ė 2¬†days, 19¬†hours ago

A subscript or superscript is a character (such as a number or letter) that is set slightly below or above the normal line of type, respectively. It is usually smaller than the rest of the text. Subscripts appear at or below the baseline, while superscripts are above.

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