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Jogeswar Majhi 33 minutes ago

Trasing changes
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Yogita Ingle an hour ago

Public health care system runs by government, it is less costly. It involves government hospitals and health care centres, while private health care system is runned by people. It is expensive and involves private clinic and hospitals.

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Tarush Rai 57 minutes ago

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Tarush Rai 54 minutes ago

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Tarush Rai 54 minutes ago

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Tarush Rai 53 minutes ago

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Yogita Ingle 7 hours ago

The direct rays of sun brings the maximum heat.. In case the rays falls directly in an area than there are maximum chances of heat to be observed.

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Sneha Ramparia 4 hours ago

Light-colored clothing reflects light and dark-colored clothing absorbs it. The more heat that is absorbed the hotter the clothing is and the hotter you are. Furthermore, light-colored clothing looks softer and cooler.

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