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IS zero is even number?
  • 2 answers

Anju D 31 minutes ago

It's neither a negative nor a positive

Pinkal Negi an hour ago

yes it is
Formula of radius
  • 1 answers

Pinkal Negi an hour ago

if you want to find the radius of circle either the perimeter or area should be given for area the formula is = 22/7×r^2 and for perimeter = 2×22/7×r
Find the perimetre if rectangle whose length is40 cm and a diagonal is 41 cm . Find its answer and find in phythagorues thuream plZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me to solve the answer
  • 1 answers

Pinkal Negi 11 hours ago

the length is 40cm and diagnal is 41cm so if you will find the breadth by using pythagorus theorum it will be 9cm and after that the perimeter will be 98cm
Find simple intrest for p=750 r=2% t=2yrs
  • 2 answers

Hitarth Jadiwal 12 hours ago

SI =p×r×t/100 =750×2×2/100 =750×2/50 =750/25 SI =30

Sameer Singh 12 hours ago

simple interest =30
-7mn+5-12mn,9mn,8,-2mn-3 add this
  • 1 answers

Arnav Jha 13 hours ago

Two crosswards each
  • 0 answers
If the area of a rectangle is 1280 find its length and breadth.
  • 2 answers

Aditya Yadav 11 hours ago

This is not a appropriate question

Shubham Shubham 12 hours ago

Do yourself
If the exterior angle of a triangle is 130 degree and interior opposite angles are equal . Wht is the measure of each interior opposite angles?
  • 1 answers

Israt Jahan 17 hours ago

Let the interior opposite angle be x Exterior angle = sum of interior opposite angles. ->130° = x + x ->130° = 2 x ->130°/2 = x ->65° = x ☆ The value of x = 65°
What is the answer ? (39)9 ÷ (6)4 = ?
  • 2 answers

Israt Jahan 17 hours ago

= (6 ^2)9 ÷ (6)4 = (6)18 ÷ (6)4 =(6)18-4 =(6)14

Rajinder Kumar 17 hours ago

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  • 1 answers

Ayush Thakkar 18 hours ago

In minus-
3(m-5)=21 what is the answer
  • 3 answers

Known Unknown 17 hours ago

3(m-5)=21 3m-15 =21 3m =21+15=36 m=36÷3 m=12

Ayush Thakkar 18 hours ago


Jashan Bansal 22 hours ago

3m - 15 = 21 => 3m = 6 => m = 6/3 => m= 2 Answer .. 😊
Find ratio of 15kg to 210g The answer is 500:7 how
  • 2 answers

Ram Kushwah 19 hours ago


Adarsh Dwivedi 20 hours ago

First we will convert kg into g or g into kg so i am converting kg into so (15000÷210 ) = 500÷7 so 500:7
subtract y+3yz+z to 2y+yz+z
  • 3 answers

Ayush Thakkar 18 hours ago

The equation formed is: 2y+yz+z -(y+3yz+z) =2y+yz+z-y-3yz-z =-3yz+yz+2y-y+z-z =-2yz+y The rules that we have to use r that: - × - becomes + - × + becomes - + × - becomes - And last but not least + × + becomes + And the second rule we have to follow is also that the number with a variable always comes first. Later all the double and the single variables r placed.

Ram Kushwah 19 hours ago

2y+yz+z -( y+3yz+z )



Nihar Borah 1 day, 3 hours ago

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  • 0 answers
What should be added to 65 to get 72
  • 3 answers

Ayush Thakkar 17 hours ago

The answer is 7. Because to find the number the method is: 65+×=72 Therefore,+65-65+x=72-65 =7

Harnoor Singh 22 hours ago

We should add 13 in 65 to get 72

Shahnaz Imtiyaz 1 day, 14 hours ago

65+[ ]=75 75-65=[ ] 10=[ ]
(a+b) ka whole five
  • 1 answers

Ram Kushwah 19 hours ago

{tex}\begin{array}{l}(\mathrm a+\mathrm b)^5=(\mathrm a+\mathrm b)^{2\;}\times(\mathrm a+\mathrm b)^2\;\times(\mathrm a+\mathrm b)\\=(\mathrm a^2+2\mathrm{ab}+\mathrm b^2)\;\times\;(\mathrm a^2+2\mathrm{ab}+\mathrm b^2)\;\times(\mathrm a+\mathrm b)\\\mathrm{Now}\;\mathrm{you}\;\mathrm{solve}\;\mathrm{yourself}\end{array}{/tex}

What is formula of square, (area) = Formula of perimeter of square = Circumference of circle= Area of circle=
  • 1 answers

Punam Pawar 2 days, 11 hours ago

Perimeter of square= 4xs Area of square = s x s Circumference of circle = 2 x 27/7 x radius or 2 x3.14 x radius Area of circle = 22/7 x radius sq Or 2.14 x radius sq
How to learn all formulas
  • 1 answers

Sneha Rajpurohit 2 days, 12 hours ago

Just by heart them or learn them its easy

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