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Aim of advertisement
  • 1 answers

Geetanand Yadav 2 hours ago

To sell their products in large quantities
Why did nawabs of awadh and bengal try do away with jagirdari system ? Please give me 3-4 reasons .
  • 1 answers

Poonam Dwivedi 3 hours ago

because they wanted to reduce the influence of Mughals in their states
How is media important in democracy?
  • 1 answers

Yogita Ingle 18 hours ago

Media plays an important role in a democracy. It provides news and discusses events taking place in the country and the world. It is on the basis of this information that we learn how the government works.

  • Media also criticises the unpopular policies and programmes that the government takes.
  • Media forms public opinion.
  • Media acknowledges us with several current issues.
  • Media provides awareness among masses.
What is understanding media
  • 1 answers

Yogita Ingle 18 hours ago

Media: Nowadays ‘media’ is an integral part of our lives. It is a term which collectively refers to television, radio, newspapers, internet and many other forms of communication. These days social media is an inseparable part of our lives.

Describe believes of siddhas
  • 1 answers

Gaurisa Yadav 18 hours ago

1. Believed in meditation to achieve salvation 2 . Rejected caste system. 3 . Criticised rituals . 4 believed in conventional religion
Define the term Animism
  • 1 answers

Gaurisa Yadav 20 hours ago

Attribution of living soul to plants, inanimate objects and natural phenomena
What is manipravalam? Name a book written in that language.
  • 2 answers

Bhumika Sharma 18 hours ago

Manipravalam means diamonds and corals refers to two languages Sanskrit and regional language of kerela . The book written in this language is Lilatilakam

Gaurisa Yadav 22 hours ago

Manipravalam refers to the two languages sanskrit and the regional language that is malayalam. A book written in that language is lilatilkam
How did the new states emerged in eighteenth century
  • 1 answers

Yogita Ingle 22 hours ago

When the Mughal emperors’ authority declined; the governors of large provinces, subadars and the great zamindars consolidated their authority in different parts of the subcontinent. During the 18th century, the Mughal Empire gradually fragmented into a number of independent regional states.

Who constructed qutb minar
  • 3 answers

Motu Patlu 19 hours ago

Qutub uddin aibaik

Yogita Ingle 23 hours ago

The construction of the Qutub Minar was started by Qitub-ud-Din Aibak, but he only constructed the basement. The construction of the tower was later taken over by his successor Iltutmish who constructed three more stories. The last two storeys were completed Firoz Shah Tuglak.

Comment on the satate of mughal empire after 17th century
  • 1 answers

Gaurav Seth 1 day, 2 hours ago

Historians have offered numerous explanations for the rapid collapse of the Mughal Empire between 1707 and 1720, after a century of growth and prosperity. In fiscal terms the throne lost the revenues needed to pay its chief officers, the emirs (nobles) and their entourages. The emperor lost authority, as the widely scattered imperial officers lost confidence in the central authorities, and made their own deals with local men of influence. The imperial army, bogged down in long, futile wars against the more aggressive Marathas lost its fighting spirit. Finally came a series of violent political feuds over control of the throne. After the execution of emperor Farrukhsiyar in 1719, local Mughal successor states took power in region after region

Diffrence between ruling party and opposition party
  • 1 answers

Yogita Ingle 1 day, 4 hours ago

Ruling party Opposition party
1.They have power of making policies . 1.There work is only questioning
2.They are winners of Lok sabha And Rajya Sabha. 2.actually they are other parties of lok and rajya sabha.
3.They came in power by the help mostly population 3.They can blame the present government.
4.They are responsible for governance human developmentand strengthing others. 4.They can give pressure on day government to change it's policies .
5.They have to work upon public welfare 5.They can go against government against their wrongdoing.
What were dharamsalas
  • 2 answers

Rajnandani Kumari 22 hours ago

His followers ate together in the common kitchen (langar). the sacred space thus created by baba guru Nanak was known as dharmsal.

Gaurisa Yadav 23 hours ago

A holy place created by baba guru nanak ji. It is now known as dharmsal
Tides are useful for us.How?
  • 1 answers

Geetanand Yadav 1 day, 5 hours ago

We generate electricity by tides in the form of tidal energy.
Why is the temperature in the cities higher than that of villages?
  • 1 answers

Geetanand Yadav 1 day, 5 hours ago

Due to pollutants such as carbon dioxide
What type of structures by kings built between 8&18century
  • 1 answers

Karnik Purani 1 day, 8 hours ago

Ovule type

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