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Gaurav Seth 14 minutes ago

Based on their nature the economic activities can be classified into three sectors: primary sector, secondary sector and tertiary sector. 

  1. The primary sector economic activities are agriculture and forestry, animal husbandry, fishing, poultry farming, and mining.
  2. The secondary sector economic activities include quarrying or mining of stone slabs, and manufacturing of goods.
  3. The tertiary sector economic activities include trade, transport, communication, banking, insurance, education, healthcare and tourism.
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Ayush Anand 3 minutes ago

We know the subdivisions between 8 and 9 are 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, 8.4, 8.5, 8.6, 8.7, 8.8, 8.9. You can take any 5 among these as these all are rational number, i.e., in the form of p/q where q≠0, like, 8.1=81/10 8.2=82/10.. and so on.. ThankYou
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Gaurav Seth 12 minutes ago

Step 1: Given Data  

To find the square root of 15129 using Long division method

Therefore the value of √ 15129 =123

Step 2: Quotient of the square root of 15129 in long division method is 123

Step 3: Remainder of the square root of 15129 in long division method is 0

Step 4: The Final Value is 123

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Gaurav Seth 30 minutes ago

Jerome had to reopen the packed bag twice owing to his forgetfulness . Once he had to reopen the bag as he had forgotten to pack the boots . The next time, he unpacked when he realised he had packed his tobacco-pouch in .

Change the direct speech to indirect speech       ( Assertive)   Rajesh says, “She has brought fame to her family.” Sriya said, "I went to the cinema yesterday."  He said, “Face is the index of mind.” Suhani said to her mother, “I learnt many new theories today.” Hiran said to her, “It may rain tonight.” Raj said to me, “I have often told you not to play with me.” They said, “It is time we thought about settling this matter.” Meenal said, "I will have finished this paper by tomorrow." He said to me, “I was observing you at the party”. The maid said, ‘All the windows have been washed thoroughly.’ The fisherman said, ‘I haven’t caught any fish today.’ Mitra said, ‘I go for a walk every morning.’ The actor said, ‘My new film is due for release next month.’  The manager said to the customers, ‘The staff is on an indefinite strike’. Jack said, “It is very hot today’”     EXERCISE-2   Change the direct speech to indirect speech         (Interrogative) 1.  He said to me, “Whom does she want to contact?” 2.  They said to her, “Whose house are you purchasing?” 3.  You said to him “Why are you making mischief? 4. They said to us, “How have you solved this sum?” 5.  We said to them, “Who has misguided you?” 6. I said to him, “May Sunita come in to discuss with you something?” 7. The traveller said to me, “Can you tell me the way to the nearest inn?” 8. He said to me, “Do I have to leave for Mumbai tomorrow?” 9. I said to her, “Could you give me your notes? 10. The young girl asked the man, ‘Will you do me a favour? 11.The traveller said to the boy, ‘Does this road lead to the inn?’ 12.The clever fox said to the foolish crow, ‘Will you sing a song for me?’ 13. ‘Can I get supper and lodging here for a night?’ said Jean Val Jean. 14.‘Did you see the exhibition?’ the teacher said to me. 15. The employer said to the employee, “What salary do you expect here?”
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Gaurav Seth 34 minutes ago

A river joined by its tributaries, at approximately right angles, develops a trellis pattern. A trellis drainage pattern develops where hard and soft rocks exist parallel to each other .

The picture of Trellis pattern is given below :

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Rajat Singh 50 minutes ago

(3+ under root 8)^2 + 1/(3+ under root 8)^2
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Rajat Singh 41 minutes ago

1. (a+ b)^3 = a^3 - b^3 - 3ab( a+b ) 2. (a- b)^3 = a^3 - b^3 - 3ab ( a- b) 3. (a^3 + b^3) = ( a+b) (a^2 + ab+ b^2) 4. (a^3-b^3) = (a- b) (a^2 + ab + b^2)
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Sanket Sundar 11 hours ago

Go on Google
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Gaurav Seth 32 minutes ago

Theory of Plate Tectonics:

(i)According to this theory, the crust,upper part of the earth has been formed out of seven major and some minor plates. 

(ii)The movement of the plates results in the building up of stresses within the plates and the continental rocks above, leading to folding, faulting and volcanic activity.

(iii)Broadly, these plate movements are classified into three types. While some plates come towards each other and form convergent boundary.

(iv)Some plates move away from each other and form divergent boundary. In the event of two plates coming together they may either collide and crumble, or one may slide under the other.

(v)At times, they may also move horizontally past each other and form transform boundary.

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Yogita Ingle 12 hours ago

1) Be patient in your specking.

2) Think before you speak.

3) The listener should be in good mood.

4) Equality should be there in your world.

5) Positive words should be used.

6) Talk in the perfect tune.

7) Be calm and in the prosperity.

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Yogita Ingle 12 hours ago

Homogeneous mixture

Heterogeneous mixture

It has a uniform composition It has a non-uniform composition
It has only one phase There are two or more phases
It can’t be separated out physically It can be separated out physically
‘homo’ means the same ‘hetero’ means different
Example: a mixture of alcohol and water Example: a mixture of sodium chloride and sand
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Yogita Ingle 12 hours ago


The Himalayan Mountains are young fold mountains which run in the west to east direction. They run over about 2,400 km. The width of the mountains varies from 2,400 km in Kashmir to 150 km in Arunachal Pradesh. The Himalayas are divided into three parallel ranges. They are:

  • The Himadri: It is the northernmost range of the Himalayas. This range is also known as the Great or the Inner Himalayas. This range has some of the highest peaks with an average height of 6,000 metres. The core part of this Himalayan range is made of granite. As it is always covered with snow, many glaciers originate in this range.
  • The Himachal: It is also known as Himachal or the lesser Himalayas. This range lies to the south of the Himadri. The height of this mountain range varies from 3,700 to 4,500 metres. The Pir Panjal Range is the longest range. The Mahabharat and Dhauladhar ranges are also important ranges. This range has the famous valleys of Kashmir, Kangra and Kullu located in Himachal Pradesh. All the famous hill stations such as Mussoorie, Shimla, Nainital and Manali are located in the Himachal range.
  • The Siwaliks: These are the outermost range of the Himalayas. Their altitude varies between 900 and 1100 metres. The Siwaliks are formed as a result of depositions brought down by rivers from the northernmost Himalayan range. Dehradun, Kotli Dun and Patli Dun are some longitudinal valleys which lie between the lesser Himalayas and the Siwaliks.
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Mohit J 39 minutes ago

With hard work and dedication.
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Yogita Ingle 13 hours ago

Grandfather was an animal lover and took pity on Toto as it was kept tied to a feeding trough. Toto looked out of place and grandfather decided to bring it to his private zoo. He was much impressed by Toto.

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Lovepreet Singh 13 hours ago

What is rule of majority is regliously or based on population

Yogita Ingle 13 hours ago

Different ideas are as follows:
(i) Liberals believed in changing society, thought that only propertied men should have right to vote.
(ii) Radicals believed in rule of majority, supported women's right to vote.
(iii) Conservatives approved both liberals and radicals, accepted the change but believed that past has to be respected.

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Ayush Tiwari 13 hours ago

3/5×6\6 =18/30 4/5×6/6 =24/30 .•.no. are 19/30, 20/30, 21/30, 22/30, 23/30.

Yogita Ingle 13 hours ago

First method to find rational number between two numbers:
Since we have to find 5 rational numbers between 3/5 and 4/5, so we will mutiply the numerator and denominator of the given numbers by 5+1, i.e. equal to 6.
We get,

3/5=3×6/5×6=18/30 and 4/5=4×6 / 5×6=24/ 30 

Now, we have to find 5 rational numbers between 18/30 and 24/30, which will come as


=(19/3),(2×10 / 3×10),(7×3 / 10×3),(11×2 / 15×2),(23/ 30)


Thus, five rational numbers between 3/5 and 4/5 are =(19/30),(2/3),(7/10),(11/15) and (23/30)

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Yogita Ingle 13 hours ago

It is caused by the Wuchereria bancrofti worms, Brugia malayi and Brugia timori. These worms affect the lymphatic system especially the lymph nodes. Chronic cases of lymphatic filariasis lead to the disease Elephantiasis.

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Yogita Ingle 13 hours ago

Helium has two electrons in its energy shell, while argon and neon have 8 electrons in their valence shells. As these have maximum number of electrons in their valence shells, they do not have any tendency to combine with other elements. Hence, they have a valency equal to zero.

Anoushka Raj 13 hours ago

Helium,Neon and Argon have zero valency because they have stable electronic configuration.They neither lose electrons nor gain electron.Hence,their valency is zero.
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Yogita Ingle 13 hours ago

Unemployment is an economic and social problem. Unemployment is an economic problem in the sense that unemployed persons will be consumers only without being a producer. Non utilisation of human resources due to unemployment involves double cost of maintenance and loss of output. Unemployment is a social problem in the sense that it causes enormous sufferings to unemployed workers due to their reduced or nil income. Many social evils like dishonesty, immorality, drink¬ing, gambling, robbery, etc are the outcome of unemployment. It causes social disruption in the society and the government has to incur a heavy unproductive expenditure on law and order. 

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Shrishti Mehta 3 hours ago

A uniform acceleration is a motion in which the change in velocity with time is lesser or uniform.

Yogita Ingle 13 hours ago

Uniform acceleration is change of equal velocity in equal intervals of time. Non Uniform acceleration is change of non-equal velocity in equal intervals of time.

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