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Shreyas Kulal an hour ago

5x+8y=k 5(6)+8(4)=k (by putting x=6&y=4) 30+32=k 62=k
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Consist of one shape cells having a basement membrane. It forms the lining of kidney , tubeles and ducts of salivary glands and provide mechanical support.
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Sia 🤖 3 hours ago

You can check revision notes here :

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Priya Sharma 3 hours ago

I want equation for the 3rd part

Gaurav Seth 4 hours ago

What happens to the force between two objects, if

(i) the mass of one object is doubled?
(ii) the distance between the objects is doubled and tripled?
(iii) the masses of both objects are doubled?

Newtons' law for Gravitational force  F = G M1 M2 / d²
      M1 and M2 are masses of two bodies and d is the distance between them.

1) As Force is directly proportional to the mass of each object, the force will be doubled.

2)  d is doubled,  Force will become 1/4th  as Force is inversely proportional to the square of distance.
     d is tripled.  Force will become 1/9th as force is inversely proportional to the square of d.

3)  four times. 


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Sia 🤖 4 hours ago

To do that you need an amplifier between them. 

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Sinha Navin an hour ago


Rina Pandey 3 hours ago

The pressure exerted by liquid on any object is called fluid pressure. The pressure exerted by air on per unit area of the earth is called atmospheric pressure.

Gaurav Seth 4 hours ago

LIQUID PRESSURE : The pressure exerted by a liquid (or gas or fluid) at a depth h below the free surface of the liquid = hpg, where p is the density of the liquid (or gas or fluid) and g is the acceleration.

 ATMOSPHERE PRESSURE : At sea level the atmospheric pressure is about 10^5 Pa. We do not feel it because the pressure of blood and other fluids in our body balances it.

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Gaurav Seth 4 hours ago

The process is Sublimation.

Let's discuss by step-by-step:

Step1: Pour the tincture of Iodine in a Beaker.

Step2: Add water into the Beaker as same as the amount of Tincture.

Step3: Add a few ml of HCl in it.

Step4: Leave the Solution for Sometimes after adding bleaching agent into it.

Step5: Filter the Solution.

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Shemil Shihab an hour ago

Hey,a mixture of chalk can easily gets seperated because it is not an homogenous solution, the method knoen as centrifugation can be used
By the process of centrifugation

Yuvraj Singh 3 hours ago

By filteration or evaporation

Priya Sharma 3 hours ago


Priya Sharma 3 hours ago

It can be separated by centrifugation. When the test tubes will move the chalk particles will separate from waree4

Gaurav Seth 4 hours ago

A mixture of chalk powder and water can be separated by this method. To separate the soluble solids form liquids we use evaporation and condensation methods. The process of conversion of water into vapour by heating it to its boiling point is called evaporation

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Anjali Arya 4 hours ago

4√2is Right answer.

Sushant Rajput 4 hours ago


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