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How to make root√ 5
  • 1 answers

Paras Sharma 13 minutes ago

We can write √5 as √(2)^2+(1)^2 and then you draw as you know how to
The angle in a semi - circle is a right angle
  • 2 answers

Dollsi Jain 54 minutes ago

take a circle and draw its daim. and construct an angle from the 2 points of the daim. on the circumference now use the theorem 10.8 and you will get that the angle on the diam. is 180 and by the theorem the angle on the circumference is 90

Kanishka Sharma 9 hours ago

Go through the circles chapter
Mean formula
  • 2 answers

Ritesh Mahant 2 hours ago

Sum of observation upon no.of observation.

Navreet Singh 10 hours ago

Sum of observation/no. of observation
sides of a quadrilateral are extended in order to form
  • 1 answers

Dev Parmar 11 hours ago

A diagonal of a parallelogram divides it into 2 congruent trianhles
Find median, 41,39,48,52,46,62,54,40,96,52,98,40,42,52,60
  • 1 answers

Gaurav Seth 11 hours ago


1) Arrange data in ascending order


2) Total numbers of observation= 15

Odd: (n+1)/2

=(15+1)/2 = 8 th element is median

Median = 52

What is total surface area of hemisphere
  • 3 answers

Toukeer Khan 10 hours ago

3pei r square

Aditya Sharma 11 hours ago

3pie r sq.

Gaurav Seth 11 hours ago

Hemisphere :
Curved surface area(CSA) = 2 π r2
Total surface area = TSA = 3 π r2

Draw underroot 9.3 on the no. line and prove it
  • 1 answers

Aakash Panwar 15 hours ago

Steps 1. Draw a line segment AB 9.3 cm 2. Produced this line to 1 cm and get point C 3. Draw a perpendicular bisector of t line AC and get bisection point X 4. Take x as a centre and AM as a radius and draw asemi circle 5. Draw perpendicular on point B 6. Perpendicular cut the semicircle at point D 7. Cut an arc from B of equal length of BD on no. line 8. And get point P . P represent underroot 9.3
Factorise x"12-1
  • 0 answers

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