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Forced labour without payment is called begar.
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Shakti Sarkar 11 hours ago

A situation in which the basic needs of a human is endangered

Ashi Sharma 12 hours ago

Sorry it is food prices

Ashi Sharma 12 hours ago

It is referred as famine . Because of any reason behind the rose of foid prices or decrease in food production then it is called subsistance crisis . In which people are fighting for food because of economic conditions.
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Shakti Sarkar 11 hours ago

Since this longitude passes almost through the middle of India it is known as the Standard Meridian of India

Suresh Mandal 11 hours ago

because it is measured to a central line of india,which shows the standard time.
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The small shopkeepers,artisans,as well as servants and daily wages workers.
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Manasmilan Das 13 hours ago

Maximillan Robispeere
Maximilian Robespierre
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Manasmilan Das 13 hours ago

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Yogita Ingle 15 hours ago

Marginalization means when a certain person or a sect of people are made to feel of lesser importance, by those in power. Marginalized persons are forced to the periphery or the edge of society.

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Bestile is one of the city that most heted by france
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Sia 🤖 18 hours ago

Demerits of the Green Revolution:
(i) Loss of soil fertility due to increased use of chemical fertilisers.
(ii) Continuous use of groundwater for tubewell irrigation has reduced the water table below the ground.
(iii) The chemical fertilisers, easily soluble in water, can dissolve in the groundwater and pollute it.
(iv) They can kill bacteria and other micro-organisms helpful for the soil.
(v) Excessive use of fertilisers can also make the soil alkaline and unfit for cultivation.

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Sia 🤖 18 hours ago

A. Values that inspired and guided the freedom struggle and were in turn nurtured by it, formed the foundation for India’s democracy. These values are embedded in the Preamble of the Indian Constitution.
B. They guide all the articles of the Indian Constitution.
C. The Constitution begins with a short statement of its basic values. This is called the Preamble to the constitution.
D.Taking inspiration from American model, most countries in the contemporary world have chosen to begin their constitutions with a preamble. 

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Sia 🤖 23 hours ago

The Indian coastline covers 7,516.6 km.

Tanvi Toor 18 hours ago


Tanuj Methi 20 hours ago

7156.6 km
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Khushi Sambharia 18 hours ago

Maximillian robespiere

Rohan Sardar 1 day, 1 hour ago

Maximillian Robespierre formed the Jacobins

Mohit Nayal 1 day, 3 hours ago


Manish Kumar 1 day, 10 hours ago

Maximillian robespierre

Arush Jain 1 day, 11 hours ago

Maxmillian robiesphiere

Pankaj Pawar 1 day, 11 hours ago

Macmillan formed jacobean club
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Sia 🤖 22 hours ago

Following are some measures to reduce unemployment:

  1. The educational system should be improved.
  2. The government should take some serious steps to eradicate unemployment.

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