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Non-metals do not displace hydrogen gas when reacted with acids/water explain.
  • 1 answers

Sapna Sahu 50 minutes ago

Non metal is less reactive than hydrogen atom
What is the food chain ?
  • 2 answers
Food chain is that one organisms eat other organism and other organims eat other this chain is called food chain

Burhanuddin G an hour ago

The series of organism that take part in transfering food energy from producer -consumer-decomposer is called food chain
What is 10% of law?
  • 1 answers
Transfer of energy from by one tropic level to another byloosing 10 percent of energy as commercial heat.
Function of epiglottis
  • 2 answers

Gaurav Seth 2 hours ago

At the top of the trachea (or wind pipe) there is a flap of cartilage called epiglottis. The function of epiglottis is to cover the mouth of trachea (or wind pipe) when we swallow food so that the food may not enter the trachea (or wind pipe).

Nishita Gupta 2 hours ago

To prevent food from getting into the throat or wind provide passage to food in oesophagus.
I electrolysis of water, which gas is collected at anode and cathode? Why volume of hydrogen is more than oxygen?
  • 2 answers
Volume of hydrogen is greater because it combines in ratio of 2:1
At anode oxygen and at cathode hydrogen
Write advantages of disadvantage of sops over detergents.
  • 2 answers

G Y 2 hours ago

And soaps form a white layer on cpothes when used in hard water but detergents do not do such

G Y 3 hours ago

Soaps are biodegradable. Detergents are non biodegradable.soaps do not work in hard water.detergents work in hard water.
Transport of food in plants requires living tissues and energy .justify the statement
  • 1 answers

Gaurav Seth 3 hours ago

The food in the leaves is transported to all parts of the plant that's why it needs living tissues and energy for transportation.
The vascular tissue that transports food is called phloem. Phloem is present along with the xylem inside the plant body.

What is basic difference between acid and base
  • 2 answers
Acid gives hydrogen /hydronium ion Base gives hydroxide ion

Surbhi Kumari 4 hours ago

Acid gives hydronium ions in aqueous solution and it is sour in test while base gives hydroxide ions in aqueous solution and bitter in test
How is plasmodium reproduce . Is this method sexual or asexual ?
  • 3 answers

Ravi Nayak 2 hours ago

By multiple fission.

Nidhi Nidhi 4 hours ago


Nitin Kumar 4 hours ago

It is asexual
What measures would you take to conserve electricity in your house
  • 2 answers

Nitin Kumar 5 hours ago

To switch off the🔌💻💡🖨

Nitin Kumar 5 hours ago

To switch off the fans, coolers etc when these are not in using. To use solar panals. To use led on the place of bulb
Difference between Ionic and covalent compounds?
  • 1 answers
Covalent compound share electron to form bond . But ionic compound give or take valency electron to octate....
Why mendal use only pea plant for inheritance
  • 1 answers

Nitin Kumar 5 hours ago

Because it give result quickly
Science ka paper kaisa gya aaj ka😂😄😂😀😁
  • 3 answers

Simar Simar 3 hours ago

Not so good par passing number aya he gye ge ro pit ke😅😞😔

Sanjeet Kumar 5 hours ago

Ankita sharma tension mat lo sab thik ho ga 2019

Ankita Sharma 11 hours ago

Puchoo mtt 😰😰😰 mera abhi hua sci ka paper and i think mushkil se passing marks ayege 😭
  • 2 answers
General formula - Cn H2n - 2
Alkyne are unsaturated and make tripple bond
List three techniques that have been developed to prevent pregnancy. Which one of these techniques is not meant for males. How does the use of these techniques have a direct impact on the health and prosperity of a family.?
  • 2 answers

Tushar Chandel 11 hours ago

Contraceptive methods to prevent pregnancy are: 1.barriers methods= in this method men used condoms and females use diphragm to prevent pregnancy. 2.chemical methods= in this method femals or males take oral pills,vaginal pills etc to prevent pregnancy. In india women take mala-d tablets 3.surgical method = in this method males cut their vas deferns and females cut out their fallopian tubes to prevent pregnancy. 4.Iucd(intrauterine contraceptive devices= females use copper-t to prevent from pregnancy.

Himanshi Sharma 12 hours ago

In famale three methods are used to ptevent pregnancy : 1.chemical method 2.IUCD(Intrauterine contraceptive device) 3.surgical method In males they used physical method Last point ka answer samajh to gya but pata nhi h ki wo sahi h ya nhi so maine wo nhi likha
Define principal of motor
  • 2 answers

Chetna Pandey 13 hours ago

It is based on the principle that when a current-carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field, it experiences a mechanical force whose direction is given by Fleming's Left-hand rule and whose magnitude is given by The force, current and the magnetic field are all in different directions. If an Electric current flows through two copper wires that are between the poles of a magnet, an upward force will move one wire up and a downward force will move the other wire down. F
A current carring conductor experiences a force when placed in a magnetic field.

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