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Aryan Tomar 5 hours ago

LCM :- 182 HCF :- 14
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Saket Tiwari 6 hours ago

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Mohd Ali 5 hours ago

Find LCM and HCF 26and91

Krishna Kanwar 6 hours ago

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Vishnu Mishra 4 hours ago

C R Das and Motilal Nehru
CR das and motilal nehru

N P 9 hours ago

CR das and Motilal Nehru
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Shanu Yadav 10 hours ago

Learn all the formulas of both the chapters and practice ncert questions then refer rs agrawal or rd sharma book
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Shanu Yadav 10 hours ago

I'm also nervous regarding exams.
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Omya Aryan 19 hours ago


Choudhary Kundan 21 hours ago

  Use app Login Question  Find x if 4x+6x=9x A ln2−ln3ln(3​−1)+ln2​ Correct Answer B ln2−ln3ln(5​−1)+ln2​ C ln2−ln3ln(5​−1)−ln2​ D ln3−ln2ln(5​−1)+ln2​ Medium Open in App Solution  Verified by Toppr Correct option is A) 6x+4x=9x divide by 4x to form (23​)x 4x6x​+1=4x9x​ (23​)x+1=(23​)2x ((23​)x)2−(23​)x−1=0 So (23​)x=21±1−4.1(−1)​​=21±,5​​ For positive solution (23​)x=21+5​​ Applying logarithm xln(23​)=ln(21+5​​) lnba​=lna−lnb x=ln3−ln2ln(1+5​)−ln2​.

Uttam Soni 21 hours ago

-0. 98
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Aastha Vats 21 hours ago

Every year with board exams approaching, schools and colleges work hard to prepare their students While educational institutions compete hard to ensure good results, they also make sure their student don’t face stress. The stress that the Board exams have started creating is a recent phenomenon. which has been created due to the highly competitive world we are heading into. Students often make securing high marks in boards as a life and death issue. This is also because the cut-off d many colleges is so high that many children miss their chance of studying in it and, therefore, art under pressure from parents, family and friends. All these pressures affect the mental health of children as they become nervous before the exams so much so they become even mentally blank and forget as they appear for a paper. Therefore,  counselling before the board exams is very essential for better performance and health of the children. These counselling sessions give children some mental support and strength to use their energy in a positive manner. Most schools are now taking to these counselling sessions for better results. These counselling sessions are not only for students but also for parents. A counsellor in these sessions does not only talk and try to de-stress the child but also guides him too long to adopt a better lifestyle. The only thing that can help children deal with stress and not lose their important years of life and innocence of childhood counselling before board exams are important.
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Zoyaa Qamar 22 hours ago

Mendel dihybridation experiment shows that that different traits are inherited independently In his experiment he took YELLOW AND ROUND SEED × GREEN AND WRINKLE SEED and get the ratio 9:3:3:1 Yellow and round: yellow and wrinkled: green and round: green and wrinkleed After these results the proposed his third law LAW OF INDEPENDENT ASSORTM ENT
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Muzaif Ur Rahman 20 hours ago

Write question properly
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Divisha Sahani 15 hours ago

In English While humans and terrestrial animals breathe oxygen from the air, aquatic animals use oxygen that is dissolved in water. An aquatic animal breathes by absorbing free oxygen into its blood through its gills or directly through its body surface.
Because they can't breath directly from the atmosphere
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Omya Aryan 1 day ago

Except Communication skills and green skills, everything is coming.

Bhawna Dagar 1 day, 2 hours ago

Unit 2,3,4 employability skill

Bushra Aquil 1 day, 2 hours ago

Doesn't found

Maitri Hirani 1 day, 2 hours ago

see from the app
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Srishty Kumari 6 hours ago

Let us assume √5 is rational number which can be written in the form p/q there for √5=p/q (where p and q are co-prime integer and q is not equal to 0) √5q=p --equation first squareing both side 5q²=p² here five divides p² Therefore 5 also divides p let p = 5C putting value of p is equation first equation √5q= 5C squaring both side 5q² = 25c² q²=5c² q²/5 =c² Here 5 divides q² Therefore 5 also divides q Here we can see 5 divides both integer p and q but it contradicts that p and q are co prime integer this contradiction arising due to our wrong assumption therefore √ 5 is irrational number.
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Omya Aryan 23 hours ago

In the lesson, Valli is a girl character displayed by the author. She is very intelligent and sharp minded girl who wants to take a ride on the bus. She plans everything about her journey such as timing, penny required and all. She collected the money as per the requirement. So when the cold drink was offered to her, she refused to have it as she was having limited money.

Anvesha Sahay 23 hours ago

Valli refuse to have the cold drink because she just want to know about it and get some relax to make her happy Character=Valli was so curious girl she always use to get knowledge.She takes intrest in every talk of anyone.She always use to poke her nose.She wants to explore the world.We can say that she is adventures girl.
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Sachin Khatri 21 hours ago

Hello priyadershita
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Shanu Yadav 1 day, 10 hours ago

Monochromatic light contains light with a single wavelength
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