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Himanshu Parmar 15 hours ago

Carbon it's compound
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Manpreet Kaur 14 hours ago

1. The first print shows the people of Europe and America marching in a long train and offering homage to the statue of liberty as they pass it. The torch of enlightment was carried by a female figure in one hand and the other character of the rights of man in the other . 2. On the earth in the foreground lie the shattered remains of the symbols of absolutist institutions. 3. The sorrieu utopian vision , the people of the world are grouped as distinct nation , identified through their flags and national costume . 4. The processium was lead by the US and Switzerland followed by France and Germany. 5. From the heavens above christ , angels and saints gaze upon the scene . They have been used by the artist to symbolise fraternity among the nations of the world .
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Rangan R 16 hours ago

Write the internal reserve of the plants and animals
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Rose Preet 15 hours ago

3x²+5x+2 3x²+3x+2x+2 3x(x+1) +2(x+1) (X+1)(3x+2) X+1is equal to 0 Then x is equal to -1 Here we can say that alpha is equal to -1 Similarly, If we take 3x +2 Beta is equal to x is eqal to -2/3 1/alpha+ 1/beta 1/-1 +1/-2/3 Is eqal to -5/3

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