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Shivam Gupta 4 hours ago

It is declaration between
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Lavish Kumar 3 hours ago

Google pe mil jayenge
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Nitika Arya 15 hours ago

  Use app Login Class 10 >>Maths >>Real Numbers >>Revisiting Irrational Numbers >>Prove that 3 + 2√(5) is irrational. Question  Prove that 3+25​ is irrational. Medium Open in App Updated on : 2022-09-05 Solution  Verified by Toppr Prove 3+25​ is irrational. → let take that 3+25​is rational number → so, we can write this answer as ⇒3+25​=ba​  Here a & b use two coprime number and b=0. ⇒25​=ba​−3 ⇒25​=ba−3b​ ∴5​=2ba−3b​ Here a and b are integer so 2ba−3b​ is a rational number so 5​ should be rational number but 5​ is a irrational number so it is contradict - Hence 3+25​ is irrational.
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Nitika Arya 17 hours ago

Gandhi ji was come to India in 9 January 1915
Gandhi ji was came to India in 1915

Khushii Dubey 19 hours ago

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Abhi N 17 hours ago

As the ions of hydrogen is absent the HCl do not change the colour of blue litmus

Aditya Kumar 19 hours ago

Because there is absence of hydrogen ions

Paawan Mishra 20 hours ago

Because due to the absence of hydrogen ions
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Abhishek Thakur 15 hours ago

Lencho is a farmer
He was old and hardworking farmer.
Lencho was a poor farmer

Anish Singh 1 day, 1 hour ago

Lencho was a farmer.

Khushii Dubey 1 day, 3 hours ago

A farmer
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