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Arju Chouhan an hour ago

Hari singh did not catch train becase he didn't want to loose the belief of anil in him
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Sachin Chahar 2 hours ago

F1 is the last frequency F2 will be used as 0 By applying mode formula you can get your answer
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Megha Raliya 2 hours ago

Class 10 me ho kbhi bhi nind aani hi nhi chahia
Aur pani jada se jada pia kro
Like centafruit
Padate time kuch khate rha kro
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Arju Chouhan an hour ago

Arithmatic propogation

Deepak S 8 hours ago

Arithmetic progression
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Arju Chouhan an hour ago

The flow of print between the print of people

Sahil Sihag an hour ago

Google kr bro

Raunak Chauhan 2 hours ago

The flow of print between people that the print became a important part of their life known as print culture
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Deepak S 7 hours ago

LHS=>(sin2A+cosec2A+2×sinA×1/sinA) +(cos2A+sec2A+2×cosA×1/cosA) (sin2A+cosec2A+2+cos2A+sec2A+2) =(sin2A+cos2A)+(1+tan2A)+(1+cot2A)+2+2 1+1+1+4+tan2A+cot2A 7+tan2A+cot2A LHS=RHS Hence proved
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Arju Chouhan an hour ago

AAnishcheywachak + napushling + bahuvachan + karta karak
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Arju Chouhan an hour ago

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Arju Chouhan an hour ago

Find on
Harsh can u help me

Harsh Mishra 7 hours ago

Science is what we do to find out about the natural world.....

I know my theory is Crazy, But not crazy Enough to Be False!!!!


Ankit Garg 8 hours ago

Its a study of nature and physical world 🌏
Sb moh maya h ......😅🤣😂😉

Vishal Sharma 9 hours ago

Search on Google

Vishal Sharma 9 hours ago

Sach me lukhee
It's an scientific golmaall
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Shivam Saklani 2 hours ago

Ca=2,8,8,2 (20 atomic no) 2 Period .no 4(no. Of shells) Cl = 2,8,7(17 atomic .no) 17 3
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Gud morning
Good morning sis

Shivam Mishra 9 hours ago

meri deep kesi ha bde dino baad mila hu apse

Shivam Mishra 9 hours ago

hii ankesh bro ady and new member vishal

Shivam Mishra 9 hours ago

hii deepu
Hi shivu

Vishal Sharma 9 hours ago

Aaditi -------- rahi hai

Shivam Mishra 9 hours ago

Hmm ayi thi. Pr vo gyi ab and hello
Hii honey sis.....aaj vo aayi thi
Hii sis
Aditi gyi 😞😞
Bye...and good night...😜
Hello bro...😁
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Shivam Mishra 7 hours ago

good night
Gud night
Gud night
Common scene h ya nhi 10th ka app h student kya 12th ke hoge ......

Shivam Mishra 8 hours ago

kuch bhi nhi yarr ap 10 me ho na
Khena kya chahte ho .....

Shivam Mishra 9 hours ago

jeb ap meko nhi jante to me kesa janta hounga common sence he ya to
Sona... nhi mai aapko nhi janti aap jante ho mujhe .....

Shivam Mishra 9 hours ago

apka name kya ha

Shivam Mishra 9 hours ago

vesa ap mujhe jante ho

Shivam Mishra 9 hours ago

Hiii shivam....
Shivam 😂😂😂

Shivam Mishra 9 hours ago

sofe pe latekr rhi ha bro
Now byyeeee gn
Sofe p 😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣
To khade hokar chatting kar rahi ho kya
So what are u doing
But I think u r going to your bed
OK as ur wish
Nahi abhi to mai 11 PM tak jagunga
I don't wan't to disturb u.if u want to sleep u may go then
But soon i am on brainly dont worry
Only on cbse guide
Ohk.. R u on brainly???
Baisal (gurjar)
Aditya ur last name?
No insta.. ✌ Social media after 12th ✌
Yep.. Real baniya 😎
Gud night..
Are u on insta
Bas ase hi puch liya mene
Oohhh u r baniya a real baniya
Why u asked? ¿😅
What is your last name honey
Bye gn
Now byee honey
Hiii...honey or deepika
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Kamlesh Singh an hour ago

Parts of nephrons r; glomerulus, bowman's capsule, collective duct
I think r u from meerut
From where r u belong
Hello Dishu gujjar
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Fish_gills Earthworm_skins

Leo Arkanine 9 hours ago

Fish -gills Earthwarm- skin

Leo Arkanine 9 hours ago

In which schl do u study vaishali

Vanshita Mittal 9 hours ago

Fish respires through its gill and on the other hand earthworm respires through its skin. Hope my answer is helpful for you🤗
Gills and skin

Aadya Singh 😎 10 hours ago

Fish - Gills
Earthworm - Skin.

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