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Shweta Tyagi 6 minutes ago

Zinc sulphate has no colour it is colourless
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621311 😀 15 minutes ago

Griffin was a brilliant scientist who perform experiments with great determination to reach his goals he had an analytical mind and a strong desire to be successful in his mission.therefore he carried out experiment after experiment to prove that the human body could become took his work so seriously that after conducting quite a few experiment he was able to create certain drugs and that when consumed made his body as transparent as glass.however he did not put his invention to good use as he was an unethical Griffin was a successful scientist he had no respect for he was rather a lawless person.

Surander Garg 3 hours ago

I dont no
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Ikrar Saifi 3 hours ago

All national movements;dams along with rivers ;code of 1804;geographical conditions for cultivation of rice;wheat etc;major soil types;location of a few minerals;forms of power sharing;unitary nd federalism govt;different types of federation;unification if britain mitaly and germany. Wildlife protection act and classification of species IUCN ;Human devolopement index ;PCI;IMR;net attendance ratio. These r some important topics. Hope this will help u.
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Raj Kumar 2 hours ago

What a shame bewkoof student.
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Muskan Singh 3 hours ago

Chlorophyll which is store in chloroplast is essential to convert water and carbon dioxide to oxygen.
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Sia 🤖 3 hours ago

A potted plant with variegated leaves like money plant was taken for the activity. The plant was kept in a dark room for three days so that all the starch gets used up. Then the plant was kept in sunlight for about six hours. A leaf was plucked from the plant and the green areas in it were marked and traced on a sheet of paper. The leaf was dipped in boiling water for a few minutes and after that it was immersed in a beaker containing alcohol. The beaker was placed in a water bath and heated till the alcohol started boiling.

It was observed that the leaf decolourised when it was boiled in alcohol and the solution became green as alcohol removed chlorophyll.
After this, the leaf was dipped in iodine solution for a few minutes and rinsed off.
The blue-black colour appeared only on those parts of the leaf which were green in colour and the variegated parts remained unaffected.
It can be concluded from the above activity that the starch formation takes place only in green parts of the leaf which contain chlorophyll.

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Ikrar Saifi 2 hours ago

I will go with varshini.. It will have many solutions
Infinitly many solutions

Ritik Madhwani 4 hours ago

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Height=15 Base=15 Angle of depression =? Consider triangle abc b is interior opposite angle of depression Opposite =15m Adjacent =15 Tan=opp/adj Tan=15/15 Tan=1 Tan45=1 Angle of depression =45

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