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Mayank Tiwari 10 hours ago

total no of cards =52 total no of black queen=2 therefore probability of a getting a black queen = total no of possible outcomes/total no of outcomes =2/52 or 1/26 [ANSWER]

Aadya Singh 😎 10 hours ago

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Miss. 1234 11 hours ago

instructions nhii constructions hota h😌😌
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Nitin Bhardwaj 11 hours ago

If a line is drawn parallel to one side of triangle to intersect the other two sides in distinct point the other two side are divider in the same ratio

☺ ☺ 11 hours ago

Basic Proportionality Theorem was first stated by Thales, a Greek mathematician. ... Basic Proportionality Theorem (can be abbreviated as BPT) states that, if a line is parallel to a side of a triangle which intersects the other sides into two distinct points, then the line divides those sides in proportion.
If a line is drawn parallel to one side of a triangle to intersect the other two sides in distinct point s,the other two sides are divided in the same ratio.
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The value of m=6

Arun Kirar 11 hours ago

The value of. m is equal to 6

Aadya Singh 😎 12 hours ago

The value of m is 6.
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Aadya Singh 😎 11 hours ago

Check the sample papers....
Plz tell me about this sis
Hmm dekha hai..
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Ya to phir google wala official website ni galat hoga....bcz maine jo google pe dekha tha...vahi yha pe bhi h...basic ka mujhe ni pta....but standard wala vahi h...
Kaun da dekh rhe h...2 sample paper h - Standard and basic.

Shubham Rawat 5 hours ago

Nhi h same

Aadya Singh 😎 12 hours ago

Nahi...sample paper to same h....🤔

Shubham Rawat 12 hours ago

What cbse
Cbse ka...
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Sahil Singh 12 hours ago

Apni maa ja k deakh aaj fir aye ha mere pass

Sahil Singh 12 hours ago

Dee k loda

Sahil Singh 12 hours ago

Teri maa ki chut nahi ha k

Rohit Singh 13 hours ago

Teri maa ke chut maru
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R. Chinmayee 10 hours ago

Sry ya wrong answer

R. Chinmayee 10 hours ago

Given:-ABCD is a quadrilateral circumscribing a circle with centre O. To prove:-angle AOD+angle BOC=180&angle AOB+angle BOD=180. Construction:-Join OP,OQ,OR&OS. Proof
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Deep Singh 13 hours ago

Pura question kya hai? Kuch prove krna hai ya Kuch find krna hai?
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Deep Singh 13 hours ago

Surface area of sphere = 4πr^2 Surface area of cube =4a^2 Atq, 4πr^2=4a^2 =>πr^2=a^2 =>a=r√π Volume of sphere /volume of cube =4/3πr^3/a^3 =4/3πr^3/r^3π√π =4/3√π =4:3√π
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Yogita Ingle 14 hours ago

First five prime numbers are 2, 3, 5, 7 and 11.

The mean or the average formula is = Sum/no. = (2 + 3 + 5 + 7 +11)/5 = 5.6.

Arpit Maurya 14 hours ago

Sorry 2

Arpit Maurya 14 hours ago

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Miss. 1234 15 hours ago

Total no. of questions will be 30

Miss. 1234 15 hours ago

It depends on marking scheme of chapters
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Rohit Gupta 14 hours ago

Both of you have Wrong answer

Arpit Maurya 15 hours ago

500=120+5n-5 500-120+5=5n 385/5=n 77= n

Arpit Maurya 15 hours ago

500 = 120 +(n-1)* 2 500=120+2n -2 500-120+2= 2n 382= 2n n=191 H ence 191 no. divisible by 2 between 120to500
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Suryansh Agarwal 15 hours ago

10 mcqs and 10 questions will include true false fill in the blanks or definition asking questions all 20 questions will carry 1 mark each

Miss. 1234 16 hours ago

20 questions will be each of 1mark .....but I'm not sure that all these will be mcqs or not.......

Shubham Rawat 16 hours ago


Gagan Panchal 16 hours ago


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