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Preeti Dabral 42 minutes ago

The third Level symbolizes man's yearning to delve deeper into the world of imagination as an escape from the world of harsh realities. It stands for his quest for 'the fabulous ordinariness of a bygone age' that was free from the modern razzle-dazzle, sophistication and material comforts but exuded peace and tranquillity.

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Reetika Dubey an hour ago

Trees sprinting means the tree seems to be running...
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Sachin Sharma 14 hours ago

De-industrialised due to discriminatory tarrif policy No Capital goods industry Unemployment due to downfall of handloom industry
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Preeti Dabral 20 hours ago

The imagery used in the poem is suggestive of both death and youth. The image of young trees and merry children' are a contrast to the mother. The poetic devices used are simile, metaphor, repetition and personification.

Abhishek Kumar 11 hours ago

In this poem, and visual imagery 😯

Abhishek Kumar 11 hours ago

Metaphor is what ?
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Preeti Dabral 20 hours ago

Ectomorph body type is thin and has long limbs and small muscle bellies. Mesomorph body is the middle type, which is easy to gain weight or easy to lose weight. They have a rectangular shaped body with round muscle bellies.

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Preeti Dabral 20 hours ago

Franz was a very young boy living in Alsace district of France. He had a layman's attitude to studies. At the beginning we find him feeling tempted to skive his school. However, we also come to know his inner strength of character when he overcomes that temptation.

Chandan Bhagat 2 hours ago

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