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Gaurav Seth 13 minutes ago

Steps to form Committees for Tournaments:
Sports events are organised at various levels which include district, state, national or international levels’ Such tournaments require careful planning in order to be successful’ Committees are formed at various levels. A letter is sent to all concerned for participation. Various steps are:

  • Meetings are conducted at regular interval.
  • Experts in various areas are identified.
  • Pre-meet work organising committee is set up for the purchase of equipment, layout of courts, etc.
  • Welcome/Reception committee and a Technical committee to officiate during the sports meet is also formed.
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Gaurav Seth 9 minutes ago

Characteristics of Management

(i) Management is a Goal Oriented Process Organisation’S existence is based on objectives and management is the process which unites the efforts of
every individuals to achieve the goal.

(ii) Management is All Pervasive The use of management is not restricted, it is applicable in all organisations big or small, profit or non-profit making.

(iii) Management is Multidimensional it does not contain one activity. it is a complex activity including three main activities

(a) Management of house
(b) Management of people
(c) Management of operations

(iv) Management is a Continuous Process It is a never ending process. It consists of series of interrelated functions which performs continuously.

(v) Management is a Group Activity Organisation is a collection of many individuals, every individual contributes towards achieving the goal.

(vi) Management is an Intangible Force It cannot be seen or touched only it can be felt in the way the organisation functions.

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Yogita Ingle 13 hours ago

 The structure of the compound 3-Hydroxy butanal  is shown here-

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Shristi Jaglan 11 hours ago

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Yogita Ingle 13 hours ago

NPO or Not for Profit Organisation, also renowned as a non-business organisation or nonprofit establishment is staunched to a certain social principle or prescribing for a shared point of view. According to economic terms, it is an establishment that utilises its surfeit of the revenues to additionally attain its ultimate aim, rather than allocating its income to the entity’s leaders, shareholders or members.

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Mr. Badmash 9 hours ago

Don't waste your time in asking these types of questions.. instead of it , use your time in studies. definitely you can do it easily..😌🤗🤗🤗😌😌

Aggrima Singh 14 hours ago

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