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Hemant Tiwari 2 hours ago

Charlie was a young man living in New York. He was married to Louisa. Charlie's hobby was stamp-collection (philately). Charlie appeared to be suffering from fear, insecurity and fear of the war-ridden world. He was looking for an escape from this world. His longing for some idyllic and peaceful place like Galesburg made him stray to a corridor at Grand Central Station that took him to the Third Level of the station from where one could take train to the past, year 1894. When he shared this incidence with his wife, she felt angry at it; she asked him to see his psychiatrist friend, Sam. Sam explained the unique experience to be Charlie’s waking dream wish fulfillment. He further explained it could have happened because of his unhappiness or hobby of stamp collection.
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At 2:07am 😱
Only 5 subject not 6

Priya Dharshini 2 hours ago

In 10th board u wrote only 5 subjects right.... 6 subjects are there in few state board schools... not in cbse. While doing ur 12 registration make a check of this..

Priya Dharshini 2 hours ago

5 subjects obviously.... maths,physics,english,chemistry and c.s.... how come u get this doubt at 2:00 am 🤔🤔😄😆
Hi Aman... I think we have to write 6 subjects
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Hemant Tiwari 2 hours ago


Ahista ~~~ 6 hours ago

Don't know the exact value ,But it's something like this :-

sin^−1 ( sin 5 ) = 5 − 2 π [solve it down if needed to get the exact answer]

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Akriti Singh 8 hours ago

3 level means 3rd floor on grand central station which was imagination of carley and every thing was of 1896 time on 3rd floor
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Nitin Baghel 9 hours ago

Yes sir
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Abdullah Firoz 10 hours ago

As we know,Q =ne And Q =I /t Equating both equations,we have ne =I /t Putting the values n×1.6×10^-6 =5/193 i.e.n=4.31×10^3 electrons.
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Due to induction...

Niraj Kumar 11 hours ago

yes a charged body attracts neutral body

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