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Is marking scheme of physics class XII available?
  • 1 answers
not now as pattern is quite change this year by the mid-off July they will soon declare.
A charge q is placed in the center of the line joining two positive charges Q. What is the value of charge q so the the system remain in equibrium.
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In this case....whatever be the nature or value of the charge'q' .It will always remain in equilibrium. It is sk because the net force acting on the charge q is always zero. (k•q•Q)/(x)^2=(k•q•Q)/(x)^2
Define physics
  • 2 answers

Hritik Kumar an hour ago

Physics is the study of nature and its phenomenon

Stym Shukul 3 hours ago

Physics is a branch of science in which we study about the physical nature and it's laws...
If two charge is given,where should be third pt charge q be placed for it in equilibrium
  • 1 answers

Ashwani Sahni 4 minutes ago

It depends upon the magnitude to both the charges but it must be placed between that two charges..
Investigatory file
  • 0 answers
If coulomb's law involved 1/r^3 dependence (instead of 1/r^2), then how would gauss's law is not valid here ????? Please explain Sir...
  • 2 answers

Adeeb Ahmed 44 minutes ago

Beacause if it is r^3 then this becomes volume(3d) instead of area(2d) so the electric flux get affected and if the flux get affected then gauss law is also affected
Gauss' Law gives the number of electric field lines paasing perpendicular through a unit area.So it is independent of Coulomb's Law which gives the magnitude and direction of the electrostatic force.Therefore there would be no effect on gauss law.However the numerical value of flux may change.
Electric field of a ring?...and at which point the field is max. ???
  • 2 answers
Thanks Sudarshan Sharma

Sudarshan Sharma 20 hours ago

Kqx/(r^2+x^2) ^3/2 it is Max at R/root2... I have also answered your dipole question you can see it downwards
what is polarisation ?
  • 2 answers

Rajkanta Soibam 22 hours ago

It's a mistake to me .........opposite to the direction of the electric field.

Rajkanta Soibam 22 hours ago

The phenomenon in which electric field distorts in the negative electrons cloud around the positive atomic nuclei to the direction of field..
Did MCQ's will not come in final exam of class 12 of 20 marks?
  • 2 answers

Vivek Kumar 15 hours ago

May be it willshort answer type questions
MCQ's hi toh aayega....20 marks mai...
a long sheet is placed at midpoint at axis of dipole and perpendicular to axis, what will be the flux through sheet
  • 2 answers

Sudarshan Sharma 21 hours ago

It is a question of bm Sharma it's answer is q/Eo as the flux due to one point charge through a infinite sheet = q/2Eo
flux is 0...i think..if wrong then correct
Which refresher is best for class 12th physics
  • 4 answers
SL arora

Varun Maheshwari 1 day, 1 hour ago


Varun Maheshwari 1 day, 1 hour ago

Sl arora

Aman Kumar👦✌ 1 day, 1 hour ago

Ab ager hum refresher k bare mai bataenge...toh woh hamare point of view k according hoga....but then..also according to me...SL arora, modern etc.....but I suggest ....check it by urself which book suits uh and feel easy 2 u
Ke×e÷G×mass of electron ×mass of proton What does this ratio signifies Where K=9×10^9 G=6.67×10^-11 e=1.6×10^-19
  • 3 answers

Bishal Biswas 13 hours ago

But why

Nishu Sahu 23 hours ago

It is the ratio of electric force and gravitational force between an electron and a proton.

Deepanshi Garg 1 day, 2 hours ago

It is unitless and dimensionless
Differnece between polarised and unpolarised uniform
  • 1 answers

Yogita Ingle 1 day, 6 hours ago

Polarised light:

1. The vibrations of light (vibrations of the electric vector) are restricted in a particular plane.

2. It is absolutely coherent in nature.

3. In polarized light, electric vector is confined to a plane and magnetic vector H is normal to the plane

Unpolarised light:

1. The vibrations of light (vibrations of the electric vector) occur in many plane i.e., it is not restricted to a particular plane.

2. It is incoherent in nature.

3. In unpolarized light, the plane of vibration of electric vector is continuous.

Prove fe and fg equal
  • 0 answers
What is the effect of speed on the charge and mass of a charged particle?
  • 3 answers

Adeeb Ahmed 39 minutes ago

No effect

Yogita Ingle 1 day, 9 hours ago

The mass of the particle increases with speed of the particle, for lower velocity it is insignificant but if the particle moves near to the speed of light, the relativistic mass of the particle increases. If the rest mass of the particle be mo  then mass of the particle at a speed v is given by:

Rahul Yadav 1 day, 11 hours ago

Speed is directly propotional to the mass. And charge. Remain same with increase of speed
How is amplified modulation
  • 2 answers

Yogita Ingle 2 days ago

Amplitude Modulation is an electronic communication systems technique wherein the base band signal is superimposed with the amplitude of the carrier wave i.e the amplitude of the carrier wave is varying with proportion to the base waveform being transmitted.


Ayush Kumar 2 days ago

hi hi

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