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What is continutiy?
  • 1 answers

Aman Thakur 2 hours ago

Continuity is the presence of a complete path for current flow. A closed switch that is operational, for example, has continuity. ... During a continuity test, a digital multimeter sends a small current through the circuit to measure resistance in the circuit.
If A is a square matrix such that A^2=A show that (I+A)^3=7A+I
  • 1 answers
I^3+A^3+3.l^2.A+3.I.A^2 I+A^2.A+3A+3A^2 ('.' A^2=A ) I+A.A+3A +3A & I+A+6A ( A^3=A^2) 1+7A
Given an example of matrix A and B such that AB=0,but A≠0,B≠0
  • 1 answers

Anmol Singh 11 hours ago

Both A B are 2×2 matrix in A let a11 be 1 and all other 0 and in B let a22 be 1 and all others 0. It will suit your requirements
Sbne suggestion diya tha na ki ncert se pdho extra questions kro.... Maine acche se practice ki question bhi kiye.... But Uske baad jb extra questions krne k liye baithi to kuch Smjh me nhi aaya kya kru.... Pura topic pdhne k baad bhi..... Ab btao kya kru.... Mujhe kuch Smjh nhi aa rha.... 😭😭😭😭😭.....kaise kru m apni problem thik.... Kr to rhi hu Practice pr phir bhi kuch nhi ho rha.... 😭😭....mujhe kuch nhi aata sach me
  • 2 answers
And stop crying like kid....face the problem strongly.......hoga kio nhi....jab sabse hota hai toh tumse bhi hoga...although ....u r not from any other planet...don't let ur moral down...
Aree anisha...its good that u solved ncert and practiced questions also... Acha ek baat batao...did u really understand the concept???....if yes bhi tum extra question kr rhi ho joki tumse ager nhi ho raha hai then...tum ussi type ke examples dekho phele.., samjho ki ess type k question ka methodlogy kya hai....once u clear that thing....then u can easy tackle this type of questions
d/dx of 1/sinx
  • 1 answers
Answer is (0 / sin^2x)=> 0....or undefined
विष्ठा means ?
  • 1 answers
Find the derivative of tan(2x+3)
  • 1 answers

Yash Thakur 1 day, 9 hours ago

d/dx { tan (2x+3) } = Sec^2 (2x+3) × d/dx [2x+3] = Sec^2 (2x+3) × 2 = 2 sec^2 (2x+3).
Derivative of[1-tanx/1+tanx]^12
  • 1 answers

Doly Dimple Sharma 1 day, 8 hours ago

You can write it like this (Tan(pi/4-x))^12 12( tan(pi/4-x))^11.sec^2(pi/4-x).(-1)

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