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Rajkumar Patra 8 hours ago

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Meghna Thapar 4 days, 8 hours ago

In mathematics, cross multiplication is a process where a variable in an equation is determined by cross multiplying two fractions or expressions. Cross multiplication can be applied also compare fractions by multiplying the numerator of each fraction by the other's denominator.

In mathematics, specifically in elementary arithmetic and elementary algebra, given an equation between two fractions or rational expressions, one can cross-multiply to simplify the equation or determine the value of a variable.

The method is also occasionally known as the "cross your heart" method because a heart can be drawn to remember which things to multiply together and the lines resemble a heart outline.

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Meghna Thapar 4 days, 20 hours ago

A dihybrid cross is a cross between F1 offspring of two individuals that differ in two traits of a particular interest. For example, Mendel took homozygous dominant Round and yellow seeds (RRYY) and crossed it with homozygous recessive wrinkled and green seeds (rryy), the progeny obtained in F1 generation were all round and yellow seed (RrYy). The offsprings were heterozygous for both R and Y gene. The F1 plant has four types of gametes, RY, Ry, rY, and ry. For genes on separate chromosomes, each allele pair shows independent assortment. Thus, by crossing F1, the phenotypic ratio was 9:3:3:1, where 9 is yellow and round seeds, 3 represents round and green seeds, 3 represents yellow and wrinkled seeds and 1 represents green and wrinkled seeds. 

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Shabeer Arimbra 6 days, 7 hours ago


Yogita Ingle 1 week, 2 days ago

  1. A computer helps you to type a document.

2. A computer helps you to listen to music.

3. A computer helps you to use the internet.

4. A computer helps you to send e-mail.

5. A computer helps you to play games.

6. A computer helps you to draw a picture.

7. A computer helps you to watch a movie. 

8. A computer helps you to chat with a friend

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Mahi Sahu 6 days, 4 hours ago

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Devika Devika 5 days, 19 hours ago

Neuroglia is also called glia cells, any of the several types of cells that function primarily support to neurons

Yogita Ingle 1 week, 6 days ago

Neuroglia are non-neuronal cells that support and protect the neurons. Neuroglia in the central nervous system include astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, microglial cells, and ependymal cells. Schwann cells and satellite cells are the neuroglia in the peripheral nervous system.

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Diksha Raghuvanshee 1 week, 5 days ago

Lekhak ne tibbate yatra kis ves me ki ore kau

Yogita Ingle 2 weeks ago

Principles of Management

Principles of management are broad and general guidelines for managerial decision making and behavior (i.e. they guide the practice of management).

Nature of Principles of Management

The nature of principles of management can be described in the following points:

1. Universal applicability i.e. they can be applied in all types of organizations, business as well as non-business, small as well as large enterprises.

2General Guidelines: They are general guidelines to action and decision making however they do not provide readymade solutions as the business environment is ever changing or dynamic.

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Meghna Thapar 2 weeks, 3 days ago

Tyndall  effect  can  be  defined  as the  scattering  of  a  beam  of  light by  colloidal  particles  present  in  a colloidal solution. This  effect can  be  observed  when  a  fine  beam  of  light  passes  through  a  small  hole  in a dark  room. This effect occurs due to the scattering of light by particles of dust or smoke present in the air.

The Tyndall effect can also be observed when sunlight passes through the canopy of a dense forest. In  the  forest,  the  mist  contains  tiny  droplets  of water  which  act  as  colloidal  particles  dispersed  in  the air.

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Manoj R 3 weeks, 4 days ago

The Exarch means the arrangement of protoxylem towards the centre and metaxylem is towards outside and only present in monocot root
ENDARCH :-proto xylem is directed towards centre & meta xylem is towards periphery. EXARCH:-proto xylem is directed towards periphery & meta xylem is towards centre.
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Anshul Yadav 2 weeks, 3 days ago

The nucleoid is an irregularly shaped region within the prokaryotic cell that contains all or most of the genetic material. The chromosome of a prokaryote is circular, and its length is very large compared to the cell dimensions needing it to be compacted in order to fit.

Shawan Kawatra 4 weeks, 1 day ago

Nucleoid is a region of undefined region present is cytoplasm of prokaryotic cells which contains chromatin structure which has the hereditary material of cell
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Yogita Ingle 4 weeks ago

Biomolecules are defined as any organic molecule present in a living cell which includes carbohydrates, proteins, fats etc. Each biomolecule is essential for body functions and manufactured within the body. They can vary in nature, type, and structure where some may be straight chains, some may be cyclic rings or both. Also, they can vary in physical properties such as water solubility, melting points.

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Charan Dube 3 days, 4 hours ago


Dhruv Sankhla 4 weeks, 1 day ago

It is the study of human body in which we will study about digestive system, respiration,locomotion etc.and how human body works is called as human physiology
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Krishna Chaitanya 2 weeks, 1 day ago

Embryonic stage

Anshul Yadav 2 weeks, 3 days ago

In cerebellum
Embryonic stage
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Vedant Chaisir 2 weeks, 5 days ago

Let time taken from A to B be T1 and time taken from B to A be T2. Distance = Speed X Time Both the time distance will be same. 4T1 = 60 T2 T1 = 15 T2 Average Speed = Total Distance/ Total time taken. Average Speed = 4T1 + 60T2 / T1 + T2 = 60T2 + 60 T2 / 15 T2 + T2 = 120 T2/ 16 T2 = 7.5 m/s

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