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What is email writing
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Good morning 😇
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Rohit Sahani😎 51 minutes ago (6860440)

Kya tum nayi ho

Rohit Sahani😎 51 minutes ago (6860440)

Good morning

Aish 😍 an hour ago (6858600)

(2 1/5)³
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Define production.
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Krishnkant Mishra 3 hours ago (6842936)

Production is the process of combining factors of production to produce goods and services
The sun rises two hours earlier in arunachal pradesh as compared to Gujarat in the west but the watches show the same time how
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Krishnkant Mishra 3 hours ago (6842936)

from Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh there is a time lag of 2 hours hence the time along the standard meridian of India passing from Mirzapur is taken as the standard time for the country because the standard time has been adopted by the watch which show the same time
What ia acceleration and deacceleration??
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Why is animal plant eat easily
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Sulochana Jani 2 hours ago (6203971)

We can easily digest the plant cell as it does not have a cell wall, which is made is made up of complex substance, cellulose. Cellulose is hard to digest.
x - y÷5 - 10=0
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What is the project topic
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Hlo koi hai???
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Amit Rawat 3 hours ago (5226875)

Thanks 😂🤣😅😄😄😄😄

Aman ❤️😍😍 8 hours ago (6858491)

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Is anyone online?
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Vrinda Kalla 9 hours ago (6832960)


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