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P Singhayush Foujdar an hour ago (7318079)

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Anshu Kumari 38 minutes ago (7102522)

Haa........maiya to new hi hoon

R G R 😜 42 minutes ago (7279369)

Tumlog new ho kya?

Anshu Kumari 48 minutes ago (7102522)


Clinton Cerejo 49 minutes ago (7307667)


R G R 😜 50 minutes ago (7279369)

Kaha gye sab 🤔🤔?

R G R 😜 57 minutes ago (7279369)

Hi guys

Elle Obroi 59 minutes ago (7315086)

Hi yash and aditi😃

R G R 😜 an hour ago (7279369)

Good evening

Yash 😜 an hour ago (7254811)

Follow kro..to mil jaogi..if you wish

Aditi ~Angel🙂 an hour ago (2923296)

Yash meri id Sweet Angel hai...but mai tumhe nhi milungiii🤣🤣😅😅

Aditi ~Angel🙂 an hour ago (2923296)

Yash kya wo tum ho tik tok profile pe

Aditi ~Angel🙂 an hour ago (2923296)

Hello yash...
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Sourabh Ruhal 28 minutes ago (5811052)

No it was charley fantasy to fulfill his dreams
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Kush Pandey an hour ago (3163275)

That duties which are undertaken to an economic gain and rewards. They are known as SWOT analysis S W O T stands for (strength weakness opportunity threat).Here the possible threats and opportunities are decided and accordingly step are taken.
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Kush Pandey an hour ago (3163275)

(i) A Global corporation is one which expand the area of its operation beyond the country. (ii) At attempts to maximize profit world war. (iii) its scale of operation is very large.
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Kush Pandey an hour ago (3163275)

It is an enterprise under which a big project is financial and operated through a partnership between Government and one or more prise Enterprises
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Ravi Pagare 29 minutes ago (7323035)

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Devarshi Goswami 38 minutes ago (3183375)

All 32 chapters of first flight and footprints
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Kush Pandey an hour ago (3163275)

The term business risk refer to the possibility of a commercial business making in inadicate profit (or even losses) due to uncertainties -for example:-changes in tastes, changing performance of consumers,strikes,increased competition, changes in government policy, obstacles etc.

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