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Darsh Veer Singh 52 minutes ago (8159926)

Hey Vikas! We Know That, Mean = Sum of all numbers/2 Let sum of all numbers be x. => x / 16 = 8 => x = 8*16 = 128 Now, we add 2 to each number. Since there are 16 numbers, the increase in sum will be 16*2 = 32: => New Mean: => x + 32 / 16 => 128 + 32 / 16 => 160 / 16 => 10 Thus, the new mean is 10.
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Prakhar Prakhar an hour ago (8229482)

Put neem leaves in seeds
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Ajay Singla 24 minutes ago (7889575)

Bhasa ke sawtantar ecai ko shabad kehte hae.aur jab vo vakya mae parukat hoye hae unhe padh kehte hae
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Hardh Jain an hour ago (7226464)

flat bones Long bones Short bones Irregular bones Sesamoid bones
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Vaishnavi Kalvakuntla 12 minutes ago (1825973)

Propanation, acidification,dehydration
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Anuj Kishor Bhavnani 33 minutes ago (7497619)

according to olga lushkoff was a lazy and foolish man who can never do any thing in his life and being aware of this thing she teach him but when lushkoff again started doing stupidity she used to do even his work also.

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