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Factorization mein middle term split karte vakt middle mein common factors kaise nikalen.
  • 2 answers

Khetramani Sahoo 5 hours ago (6069238)

Mujhe bhi pata hai but how to choose two middle terms ,middle vale ko kisme splitt karun.

Aryan Aggarwal 5 hours ago (2893798)

First and last term ko multiply kar ke jo aayega
Lotri kmet
  • 0 answers
Poem explaination came in paper or not ....in form of passage
  • 1 answers

Prince Yadav 3 hours ago (6067411)

No but explanation in sentence may be asked
Kya koi online hai.........
  • 2 answers

Neha Raj 5 hours ago (1503760)

I m

Aryan Aggarwal 5 hours ago (2893798)

  • 0 answers
Tell me about main topics of chapter carbon and its compound from which I score more
  • 5 answers

Kapil Gujjar 9 minutes ago (5873560)

Yaad Tujhe karrna hame na to teri Marji chapter carbon Kai Yaa kare

Khetramani Sahoo 5 hours ago (6069238)

Hope yu understand

Khetramani Sahoo 5 hours ago (6069238)

Matlab ethyl alcohol or ethanoic acid pe based reactions..

Pranvi Monga 5 hours ago (6151197)

Last part... means

Khetramani Sahoo 5 hours ago (6069238)

Functional groups and last part....
How and why william douglas develop an eversion to water
  • 1 answers

Gaurav Seth 5 hours ago (2898529)

Douglas's first experience with water was when he was a toddler. He was on a beach with his father when the waves knocked him down and submerges him completely. He got the fright of his life but his father just laughed it away. Then he went to the YMCA pool to learn swimming and overcome his fear. There a bully threw him into the deepest part of the pool and he almost drowned. From then on he developed an aversion for water.

  • 1 answers

Dadul Talukdar 4 hours ago (6165354)

Feature lakhen
  • 0 answers
What's the difference between methanone and methanal? OR Is it possible to have methanone?
  • 1 answers

Ashita Goel 6 hours ago (5780081)

Methanal is a poisonous compound which Is formed when we take methanol. Methanol damage our liver cells and get converted to Methanal. This Methanal has a capacity to coagulate our protoplasm which results in our blindness and can even lead to death.
what is the name of the carbon compound? HOOC-CH2-CHO
  • 1 answers

Nancy Rajput 6 hours ago (4807129)

2-formyl ethanoic acid or 3-oxo propanoic acid.
What do you mean by government budget?
  • 1 answers

Gaurav Seth 6 hours ago (2898529)

government budget is an annual financial statement presenting the revenues and spending for a financial year that is often passed by the legislature, approved by the chief executive or president and presented by the Finance Minister to the nation.

Investigatory project ideas
  • 0 answers
What are the imimpact of forest laws?
  • 1 answers

Gaurav Seth 6 hours ago (2898529)

Many forests which supplied valuable timber were declared as reserved forests by the British. The tribals were not allowed to collect wood, fruits, hunt and practice shifting cultivation in these forests. This resulted in the loss of livelihood, poverty and hunger among the tribals. Many tribals moved out of the forests to other regions in search of work and to earn a livelihood. People who remained in the forests revolted against the unjust forest laws of the government.

Difference between ac and dc?
  • 1 answers

Gaurav Seth 6 hours ago (2898529)


AC can carry and safe to transfer longer distance even between two cities, and maintain the electric power. DC cannot travel for very longer distance. If does, it loses electric power.
The rotating magnets cause the change in direction of electric flow. The steady magnetism makes the DC to flow in a single direction.
The frequency of AC is depended upon the country. But, generally, the frequency is 50Hz or 60Hz. DC has no frequency of zero frequency.
In AC the flow of current changes it direction backward periodically. It flows in a single direction steadily.
Electrons in AC keep changing its directions – backward and forward
Kis kis ko lagta hai ki CBSE ne CCE pattern ko change karke aur half course ki jagah full course karke acha kiya.......
  • 7 answers

Kapil Gujjar 6 minutes ago (5873560)

Gujjar ku sahi laaga

Rashi N 3 hours ago (3401026)

Abeyy bekaar hai...

Sunita Awasthi 6 hours ago (6025448)

Its good because before this we give CCE in 10 class and board in 12 class. By this result flactuates. And students get demoralised.

Khetramani Sahoo 6 hours ago (6069238)

Thik kaha ,par mujhe acha nahi laga...

Harshu Patidar 6 hours ago (4044985)

Ab jo bhi h jaisa bhi h hme to pdhna pdega n

Neha Raj 6 hours ago (1503760)

Muije toh bilkul bhi sahi nahi lagta hai ...........

Neha Raj 6 hours ago (1503760)

Kisi ko sahi nahi lagta hai
  • 0 answers
What is elisa test
  • 1 answers

Shreya Das 6 hours ago (6165935)

An enzyme- linked immunosorbent assay also called ELISA is a test that detects and measures antibodies in blood.
Prove. SinA upon 1 minus cos A is equals to 1 + sec a
  • 1 answers

Lokendra Sibgh Inda Inda 6 hours ago (5987619)

Please give answer of my question
What is formal sector lone
  • 1 answers

Nitin Patel 6 hours ago (6165815)

The reserve bank of india supervises the function of formal source of loans.for instant
Integration of Cos rootx by root x dx
  • 1 answers

Sonu Singh 5 hours ago (5031374)

X only

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