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Write a short note on Scientific Forestry
  • 1 answers

Samya Mukherjee 14 minutes ago (5567058)

Cutting down natural trees and planting one type of plant in a straight row is known as scienctific forestry
Debenture out of profit means?
  • 1 answers

Mohd Affan Shah 13 minutes ago (4882170)

It means that drr will be created out of the full value of Debentures and if drr is given already the difference between drr and full face value of Debentures will be taken as drr and also full value Debentures will be trans to general reserve
Why acetic acid is called weak acid?
  • 1 answers

Sarah Rani 10 minutes ago (6523077)

Less concentration of hydrogen ions
Ncert k optional exercise imp h kya......
  • 2 answers

Annu Srivastava 11 minutes ago (6409500)

No some time a one or two que is came in exam

Megha Kumari 25 minutes ago (6541066)

Yes it will come in board
Who proposed the Idea of cell theory
  • 2 answers

Chidambaram Rathna 5 minutes ago (6491758)

The cell theory, that all the plants and animals are composed of cells and that the cells and that the cell is the basic unit of life , was presented by two biologists, Schleiden (1838) and Schwann (1839) . The cell theory was further expanded by Virchow(1855) by suggesting that all cells arise from pre-existing cells.

Jiya Jonwal 20 minutes ago (5027983)

Cbcsfe you doing this for me and I have a rtt you
Wgat was varnas
  • 0 answers
Ex 9.1
  • 0 answers
1 3
  • 0 answers
How to make root√ 5
  • 1 answers

Paras Sharma 30 minutes ago (6428380)

We can write √5 as √(2)^2+(1)^2 and then you draw as you know how to
Who is called iqta
  • 0 answers
What is negative work done?
  • 1 answers

Akhand Yadav 35 minutes ago (6546415)

The angle between force and displacement is 180 then work done is negative

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