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Queries Related to CCE answered by CBSE Chairman

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Question: It is mentioned  in the Circular that March 2011 Class X examination will be based on the syllabus published in 2011 Curriculum document. But nothing has been mentioned about question paper pattern. Please clarify

Answer by CBSE: In the light of recent changes introduced under CCE scheme, the termwise details of syllabus and question paper pattern for March 2011 are being worked out. Please wait for some time.

Question: If a candidate appearing in class-X Board Examination this year fails, will he/she have to appear in Board examination again or go alongwith the new scheme of optional Board examinations.

Answer by CBSE: He/She will be dealt with under the existing Board Examination scheme only.

Question: Sir, I have failed in Class XII non-medical stream examination held this year. As a private candidate, I want to change Computer Science to some other subject. What is the procedure?

Answer by CBSE: As per existing examination rules, change of subject, as desired by you, is not allowed.

Question: My son is studying in class XII in commerce stream. He wants to offer Economics as an additional sixth subject. The school authorities are not agreeing. What to do?

Answer by CBSE: A candidate must have studied a subject for two years. So, according to rules, he is not eligible to offer a new subject at this stage.

Question: It is being claimed that removing Class-X Board examination will reduce tension. Will it not be better to prepare the students to face tension and become stronger citizens?

Answer by CBSE: It is certainly not advisable to put the students to excessive tension due to examination, particularly during impressionable age and stage. There are other better methods to motivate them for academic excellence. One of these is to create challenging tasks and situations for brighter students. Better learning takes place in a supportive and friendly environment than in a threat situation.

Question: Sir, Parents prefer to admit their wards to CBSE affiliated schools instead to Kerala State Board schools mainly due to strong Curriculum framework and examination pattern of CBSE. Introduction of grading system by Kerala Board was not appreciated by the people. The new grading system introduced by CBSE may also meet the same fate.

Answer by CBSE: Please go through the circulars carefully. These are available on CBSE  website www.cbse.nic.in . There will neither be reduction in syllabus nor dilution in standard of examinations. The question papers designed by the Board will be used by the schools, The curriculum is being re-organised but not diluted. Grading system is certainly more sound.

Question: Dear Sir, India is known for its tough but quality education. The recently introduced changes are likely to drastically lower the standard of education in India. Is it not a retrogradive step?

Answer by CBSE: The curriculum at Secondary stage has been re-organised but certainly not diluted. The pattern and standard of question papers will be decided by the Board. How will then the standard of education be lowered? Please remember that the role and functions of a school are distinctly different from a coaching centre. It is a step taken after lot of country-wide consultations and the new scheme focuses on holistic development of the learner.

Question: Being a parent, I have many apprehensions. Will the marking of answer sheets at school level not be subjective? Will the grading system not be demotivating for academically brilliant students? Should not the Board have obtained mandate from parents and students before introducing the Scheme?

Answer by CBSE: The new scheme has been introduced after countrywide consultations and discussions and takes care of quality and standard of education. Don’t you think that purpose of school education is not only to award marks or grades but to develop a well groomed personality? This has been strongly recommended    by many educational experts in the past. In order to ensure objectivity in marking of answer sheets at school level, the board is also developing marking schemes and organize more training programmes for the teachers.
Question: The students getting 81 marks or 90mmarks will be warded same grade A2 How is it justified?

Answer by CBSE: Using grading system for assessment of students is educationally more sound than awarding numerical scores. Grading system takes care of imperfections in the tools and techniques used in the assessment presently.

Question: If  Board examinations are made optional, there will be no pressure on students due to external examinations. Will it not result in lowering of their academic achievements?

Answer by CBSE: There will still be examination based on Board’s syllabus. The pattern and standard of question paper will also be decided by the Board. This will take care of levels of learning. There are other better methods of motivating and inspiring students to achieve more than pressure due to Board examination.

Question: I am a class X student. The Board has introduced grading system from this year. Will it also be possible to know percentage marks of any student?

Answer by CBSE: No. The statement of performance of every student will show only grades.

Question: Will the Board be issuing any separate marks sheet to students appearing in March 2010 Class-X examination?

Answer by CBSE: The Board will be issuing statement of performance of a student in terms of grades. A separate Class-X qualifying certificate will also be issued as per the past practice.

Question: CBSE will be issuing only a statement of grades showing performance of  a student in Class X examination this year. I wish to admit my son in another CBSE school in Class-XI should I ask for the numerical scores from the Board for this purpose? Or should he have to take the optional examination?

Answer by CBSE: No,  the admission will be based on the grades obtained by the student. All students, including students from the, second school, will be having grades as indicators of performance.

Question: I am a Class X student. I want to know whether there will be any overall grading including all subjects? Should a student aspire to score a maximum of about 91 or 92 percent marks since this will correspond to the highest grade A1.

Answer by CBSE: No, there will be no overall grading. Remember, you should work  hard for maximum learning and not only to get more marks or higher grades. A  student getting 92 percent is not really  worse than the one getting 100 percent marks.

Question: For some entrance examinations, it is essential to indicate the marks obtained in Board examination as eligibility criterion. How will this be possible?

Answer by CBSE: Entrance examination eligibility criterion generally requires marks obtained in class-XII Board examination. However, if any such situation arises, the actual marks obtained in Class-X examination can also be obtained form the Board through a  separate request forwarded through  the Principal of the School. In years to come, the eligibility criteria may also get modified in terms of grades.

Question: Will the introduction of grading system not be demotivating for those students who aspire to compete of  AIEEE, IIT-JEE, AIPMT or other competitive examinations?

Answer by CBSE: Grading is being introduced at Class-X level and not at Class-XII level. Students aspiring for qualifying competitive examinations will have to prepare thoroughly right from lower classes and cannot afford to be casual at any stage.

Question: I am  a school psychologist. Is it fair to assess a child in areas like social skills and emotional skills for which there are hardly any inputs? Moreover, environmental factors play an important role in acquisition of these skills for which students cannot be held responsible.

Answer by CBSE: As psychologist you will understand and appreciate that development of desired social skills and emotional skills are very important in one’s life. Once it has been made a part of assessment scheme, schools will certainly provide conducive environment and specific learning experiences to help the students acquire these skills. Schools are also being told about the same.

Question: I understand that the academic year has been divided into two terms.  Will the topics covered in first term be included in the second term examination?

Answer by CBSE: No

Question: Sir, will the  March,2010 examination for Class-IX include the entire syllabus or part of it. Will the termwise syllabus be made available  to us in advance for Class-X of the academic session 2010-11 ?

Answer by CBSE: March, 2010 Class-IX examination will include only part of the syllabus. The related information is already available on CBSE website. Term-wise syllabus for Class-X for the next academic session has also been finalised  and will be made available to schools shortly.

Question: Sir, According to the circulars, there will be two Formative Assessments in every term. Our school has already conducted two unit tests alongwith assignments and practicals. Will the assessment of these tests have weightage under the new scheme?

Answer by CBSE: Yes, Please read circular number 42 and Teachers’ manual. The formative assessments will include unit tests, project work, assignments, practical work etc.

Question: My daughter is presently studying in Class-IX in a Senior Secondary School. Please let me know the assessment scheme to be followed in  Class-X next year. Can she appear for the public examination in Class-X for self-interest? How can she choose her subjects in Class XI?

Answer by CBSE: No, but she can take proficiency test if she wishes to assess herself externally. Class-X Assessment Scheme for her next year will be based on CCE Scheme which includes many facts of personality of the child without dilution in academic levels. Subjects in Class-XI can be chosen on the basis of CCE Card and aptitude test (if taken)

Question: Ours is a Senior Secondary School in Ghaziabad, U.P. Every year, some students shift to other schools in Delhi in order  to prepare better for competitive examinations. Can these students  appear in class-X Board Examination which will facilitate their admission in the other schools?

Answer by CBSE: No. All schools affiliated to CBSE will be honouring CCE Report Card issued by any other school for all purposes. Please remember that your admission in any other school will also depend on your actual academic brilliance than merely marks or grades. Other schools may also use aptitude test for admission purpose.

Question: I am a parent and also a psychologist and interact with students and parents regularly. How can the Board ensure objectively in assessment in non-scholastic areas, particularly in case of personal biasing and partiality on the part of some teachers.

Answer by CBSE: Assessment of students in co-scholastic areas will be done by a group of teachers and not by a single teacher. This will be taking care of your apprehensions. Moreover, parents can always approach the school Principal in case of any dissatisfaction.

Question: Sir, The Board is talking about reducing stress of Class X students of Senior Secondary schools by abolishing the Board examinations. What about the stress on Class-X students of Secondary Schools? Is it not mere discrimination?

Answer by CBSE: The Board has taken first step and will consider your observation and suggestion. There may be further modifications in the scheme in years to come.

Question: It is good to know that steps have been initiated by the Board to improve performance of weak students. But about bright students who aspire to excel in academics and get admission in best colleges or professional institutions? It is suggested that the Board may also indicate the total aggregate marks of a student in the grade card which will facilitate his/her admission in a college.

Answer by CBSE: It may be clearly understood that the grading system has been introduced only at secondary stage. Admission in colleges or professional institutions is done after senior Secondary stage where direct numerical scores are awarded.
The new scheme does not lead to dilution in academic attainments. The curriculum is simply being re-designed and the examination pattern and standard will be taken care of by the Board.

Question: Many teachers are involved in individual coaching and tuitions to their own students. How can the new scheme ensure that such teachers do not indulge in granting favours to such students?

Answer by CBSE: Marking of answersheets will be done following a given marking scheme. Formative Assessment will be based on two or three different tools and techniques. This should minimize possible favours. Moreover, the answersheets will be given back to the students who can always approach the Principal in case of any doubts. Assessment in co-scholastic areas will be done by a team of teachers instead of a single teacher.

Question: How can the Board ensure transparency in assessment of students in co-scholastic areas under the new scheme of CCE? Teachers, particularly those working in so called reputed or prestigious schools, will be pressurised to give higher grades, else they get different kinds of mental humiliation.

Answer by CBSE: You suggestion for transparency is well taken and Board will initiate steps in that direction. Assessment in co-scholastic areas will be done by a team of teachers instead of a single teacher. Parents also need to be sensitised about the relative merits of objective assessment of their wards in co-scholastic areas.

Question: Sir, as a parent I have many apprehensions about the newly introduced CCE scheme such as:
a) Are all the teachers in schools professionally equipped to assess the student in co-scholastic areas in an unbiased and non-judgmental manner?
b) Some schools change their teachers frequently. How can the parents trust the assessment in co-scholastic areas in such schools?
c) Too much time of school calendar is consumed in teaching different topics in the syllabus. The teachers resort to giving assignments and projects to be done by the students after school hours in a mechanical manner. No time is devoted to discussions, debates, quizzes or providing additional inputs to weak or bright students. Even projects and assignment are done by the parents with the help of internet. How can this anomaly be taken care of. Please clarify?

Answer by CBSE: Thank you for raising genuine concerns.
a) Efforts are on and will continue for organising desired teacher training programmes.
b) It is hoped that schools will understand the requirements of new scheme. Directions will also be issued to schools to minimise such a situation.
c) Many schools have been undertaking variety of desired activities successfully even before CCE scheme was introduced. They may have to re-design their schedule of activities to meet the requirements of CCE.  Teachers will certainly have to think hard to plan curriculum in such a way that sufficient time is set aside for active and integrated learning experiences. Teacher Training programmes will address some of these issues.

Question: I want to know the future of secondary schools. On what basis the students of these schools will get admission in other Boards? Will not the parents be little hesitant in putting their children in secondary schools?

Answer by CBSE: Why should there be any apprehension about the future of secondary schools? Accordingly to the present scheme, there will be routine Board examination for students studying in these schools. Marks obtained by students in Board Examination will be used for admission in any other school. Besides, all schools will be honouring CCE cards. Even the other state Board’s of Education are being pursued to issue necessary directions to schools in this regard. Your second apprehension does not appear to be true.

Question: Will CCE be implemented only in Classes IX and X? Or in other classes also.

Answer by CBSE: In all the classes upto Secondary Stage. The detailed guidelines for classes VI-VIII will be made available to all the schools shortly.

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165 thoughts on “Queries Related to CCE answered by CBSE Chairman”

  1. When should the CCE card for the present class IX students be handed over?.should it be handed over at the end of academic year?

  2. sir,
    i have a plea to make!
    i am a class 12 student.i have taken commerce
    the answer booklet provided by the board does not meet the accountancy students needs as we have to prepare huge accounts n datasheets which cannot be completed in the few lines of the board booklet……….this takes a lot of time n leads to poor performance of the student in the subject!
    moreover,it is not handy to write in the current form of booklet as it reduces speed in stays bulged to one side .
    please take care of these steps.

  3. sir, i got a re-test in mathematics this year 2009, i cleard the re-test.now , i dont have the report card in which i had my result as re-test .now , i want to get my final report card , shall i go to the CBSE office, preet-vihar ? waiting for a promt reply !

  4. I have heard that class 9 annual exams will be BEGIN by the first week of February.Is this true?If yes then where from can i get the date scheme?

  5. to,cbse cummunity

    sir i am a student of 9th std i will be giving boards exams so if i will be failed in boards exam than can i come in same school after failing in boards exams.sir if the boards portion is big and if we are enable to complete so sir plz try to tell 10 portion as soon as possible

    danish bhati

    (billimoria high school panchgani)

  6. sir iam a 9th standard student .we heared lately that we too have board examinations.please,we would like to know the portion for the final exam of 9th standard 2010

  7. respected Sir I’m a student of class 9th and I wanted to know that if I leave one of wriiten paper in FA3 what will be the consequences or would I fail just because of this. please answer this is very important

  8. i personally feel that 10th bord xams is better bcoz in 9th itself we ppl hav question paper comin from board and the syllabus is so damn big but anyway …… all the best 4 ppl who r in 9th

  9. sir i was passed in class 9th.i wanted to take admission in other school in 10th.but there i repeat class 9th.if i will failed in class 9th.can i promote 10th in last t.c.

  10. I opted for maths ,physics, chem for 12th cbse exam &hence did not study biology in 11th &12th std. presently i am doing B.TECH in electrical engineering.I wish to study for medical degree (MBBS) after btech.Can I appear for CPMT?How can i fulfil the requirement of biology in 12th std?

  11. sir, my sister is giving cbse 10th(board) examination in nagpur(maharashtra)
    class10th onward she wants to opt for state board 11th n 12th.kindly let us know us that cbse having grading system n state board having marking system for getting marks in cbse 10th board this year.kindly tell us the procedure to do this..

  12. I know that for this year’s 9th annual exam question papers are supplied by cbse. But they havent given any specific dates for exams and so schools are conducting exams according to their convenience. In some schools in Kochi, Kerala, examinations are already over while in some others they have only started. Even though cbse has prepared & distributed about 8 different papers in each subject, some schools in the city got the same question papers. In short so many lucky students got their board exam paper days before the exam. But what about the unlucky ones? Since it is a board exam the scores will be there in the mark sheet that the students get after class 10. The unlucky students and their parents are quite worried about the event. It is a big mistake on the part of the board. If the question papers are given by the board, date and time of the exams also should be given by the board.

  13. sir

    in our school we are not getting full marks in hindi . i maen to say that the board instructed the schools to give 80 marks max. in hindi and english but our sch is giving 76 max

    so sir what should we do in this regard . please help us in the regard

  14. sir

    the board have instructed to give 80 maks max. in all sub. but our school is giving 76 marks max. in hindi and english . please help us in the regard

  15. sir, i am in 9th standard now in kendriya vidyalaya , i am confused to decide to take hindi or sanskrit in my subject list , i am good in both subject , please guide me which will be more benefited to score in 10th final exam.

  16. Dear sir,

    I am a parent of a student studying in IX Std CBSE, now stands promoted to X Std. My family proposes to permanently shift to a distance locality but in the same district (Kottayam-Kerala). I want to leave him in the same school, but there is no hostel facility. So I want a guide line from CBSE, whether I can shift my son another CBSE School in the same locality where there is hostel facility

    Kindly let me know the feasibility and procedure to be adopted.

    Thank you,


    Thank you,


  17. sir pl look into the fact that the latest MCQ style of the english communicative paper does not leave room for copying. children are simply indicating the answers through gestures using fingers like index finger for option a, midle finger for option b and so on

  18. sir will formative assesment be there after taking board can i continue my study in the same school after taking board in 10th

  19. sir will formative assesment be there after taking board can i continue my study in the same school after taking board in tenth .

  20. i am not satisfied with my std 12 cbse board 2010 biology marks and i want to apply for verification. is there any room for increase in marks

  21. Sir,

    I have transferred my daughter STD IX, in Kottayam to Trivandrum, both in kerala. Now the school at Trivandrum is insisting that the TC must be endorsed by CBSE. Is it so ?, What should I do to get it endorsed ?.

    Please help me.

  22. what is improvement in all subject(whole examination) as a regular candidate. does the syudent gets the same mark sheet and passing certificate.

  23. i have scored high in CBSE class 12 board exam(92%) but my AIEEE paper was very very very very worst.Will the marks of CBSE board exam will be taken into consideration at the time of counselling?I too got selection in IIT-JEE but my rank was not good so i dropped IIT.

  24. Dear Sir,
    I am a ninth grader.My acadamics and personal qualities
    are very good according to my teachers.I am good in literary and scientific skills but not good in SPORTS.
    Will my grade A+ go down to A.Or how is this disquality
    going to affect my grades or marks?

  25. sir
    i am a class 10th student and i want to know if i want to change my school after taking cce in class 10th.What is the procedure.

    thank you.

  26. What is improvement exam of class 12 CBSE. I got less than 50% in PCM in class 12. So I am not eligibile to get admission to engineering College of Mumbai university or Delhi university. Now I am going to appear for improvement exam in 2 subjects i.e. Maths and Chemistry next year. After the improvement examination if My PCM percentage goes Above 60% (with new marks of Maths and Chemistry) Whether I will be eligible to get admission to Engineering college of mimbai university or Delhi University of not next year.

  27. What is improvement exam of class 12 CBSE. I got less than 50% in PCM in class 12. So I am not eligibile to get admission to engineering College of Mumbai university or Delhi university. Now I am going to appear for improvement exam in 2 subjects i.e. Maths and Chemistry next year. After the improvement examination if My PCM percentage goes Above 60% (with new marks of Maths and Chemistry) Whether I will be eligible to get admission to Engineering college of mimbai university or Delhi University or not next year.

  28. SIR,


  30. Sir,
    Since the parents had to decide whether they want to put their ward in the CBSE or state board, and they have to finlise by 22.9.10. If we want them to be in CBSE and continue in the same school-they are suppose to take the scchool based exam? yes/no
    If we want to change to any other cbse school-which exam to take?
    Incase if we want to opt for the state board (tamilnadu) what is the otion?
    Moreover in most of the schools they gave only either science or commerce with maths/comp sci optional no other subjects like human science history/geography etc.,
    and during the admission to the engg college i heard that there is a prference will be given to state board and moreover since the syllabus is easy it is easier for state board students to score marks. why this is happening?

  31. 1).Board conducted SA 2 for those which to move out of the c.b.s.e system after class ix,the examination shall be as par path practice,Plz explain the details.

    2).Plz let me how the candidates passing conducted sa 2 examination will be allowed to take admission c.b.s.e.

  32. Sir,
    I am a twelfth class student, Megha from Delhi. My maid want to give tenth board exam and is asking for help, I am ready to teach her but there are problems she is studying in hindi medium and I don’t know if she can give exams in renewed pattern without attending schools.
    Please I want to help. Please do tell me where can I get her books and how should she apply, I assure that I’ll do my best to teach her well enough that she will secure good marks. I myself got distinction in all subjects in 10th board. Looking forward for your kind help.

  33. Sir, I am in 10th class , there are chances of my father’s transfer and I want to give Board Exams conducted by the CBSE but my entry form is sended to CBSE because at time that I don’t know much about the rules. Sir, Pls. give me the suggestions such that I can give Board Exams.

  34. Dear Sir
    I am a student of grade 10 ,CBSE syllabus.
    my school is following CCE pattern but i have decided to take board exam for my SA2 and the papper s out of 80.
    can u pls tell me how the marks are distributed ?

  35. Sir, i am a student of class 9th… and i am studying in KV this time… I want to opt for board exams in 10th….and though i want to change my school in 11th (in other pvt. school) and in the same board ie. CBSE… Will I’ll be able to get the admission? I want to change school because i want to opt for Medical in 11th and after taking admission in other school…i’ll be able to give time to my studies.. Please tell ma the whole procedure…. I really want to change school and that too from CBSE to CBSE…

    Kindly tell…

  36. Sir,

    I’m a student of class 9th in CBSE board and want to change my school after this class due to some reasons.
    Is it possible to change the school in 10th in CBSE board? Also, I heard the Teacher(s) saying that the result of 9th and 10th is going to be in the same report card. Is it True?

    P.S. I will do 10th from the CBSE board itself, if i changed the school.

    Thank you

  37. sir,

    i want to know the criteria of gettin PCM in class Xi. What will be the least grade for gettin science stream. if i get A2 in maths science and english will i get science stream.

  38. sir i am in 10th n i want to give cbse boards then do i have to leave the existing board n shift to another board??????????

  39. sir i am a class 10th student and i am studying in a cbse school..i have opted for board examination this year..so if i go for boards do i have to change my cbse board or i can continue my existing board??
    plzzz give me details about this as soon as posible.

  40. sir, my friend is studying in XTH class in an ICSE affiliated school. his results will come only in May 2011.
    How can he take admission in CBSE affiliated school for 11th class;moreover ISCE provides mark list with the percentage and CBSE provides grades?

  41. if we give exam in cce then can we take admission in any school of delhi or in india. and , can we take admission in othor board or competetive exam like iit,iti

    i,m appearing for board exam from cbse.should i have to leave the cbse curriculum after class 10.

  43. Respected Sir..

    Kindly let me know when the school is going to receive the question paper for the SGAI , 22/01/2011? Are we not able to get any sample question paper on this test from the board? Will you please let us know more of details about this such as conducting the test, correction of papers, the result of it etc..?
    Thank You..

  44. sir can u pls tell me if we want to change our school in class 11th and following cce in 10th can we do it ??  

  45. Sir, my son is studying in class V this year. But he is having 11 years & months of age. When he was in UKG, I had requested to the school authority to withheld him one more year in the same class to improve his learning ability. But now I realize that it was a great mistake from his parents. because whenever and wherever he enter in an entrance test or selection test, he always one year back in class level but having age.
    Sir is there any provision to promote him to class VII instead of class VI in the next school year at the same school? He is maintaining above 87% of marks in his examinations.

  46. i have passes 12th class last year(2010) with physics,chemistry,computer science,english and hindi….i have a marksheet with my my result declared PASS…

    this year(2011) i have appeared for “only maths exam” as an additional subject….
    if i get failed will it effect my previous marksheet which is declared PASS…

    can i still get admission with my marksheet of previous year in arts colleges???

  47. sir i like this system and i think i performed well in the board exams but the thing is that i have scored very less marks for sa1.so eventhough i performed well its tough for me to get good marks

  48. sir i like this system and i think i performed well in the board exams but the thing is that i have scored very less marks for sa1.so eventhough i performed well its tough for me to get good marks.what to do?????

    can i please know the dates likely on which the class 10 2011 school based examination results will be out….how will be give in school or online …..and will marks be given or grades…..

  50. Sir, Please tell me that if I am appearing for Board conducted examination in class X, then can I continue in the CBSE in class XI?

  51. dear sir
                 my student give annual exams but he was fail in SST his marks was 31 
    for pass he got 33 marks can the board give 3 marks or not

  52. Sir,
       Very nice of ur answers towards the quieres. 
    I’m parent of a  7th std student who is studying in a state board school in andhra pradesh, is it possible for me to shift him now to a cbse school in any other state. if so pls tell me the process. and can the child sustain with the syllabus.

  53. Sir, 
    According to the new CCE curriculum, we can continue XI class without writing X board exams. Can we continue XI in the same school after writing X board exams? 

  54. sir, i have given exams of 10th and i want to change my school to another state’s cbse affiliated school but i dont have a migration certificate so should i get migration cirtificate or i will be granted admission in another state’s cbse affiliated school only by my marksheet?

  55. sir/mam
     can we see our answer sheets after attempting any examination and after getting our results  for our satisfaction?

  56. sir , i wanted to ask that on what basis will the streams for class XI be decided?  As in what all things will be considered and counted for the allotment of the streams..??

  57. sir, i have given school conducted exams of 10th and i want to change my school to state board school.so will i get admission in that school if i wrote school conducted exam

  58. sir, i have given school conducted exams of 10th and i want to change my school to state board school.so will i get admission in that school if i wrote school conducted exam..plz reply me soon..:(


  60. sir/ma’am

    i have cleared class XI now i want to take admission some other school of same town can i change my school

    plz tell me about this in my email

  61. dear sir,
    I have many confussion i hope you will be short out this,.
    One of them is that ,will be there any problem in future if i had given exam of tenth class from school-based not from board..,,plz help me..
    Thank you

  62. sir, on the date of 16 of this month it is fixed that result of class 10 of cbse will declare

  63. sir,
    will cce pattern continue in class 11th and 12th.
    and will their be bord exams for class 12th in 2013…

  64. Sir,
    we are going 2 get grades in our 10th result , could u pls tell me how do we come 2 know our actual percentage , bcoz it will be needed 4 admission in other colleges

  65. on what basis will be the subject given to the students ?
    is it such that if the student score better marks in proficiency test but achives less in home exams result than also he would be provided with the subject in 
    which we have scored better in proficiency test?

  66. If a candidate appearing in class-X Board Examination this year  fails then will he be given a chance for supplymentry?

  67. hlo sir / mam

    pls tell me ………….
    Will 11th class 2011 also be CCE based ??????????????????

  68. Sir,
    I want to know whether the marks of class 9th will be added or taken into consideration in our 10th class cce report card or not.
    Thanking you(in advance)

  69. sir/mam
    i m in a trouble about a very important step in life.
    actually i hv passed my 12th class with maths this year bt i want to go in
    medicle line so can i will fill an additional subject form for bio???
    Sir/mam frm where can i receive the forms?????
    Will i be alligible for filling cpmt and pmt forms after that ????
    please reply 2 my id as soon as possible…
    because i hv 2 go 4 coaching…….
    waiting 4 your reply sir …..
    i would be very helpful to u if u will help me in this ugly middle position….

  70. sir/mam
    i m in a trouble about a very important step in life.
    actually i hv passed my 12th class with maths this year bt i want to go in
    medicle line so can i will fill an additional subject form for bio???
    Sir/mam frm where can i receive the forms?????
    Will i be alligible for filling cpmt and pmt forms after that ????
    please reply 2 my id as soon as possible…
    because i hv 2 go 4 coaching…….
    waiting 4 your reply sir …..
    i would be very helpful to u if u will help me in this ugly middle position….

  71. SIR,i had given my 10 cbse board exam in pune,maharashtra and i m opting for 11 cbse college in kota,rajasthan.i hav to submit a migration certificate and school TC with a countersign from regional office as told to me by the skool in kota.but the prob is that d reg. office is in chennai and some1 has 2 go 2 chennai 2 get that sign.is there any other method to get it? and my principal sir said that u can get it from education off. In pune,is it possible? ples help.

  72. sir i want to know that will cbse introduce cce pattern in 11th or not?our studies are effecting badly no one is ready to give board exams because from 9th onwards we had been in a habit to attend cce pattern,pls reply soon to my quiery.

  73. What to do if a teacher does the partiality under CCE system.I come first in my class but generally teachers are irritated with me as i ask extreme questions.So, what if my teacher cut my behavorial grade points.SUGGEST

  74. Sir , i have 6 subject in 12th class

    English , economics , bussiness studies , accounts , maths and additional subject as physical education . So when I calculate my percentage which of the 5 subjects i add ..

    plz reply soon..

  75. sir,i beg to state that some teachers are coaching students privately in k.V.NO.1Kanchrapara W.B.They are forcing students to study at their coaching.They are threatening students of dire consequences if they don’t go the teachers.Sir its my humble request to you to solve this problem at the earliest because the future of students is in the dark.

  76. Sir, i beg to state that the CCE system is not proving beneficial for anybody.Students are not studying seriously as they are taking the marks for granted,thanks to the MCQ pattern of questions,especially in Hindi.They bank on the MCQs to pass.So they are not getting enough depth and detailed knowledge of the subject.Sir,kindly reduce the number of MCQs in Hindi as it has been done in English.I think it shall benefit the students much more.

  77. Sir,
    I am student of class 9.I have got 61 marks out of 90 in maths,which is very less in my opinion .I want to give the retest of this subject.Is this possible?If yes please tell me the procedure …….
    Kendriya Vidyalaya

  78. sir, i am astudent of class 10, and i have chosen board based sa-2, so tell me is it compulsary for me to change my board in class 11 if i have opted cbse board based exams?

  79. sir i am class 10 student 60./. marks are given by the school itself according to new cce.if teachers are purposly reducing marks for some students and knowingly increasing marks for some other students by partiality.then it would affect the overall percentage.WHAT ARE STEPS TAKEN BY THE BOARD
    FOR SUCH A PARTIALITY? Other wise it would surely spoil the academic perfomance of a bright student. pleaseeeeeeeeeeee reply as soon as posssssssssssible…

  80. i have taken cce exam but now i wish to give board exam .is it possible?
    if not can i change my board aftergiving this cce exam.i score more than 90%.
    i wish to study arts & our school does not offers that,so it is essential for me to change the board.what is the procedure?

  81. Sir,
    In class X in FA’s and in SA’s in mathematics’s question paper…….can questions can come from guides…….??

  82. dear sir,
    i just want to know that is it mandatory for a student to pass seperately in all FA 1, FA2, FA3, FA4, SA1 and SA2. i just want to know that if a candidate is getting 33% marks in only Formative Assessment, then is it necessary to get 33% in summative also?
    waiting for reply


  83. sir,
    many schools are giving internal marks very freely while other schools are very strict in giving internal marks. dis is creating a difference between students as a good student is unable to get good marks as compared to weak student. sir i request you not to bring cce in class xii otherwise you will scrap class xii as well as the future of some good students.

  84. sir,
    i have just got my class 12 results and want to query about the grading system.. I have scored 75 in english but my grade is C1.
    waiting for your reply 

  85. Dear sir,

    my result class 12th 2012 has out and i got compartment because i was fail in MATHS and at ADDITIONAL sub PHYSICAL so i want to know that can i give either of these two or it is compulsory to give maths compartment exam?

  86. what is the procedure if a student want to check his copy first and then write his compartmental exam of cbse class12th exam.

  87. sir/mam
    i want to that will cce be fallowed in class 11th and 12th from year 2012 

  88. hello sir/madam i want to know that teachers under CBSE board give their own tutions in the home or not…..and the students that taking the tutions are from their respective school…….

  89. Hello Sir/ Madam,
    My child took admission in Nursery Class this is first school for him.
    School is Demanding original Birth certificate for school record.
    Is there any Norms/ Rule from CBSE for depositing Original Birth certificate ?

    Sir Birth certificate is required in every place where Date of Birth requires in that case there will be problem for me
    So please give me solution of this problem.

  90. Will every student of Class x who wrote SA2 get the migration certificate or only the students who wrote the CBSE Board exam?

  91. I am a tenth class student. I came to know that there is a scholarship given to those students who score 10 CGPA in tenth but i am confused that will it also be given to those students who score Upgraded 10 CGPA

  92. Sir, my daughter is the student of class 10 under West bengal board of secondary education. I want to shift her from West bengal board to cbse board. If I admit her in a non affiliated cbse private school what problem will arise in future? This matter is very urgent because the result of board exam will publish with in one or two days.

  93. I am the class 10th student of CBSE at a private school.
    I know that our exam sheet will examine by our class teacher and other teacher according the subjects.

    in my notice there are some teacher given the extra no to there favorite student by taking some gifts or any other else.

    all power is only in the hand of that teacher to give extra grade or extra mark.then where is the transparency? teacher can do every thing what they want of any student, then how can board decide the authenticity or any favoritism.
    is there any tool or any system to stop this.

    other wise the deserving student will be cheated

  94. I got Grade B in thinking skill, sports, yoga, creativity and I’m a good performer in all this field then how I got grade B it’s reunied my result plus demotivated me…. What should I do in this case??

  95. Hi,

    I am currently in tenth standard and scored 9 cgpa in ninth class. I have been nominated as India’s youngest food consultant and cooking is my passion. I want to pursue a career in the food industry , maybe as a food technologist , food scientist , food critic , chef , or the likes. I am confused as to which subject should i take in eleventh ( PCB or PCMB ) ???

  96. Hello sir,
    I am Manoj presently transferred from Gujrat to Kerala. My son is in 7th standard and here third language is Malayalam. When he will be in 10th standard, the Malayalam will Compulsory, it’s marks will count in merit? Can he give sankrit as external students in xth?

  97. Sir please inform me what would happen if a student of class 12 science having physics chemistry biology physical education and mathematics fail in one subject. Kindly reply fast.

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