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Format of Class 10 Grade Sheet

CBSE has issued a sample format of Grade Sheet to be issued to class 10 students this year. This is statement of subject wise performance for the students who have given their class 10 board exam in March 2010. This is an informative move by CBSE to get you ready for the latest update. We have posted multiple article on CGPA, Grading system. You can see the same for better understanding.

This circular ends the old marking system and replaced by newly formed Grading system. This system comes with so much debate and question marks. We have tried to provide you the full information about grading system. The sample model released by CBSE is described and researched as well to keep your information book updated.

Grade Sheet

What changes applied in Grade Sheet?

This Grade Sheet clears that marks will not be displayed in this performance sheet. There will be only grades. Students will be awarded grade points for each subject and they will get a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) for all 5 subjects. The new scheme brings a good news for students as it will reduce some pressure and allows you to perform better in other subjects as well with inclusion of subjective and formative assessment. With more practical and projects, CBSE has been trying to induce overall advancement in students.


Individual grades and grade points will be given for each subject. Students will also get overall grade point for five subjects. This overall grade point is called CGPA (cumulative grade point average) and it can be used to calculate estimated overall percentage of marks obtained by the student.

Students can obtain subject wise indicative percentage of marks by multiplying GP of the subject with 9.5. Overall indicative percentage of marks can be obtained by multiplying CGPA with 9.5.

The whole calculation procedure of CGPA and Percentage is provided in the above mention article. Kindly inform us if you face any difficulty while understanding the facts and formulas.


You can get the format from HERE



  • There should be a grade for indicating centum in a subject in the grade sheet. Scoring a centum is achieved only by a handful of students and so if a student achieves that he/she should be given credit for that and the same should be displayed in the grade sheet. A grade like “H” can be introduced from the next year. This will motivate the students.

  • I am currently studying in class 10th of academic session 2011-12. Kindly reply me on my mail, whether the grades of class 9th will affect my class 10th grade sheet or not, in case I am opting for board examination.

  • Will the grades of 9th will affect the grade of 10 in case of opting for board examination. Please send reply on my mail

  • I Have given my 10th exam and I want to know that if I have performed A1 in 10th so my grade will be A1 or grade of 9th class that is A2 will be added in it and if added what will be my grade then a1 or a2

  • friens plz help me …i m currently in class 10th and have got 86% in sa1 xamination …is it possible for me to score a1 grade in overall marksheet..???

  • Sir i got only 7.8 cgpa in sa 1 and is it possible for me to get above cgpa 8.6 and if so in which all subjects should score A1

  • sir i had scored a1 in all subjects in sa1,fa1,fa2 and fa3 but as in fa4 the grades of psa are including and i got c1 in that last year. is there still any chance to get 10 cgpa for me. pis send the answer to my e-mail

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