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FAQ for CBSE Board Exams

Frequently asked questions by students preparing for CBSE Board exams

Q.1. I am studying from NCERT books and I have completed latest CBSE Sample Papers. Will I be able to score good marks ( say 80% or more ) ?
Ans. Marks scored by any student depend upon their preparation and performance during examination. The students are adviced to remain focussed and do their best.

Q.2. How many sets are there for a particular question paper ? Can questions in one sets may be easier than the other set ?
Ans. There are three sets of question papers. The questions in all the three sets are designed in such a manner that the level of difficulty is same in all question papers.

Q.3. Will the pattern of examination be different this year for Class X and XII ?
Ans. CBSE issues Sample Question Papers each year. These sample papers are designed to give a general overview of that years paper design and weightages.CBSE also issues marking schemes for the question paper. It is recommended to solve the sample papers issued by CBSE and have the marking scheme.

Q.4.Is there step marking in Mathematics paper ?
Ans. Yes, there is step marking in Mathematics papers. If you have missed steps, marks will be deducted. The marking scheme will help students to know about the weightage and steps.Go through the marking scheme and practice solving mathematics problems in a stepwise manner.

Q.5. Which pen should be used for writing answers in Board exams? Can I use a black pen ?
Ans. Blue or royal blue pen should be used for writing answers. While writing answers, students should write in a neat and legible manner.To much cutting and bad handwriting will have bad impression on the teacher and this will effect the marks also.

Q.6. How can I get good marks in Mathematics ?
Ans. Mathematics is a subject which requires written practice. Reading maths book as if it is history book, will not help. Practice, practice and practice. Solve as many problems as you can. Revise the entire syllabus. Go through the NCERT books, try to solve each problem given in the book, even the solved examples.Practice Sample question papers.

Q.7. What are the points which a teacher looks for when marking the answers? What is the best way to write an answer?
Ans. In CBSE, there is stepwise marking for each answer. Answer is divided into steps and marks are given according to the weightage assigned for each step.It is recommended to go through the marking scheme issued by CBSE.

Q.8.Is it necessary to write answers in a serial order?
Ans. It is not necessary to write answers in a serial order and no marks are cut for that.But, it is advised that the serial order should be followed as far as possible. Again, it is not compulsory. If you are not able to answer any question, leave that and try to answer the next question.

Q.9.Will there be negative marking for exceeding word limit ?
Ans. There is no negative marking for exceeding the word limit.But, it is advised to follow the word limit. Without following the word limit, it will become difficult for students to complete the paper within the alloted time.

Q.10.What type of questions are asked in the papers like physics, chemistry, biology, economics, history, social science, economics, english, hindi etc. ?
Ans. The students can get an idea of the pattern of question paper and type of questions asked by going through the sample papers issued by CBSE. The marking scheme will help students to understand how they should write answers to get maximum marks.

Q.11. Is it compulsory to pass in theory and practical exams seperately ?
Ans. Yes, it is compulsory to pass theory and practical exams seperatly in subjects which have both theory and practical exams in Class XII.

Q.12. While prepairing for CBSE Board exams, which books should be followed? There are a lot of question banks and refreshers available in the market?
Ans. It is recommended to students that they should follow the NCERT books for CBSE Board exams. NCERT books cover the entire syllabus, these books are prepared by panel of expert teachers. A lot of research is done before prepairing these books and no other books available in the market are upto the standards of NCERT books.

Q. 13. I failed in the compartment examination in July-August.Would I have to re-appear in all subjects again?
Ans. There are three chances give to students to clear the compartment examination.First exam in July-August followed by second chance in March-April and third chance in July-August.If the student is unable to clear the compartment exam in these three chances, he will have to appear in all subjects again.

Q.14. If a students fails in the pre Board examination conducted by school, can he/she be detained from appearing in Board exams?
Ans. The student cannot be detained from appearing in Board exams if he.she is otherwise eligible. Failing in pre board exams cannot be used as a reason for detaining a student from appearing in Board exams.

Q.15. Which students can appear for Board examination as private candidate?
Ans. A student can appear as private candidate only under these conditions: 1. Failed Candidates 2. Teachers serving in educational institutes 3. Woman candidates who are bonafide residents of NCT of Delhi and 4. Physically handicapped students

Q.16. How can I get my answer sheets re-evaluated ?
Ans. There is no provision of re-evaluation of answer scripts in CBSE Board exams.There is the provision of scrutiny of re-checking in a particular subject or all subjects. Application for that should be made within 21 days for the main examination and 15 days for compartment examination from the date of declaration of result. Application along with the required fee should be sent to respective regional office only.

Q.17. Will there be a new pass certificate issued after I pass my improvement exam ?
Ans. No pass cetificate is issued in the case of improvement exam. The Board issues only a statement of marks indicating the student’s performance.

Disclaimer : Please go through the guidelines published by CBSE for a particular year. There may be some changes in the pattern of examination and some of the information given above may become redundant.


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  • I got compartment in maths 12 exam 2009. Plz tell me that what is new date of comp.exam of maths for class 12. Also tell me is the procedure for appearing in compartment exam.

  • I got compartment in maths 12 exam 2009. Plz tell me that what is new date of comp.exam of maths for class 12. Also tell me is the procedure for appearing in compartment exam


  • Iam preparing for cbse boardexam 2010.At present Iam scoring between90-95% as a whole.If I study from my ncert text books and refer sample papers, WILL I BE ABLE TO SCORE ABOVE95%?



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  • can i have the information whether my school vivekanada academy, (reg. no. 2430071) has done our board exam(class x,2010) registration? because few days ago i had heard that they have faced some problems, even we haven’t got our admit till now. kindly send me the information. my

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  • Itis said that giving Board exam for class X cbse is optional. In which case we should appear for Board exam? What will be the difference of giving or not giving the Board exam? Is it necessary to give Board exam if we want to change the school after class X i.e., for CBSE class XI.

  • If a student clear all exam of cbse and declared pass by cbse board but he/she get less mark,can he/she make an improvement in 4or3 main subjects with compartment students with in that year?

  • after passing compartment exam in i eligible for engineering …..i mean no problem i will face in my future ?????

  • I gave class 12 exam with six subjects in year 2005, and failed in one main subject chemistry
    and then later passed as a private candidate in year 2006.
    now the problem is that what would i mention in my CV as in which year i have passed class 12th and what marks to mention in CV

  • i m anjuri of class 10th i want to know that if there is no +2 in my school then the syllabus of board will be according to cce or the whole book will come .

  • i m satyam of class 10th i want to know that if there is no +2 in my school then the syllabus of board will be according to cce or the whole book will come .

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  • I want to know that our teacher has given a list to complete the required information…
    we have got like:- height
    blood group,etc.
    we have also got vision {left eye} {right eye}. what we have to do with it. we have to do the X-Ray of it or something else. plz tell me

  • i want to give improvement in year 2012 . can i give it in only one subject .
    and also how is the procedure to give improvement .

    attending school is also neccesary….

  • sir,
    i have comp. science as first optinal subject nd physical as 2nd in 12th…… if i got failed in comp. then i have to give compartment paper or physical edu. marks will be consider..????

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    i am going to fail in mathematics of 10th board does i have to give compartment exam

  • waht happen if i write wrong question paper set no in my answer copy in cbse board exam pls answer

  • i think i may fail in physics . but i’m 100 % sure that i’ll pass other five subjects i.e. english, chemistry , maths, biology and physical education with or more than 80 %marks.

    So, in this case shall i be considered pass or fail or i have to give compartment?? Please reply…

  • I forget to write my set no. and code no. In my answer sheet.
    my exam would be cancelled or not?
    Please tell me

  • Do CBSE give marks for attending the question even the answer is wrong or somehow some part is right….

  • yes there is a very very very very very very very very huuuuuuuuuuuge problem as teacher would not be able to understand your handwritting

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