CBSE Sample Papers Class 12 Mathematics 2019

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Sample Papers of Maths Class 12 – Free PDF Download

CBSE Sample Papers Class 12 Mathematics 2019 The new marking scheme and blueprint for class 12 have been released by CBSE. We are providing Mathematics sample papers for class 12 CBSE board exams. Sample Papers are available for free download in myCBSEguide app and website in PDF format. CBSE Sample Papers Class 12 Mathematics With Solutions of 10+2 Mathematics are made available by CBSE board exams are over. CBSE marking scheme and blue print is provided along with the Sample Papers. This helps students find answer the most frequently asked question, How to prepare for CBSE board exams. CBSE Sample Papers of class 12 Mathematics for 2018 Download the app today to get the latest and up-to-date study material. CBSE sample paper for class 12 Mathematics with questions and answers (solution).

Sample Papers of Class 12 Maths 2019 with solution

Download as PDF

CBSE Sample Papers Class 12 Mathematics 2019

Time: 3 Hours
M. Marks: 100

General Instructions:

  • All questions are compulsory. There are 29 questions in all.
  • This question paper has four sections: Section A, Section B, Section C, and Section D.
  • Section A contains four questions of one mark each, Section B contains eight questions of two marks each, Section C contains ten questions of four marks each, and Section D contains six questions of six marks each.
  • There is no overall choice. However, internal choices have been provided in one question of one mark, three questions of two marks, three questions of four marks and three questions of six marks weightage. You have to attempt only one of the choices in such questions.

Section A

  1. If A and B are invertible matrices of order 3, |A| = 2 and CBSE Sample Papers Class 12 Mathematics. Find |B|.
  2. Differentiate sin2 (x2) w.r.t.x2.
  3. Write the order of the differential equation:
    CBSE Sample Papers Class 12 Mathematics
  4. Find the acute angle which hte line with direction cosines CBSE Sample Papers Class 12 Mathematics n makes with positive direction of z-axis.


    Find the direction cosines of the line: CBSE Sample Papers Class 12 Mathematics

Section B

  1. Let A = Z × Z and * be a binary operation on A defined by
    (a, b)*(c, d) (ad bc, bd).
    Find the identity element for * in the set A.
  2. If CBSE Sample Papers Class 12 Mathematics and CBSE Sample Papers Class 12 Mathematics find k so that A2 = 5A + kI.
  3. Find: CBSE Sample Papers Class 12 Mathematics
  4. Find: CBSE Sample Papers Class 12 Mathematics


    Find: CBSE Sample Papers Class 12 Mathematics

  5. Form the differential equation of all circles which touch the x-axis at the origin.
  6. Find the area of the parallelogram whose diagonals are represented by the vectors  and 


    Find the angle between the vectors

  7. If A and B are two independent events, prove that A’ and B are also independent.
  8. 12. One bag contains 3 red and 5 black balls. Another bag contains 6 red and 4 black balls. A ball is transferred from first bag to the second bag and then a ball is drawn from the second bag. Find the probability that the ball drawn is red.


    If P(A) = 0.6, P(B) = 0.5 and P(A|B) = 0.3, then find CBSE Sample Papers Class 12 Mathematics.

Section C

  1. Prove that the function f:[0, )  R given by f(x) = 9×2 + 6x – 5 is not invertible. Modify the codomain of the function f to make it invertible, and hence find f–1.


    Check whether the relation R in the set R of real numbers, defined by
    R = {(a, b) : 1 + ab > 0}, is reflexive, symmetric or transitive.

  2. Find the value of: CBSE Sample Papers Class 12 Mathematics.
  3. Using properties of determinants, prove that:
    CBSE Sample Papers Class 12 Mathematics
  4. If y = xsinx + sin(xx), find 


    If y = log(1 + 2t2 + t4), x = tan-1t, find 

  5. If y = cos(m cos-1x)
    Show that: 
  6. Find the equations of the normal to the curve y = 4x3 – 3x + 5 which are perpendicular to the line 9x – y + 5 = 0.
  7. Find: 
  8. Evaluate: 
  9. Find the particular solution of the following differential equation.
    cos y dx+(1 + 2e-x)siny dy = 0; y (0) 


    Find the general solution of the differential equation:

  10. If  and  , find a vector of magnitude  units perpendicular to the vector  and coplanar with vectors  and .
  11. Find the vector equation of the line joining (1, 2, 3) and (–3, 4, 3) and show that it is perpendicular to the z-axis.

Section D

  1. If  find A-1,
    Hence, solve the system of equations:
    3x + 3y + 2z = 1
    x + 2y = 4
    2x – 3y – z = 5


    Find the inverse of the following matrix using elementary transformations.

  2. A cuboidal shaped godown with square base is to be constructed. Three times as much cost per square meter is incurred for constructing the roof as compared to the walls. Find the dimensions of the godown if it is to enclose a given volume and minimize the cost of constructing the roof and the walls.
  3. Find the area bounded by the curves  2y + 3 = x and x – axis.


    Find the area of the region.

  4. Find the equation of the plane through the line  and parallel to the line . Hence, find the shortest distance between the lines.


    Show that the line of intersection of the planes x + 2y + 3z = 8 and 2x + 3y + 4z = 11 is coplanar with the line . Also find the equation of the plane containing them.

  5. A manufacturer makes two types of toys A and B. Three machine are needed for this purpose and the time (in minutes) required for each toy on the machines is given below:
    Types of ToysMatchines

    The machines I, II and III are available for a maximum of 3 hours, 2 hours and 2 hours 30 minutes respectively. The profit on each toy of type A is Rs.50 and that of type B is Rs.60. Formulate the above problem as a L.P.P and solve it graphically to maximize profit.

  6. The members of a consulting firm rent cars from three rental agencies:
    50% from agency X, 30% from agency Y and 20% from agency Z. From past experience it is known that 9% of the cars from agency X need a service and
    tuning before renting, 12% of the cars from agency Y need a service and tuning before renting and 10% of the cars from agency Z need a service and tuning before renting. If the rental car delivered to the firm needs service and tuning, find the probability that agency Z is not to be blamed.

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Sample Papers for Class 12 2019

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