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Class 12 Physics Sample Papers, Revision Notes & MCQ Tests

You can download CBSE Class 12 Physics Sample Papers, Notes, MCQ Tests for board exams, JEE Main and NEET for free. We provide the latest model question papers and detailed revision note…

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CBSE Class 12 Physics

CBSE Class 12 Physics NCERT solutions, latest sample question papers and chapter-wise quick revision notes are available on the myCBSEguide App for free download. The student dashboard offers board exam question papers and their solutions absolutely free.

Class 12 Physics Sample Papers

We know that CBSE issues new model papers every year. These sample question papers are based on the latest revised syllabus of the session. These sample papers are exactly simile to the actual question paper. That's why students never miss these board exam question papers. CBSE provides the same model question papers for class 12 Physics too. Here are the links to access CBSE class 12 Physics sample papers for the current academic session. 

Physics Revision Notes

Class 12 Physics has many formulae and key points. No student can attempt a class 12 Physics question paper without understanding them properly. The quick revision notes for class 12 Physics are a blend of formulae and important concepts. We advise all the board examinees to go through these revision notes to score high in the class 12 Physics annual examination. 

CBSE Physics Question Bank

Learning concepts and watching videos is one thing and applying knowledge while writing answers in exams is another thing. Both are quite different aspects. Hence, it is a must to practice as many questions as possible. That's why we have an exclusive question bank for class 12 Physic students. it has questions from previous years' board exams, NCERT textbook and NCERT Exemplar book. These are the most important question from the board exam perspective. 

Physics Test Papers & Online Tests

We have not only full-length model papers but also chapter-level test papers and online MCQ tests. Students can practice them as soon as the chapter is completed. It will definitely minimize their exam stress and they will gradually get command over the subject chapter by chapter. 

  • CBSE Model Question Papers 2024 – New Sets

    This academic year was so great that CBSE released sample question papers on 31st March 2023 with the new curriculum for the session 2023-24. So, it was quite surprising because usually, CBSE issues sample papers in December. CBSE Model Question Papers 2024 Apart from CBSE sample papers, now you can …

  • CBSE Sample Paper Class 12 Physics 2024-25

    CBSE Class 12 Physics sample papers for the session 2024-25 are being updated on the myCBSEguide app. You can download class 12 physics Sample Papers for free here. All these Physics model papers for 2025 come with complete solutions and detailed explanations. Students can also download CBSE Sample Paper Class …

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    CBSE has issued Practice Papers for the class 10 and 12 board exams for the session 2022-23. These practice papers are different from the sample papers issued earlier. What are CBSE Practice Papers 2023? As you know CBSE issues one sample paper for each subject every year. All these model …

  • CBSE Class 12 Physics Syllabus 2022-23

    CBSE Class 12 Physics Syllabus 2022-23 includes Electric Charges and Fields, Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance, Current Electricity, Moving Charges and Magnetism, Electromagnetic Induction etc for the session 2022 – 2023. Here is the detailed syllabus. To download class 12 Physics CBSE latest sample question papers for the 2023 exams, please …

  • CBSE Term-2 Exams in Offline Mode

    CBSE is conducting term-2 exams in offline mode from April 26, 2022. CBSE will issue the detailed datasheet in the next few days. One thing that is absolutely clear is that CBSE board exams will be in offline mode only. Why Offline Mode The first term exams were conducted in …

  • Class 12 CBSE Test Series

    As we know CBSE is conducting MCQ based exam this year, we need more and more questions to practice. Here myCBSEguide Test Series helps you. We have started class 12 CBSE Test Series on all major subjects offered by CBSE. You can access it on the myCBSEguide App. Online Test …

  • CBSE All India Pre Board Exam 2021

    We at myCBSEguide are delighted to announce that we are conducting CBSE All India Pre Board Exam 2021 from October 23, 2021 to November 02, 2021. It is happening for the first time in the history of CBSE exams that any EdTch company is conducting a completely online Pre Board …

  • CBSE Term-1 MCQ Sample Papers 2021-22

    CBSE will ask only MCQs in Term-1 Examination this year. The board will hold this first term exam in Nov-Dec 2021. As CBSE has already cleared that 1st term exam will carry 90 minutes, now it’s time to start preparation. Students can download CBSE Term-1 MCQ Sample Papers from myCBSEguide …

  • CBSE to Conduct Two Term Exams in 2021-22

    CBSE has issued a circular on 5th July 2021 regarding the Special Scheme of Assessment for Board Examination Classes X and XII for the Session 2021-22. Here is the complete text of the circular. COVID 19 pandemic caused almost all CBSE schools to function in a virtual mode for the …

  • CBSE Syllabus 2021-22 Released

    The syllabus for the session 2021-22 has been released by CBSE, New Delhi. It is available on the myCBSEguide App and CBSE official Website for free download. Here are some important points to note: The syllabus is almost similar to last year without 30% reduction. There are some minor changes …

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