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CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Sample Papers, Revision Notes, Question Bank

CBSE class 12 Computer Science with Python sample papers, quick revision notes question bank, videos, online tests and practice papers.

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We have complete course material on CBSE class 12 Computer Science. You can download computer science sample papers, quick revision notes, question banks, videos, online tests and practice papers from our student dashboard. It includes Python Revision Tour, Working with Functions, File Handling, Data Structures – lists, stacks and Queues, Computer Networks, Data Communication, SQL Commands, Creating a Django-based Basic Web Application, Interface Python with mySQL.

CBSE Class 12 Computer Science - Course Contents

The course content of class 12 Computer Science is well structured, updated and dynamic in nature. It works as the foundation for future-ready software professionals. CBSE has recently updated course content for the Computer Science subject. Now it includes Python in both class 11 and class 12. Even SQL commands and web applications are linked with Python. 

The class 12 Python syllabus has all the basic topics that a school student must undergo. If you are planning to opt for computer science as your career, this is the best course for you. CBSE will conduct 70 marks theory exam and you will get 30 marks from school based on your performance in practical exams. 

Python Revision Tour - Class 12 Computer Science

In this section, students will get a revision of Python topics covered in Class XI.

Working with Functions - Class 12 Computer Science

In this section you will get types of function (built-in functions, functions defined in the module, user-defined functions), creating user-defined functions, arguments and parameters, default parameters, positional parameters, a function returning value(s), the flow of execution, the scope of a variable (global scope, local scope).

File Handling - Text files, Binary files, CSV files 

  • Introduction to files, types of files (Text file, Binary file, CSV file), relative and absolute paths
  • Text file: opening a text file, text file open modes (r, r+, w, w+, a, a+), closing a text file, opening a file using with clause, writing/appending data to a text file using write() and writelines(), reading from a text file using read(), readline() and readlines(), seek and tell methods, manipulation of data in a text file
  • Binary file: basic operations on a binary file: open using file open modes (rb, rb+, wb, wb+, ab, ab+), close a binary file, import pickle module, dump() and load() method, read, write/create, search, append and update operations in a binary file
  • CSV file: import csv module, open / close csv file, write into a csv file using csv.writer() and read from a csv file using csv.reader( )

Data Structures – Lists, Stacks and Queues

Under data structure, you will study the stack, operations on the stack (push & pop), and implementation of the stack using the list.

Computer Networks and Data Communication

  • Evolution of Networking: introduction to computer networks, the evolution of networking (ARPANET, NSFNET, INTERNET)
  • Data communication terminologies: the concept of communication, components of data communication (sender, receiver, message, communication media, protocols), measuring capacity of communication media (bandwidth, data transfer rate), IP address, switching techniques (Circuit switching, Packet switching)
  • Transmission media: Wired communication media (Twisted pair cable, Co-axial cable, Fiber-optic cable), Wireless media (Radio waves, Microwaves, Infrared waves)
  • Network devices (Modem, Ethernet card, RJ45, Repeater, Hub, Switch, Router, Gateway, WIFI card)
  • Network topologies and Network types: types of networks (PAN, LAN, MAN, WAN), networking topologies (Bus, Star, Tree)
  • Network protocol: HTTP, FTP, PPP, SMTP, TCP/IP, POP3, HTTPS, TELNET, VoIP
  • Introduction to web services: WWW, Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), Extensible Markup Language (XML), domain names, URL, website, web browser, web servers, web hosting

SQL Commands

  • Database concepts: introduction to database concepts and its need
  • Relational data model: relation, attribute, tuple, domain, degree, cardinality, keys (candidate key, primary key, alternate key, foreign key)
  • Structured Query Language: introduction, Data Definition Language and Data Manipulation Language, data type (char(n), varchar(n), int, float, date), constraints (not null, unique, primary key), create database, use database, show databases, drop database, show tables, create table, describe table, alter table (add and remove an attribute, add and remove primary key), drop table, insert, delete, select, operators (mathematical, relational and logical), aliasing, distinct clause, where clause, in, between, order by, meaning of null, is null, is not null, like, update command, delete command, aggregate functions (max, min, avg, sum, count), group by, having clause, joins: cartesian product on two tables, equi-join and natural join

Interface Python with mySQL

This section deals with connecting SQL with Python, performing insert, update, delete queries using cursor, display data by using fetchone(), fetchall(), rowcount, creating database connectivity applications

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