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Free Sample Papers for class-11 Physics

CBSE Sample Papers 2014-15 for class-XI Physics with solution has been updated in These sample papers can be downloaded free from DOWNLOAD SECTION of mycbseguide. The sample papers are based on latest revised question paper pattern and guidelines issued by CBSE for the session 2014-15 onwards. There are total 10 new sample papers including […]

Download Class-12 Accountancy Sample Papers 2015

CBSE Sample Papers 2015 for class-12 Accountancy as per latest revised syllabus and marking scheme are now available for free download in These sample papers are prepared by team of expert teachers having more than 15 years teaching experience in CBSE schools. CBSE has made some changes in question paper pattern and marking scheme […]

CBSE Class 12 English Core Question Papers 2014 (all sets)

CBSE Class 12 English Core Question Papers 2014 (all sets) have been uploaded to Users can download these question papers with solution from Class-12 English Core Section Here. This download includes all sets of Delhi, outside Delhi and Foreign as conducted by CBSE in March 2014. English Core question papers for CBSE class XII […]

CBSE Class 12 Biology Question Paper 2014

CBSE annual exam Question Paper held in March 2014 for class 12 Biology with solution (marking scheme) is made available for download at All sets of question papers with solution for Delhi, Outside Delhi and Foreign are there under this download. Class 12 Biology Question papers for 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, […]

CBSE Class 11 Biology Sample Paper 2015

30 Sample Question Papers for class-11 Biology for the session 2014-15 have been added to the download section of for free access. These 15 solved and 15 unsolved sample papers are designed as per the new marking scheme and question paper pattern issued by CBSE for the session 20145-15 onwards. Download CBSE Class 11 […]

CBSE Class 11 Economics Sample Paper 2015

Economics Sample papers for class-11 with solution have been uploaded to your class-11 Economics section for the session 2014-15. The sample papers are prepared as per the latest marking scheme and revised question paper pattern issued by CBSE for the session 2014-15 onwards. This year the question paper pattern for class-11 Economics have been changed. […]

Class 11 Accountancy Sample Papers 2014-15

CBSE Solved Sample Papers for class 11 Accountancy are available for free download at These sample papers are prepared according to the latest revised question paper pattern and marking scheme for the session 2014-15 onwards. There are total five solved CBSE Sample Papers and five unsolved sample papers for the session 2014-15 issued for […]

CBSE Class-12 Physics Question Paper 2014 with Solution

Download CBSE class-12 Physics question paper with solution for the annual exam conducted in March 2014. The Question paper, marking scheme and answers are given under this download. All sets of CBSE class 12 Physics question paper 2014 are available for download. There are 3 sets of question papers for Delhi, 3 sets for Outside […]

Clarification about class-10 Social Science Syllabus 2014-15 is receiving hundreds of email daily regarding confusion over the correct syllabus of CBSE class-10 Social Science for the academic year 2014-15. The confusion was created just because of a typing error in CBSE Curriculum Document for the session 2013-15 that was applicable to class-9 in 2013-14 and to class-10 in 2014-15. CBSE has […]

CBSE Class 12 Entrepreneurship eBook Download PDF

CBSE has issued class 12 entrepreneurship complete course eBook in PDF format for free download. The book is designed as per latest syllabus and marking scheme. Class 12 Entrepreneurship is a new subject. Development of school curriculum is a dynamic process responsive to the society and reflecting the needs and aspiration of its learners. Fast changing society deserves […]