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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Nasruddins Aim

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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Nasruddins Aim book solutions are available in PDF format for free download. These ncert book chapter wise questions and answers are very helpful for CBSE exam. CBSE recommends NCERT books and most of the questions in CBSE exam are asked from NCERT text books. Class 4 English chapter wise NCERT solution for English all the chapters can be downloaded from our website and myCBSEguide mobile app for free

NCERT solutions for Class 4 English Download as PDF

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Nasruddins Aim

NCERT Class 4 English Chapter wise Solutions


  1. Neha’s Alarm Clock
  2. The Little fir tree
  3. Nasruddins Aim
  4. Alice in Wonderland
  5. Helen Keller
  6. The Milkmans Cow
  7. The Scholars Mother Tongue
  8. The Giving Tree
  9. Going to buy a Book
  10. Pinocchho


  1. Poem 1 Wake up
  2. Poem 2 Noses
  3. Poem 3 Run
  4. Poem 4 Why
  5. Poem 5 Dont be Afraid of the dark
  6. Poem 6 I Had a Little Pony
  7. Poem 7 Hiawatha
  8. Poem 8 A Watering Rhyme
  9. Poem 9 Books
  10. Poem 10 The Naughty Boy

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Nasruddins Aim

1. What did Nasruddin boast about?

Ans. Nasruddin boasted about his skill in archery. He used to say that none of the arrows shoot by him missed the target.

2. Why did Nasruddin take someone else’s name each time he missed the target?

Ans. Nasruddin took someone else’s name each time he missed the target because he didn’t want to accept defeat in front of his friends. To save himself form the shame, he took someone else’s name each time he missed the target.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Nasruddins Aim

3. Why did the Nasruddin said, “It was my aim” the third time?

Ans. Nasruddin said,” It was my aim” the third because this time, the arrow had hit the target accurately.

4. Do you think that the Nasruddin was good at Archery?

Ans. No, Nasruddin was not good at archery, instead, he was good at be fooling others.

5. What would you have done if your grandmother would have slipped?

Ans. I would have helped her in restoring her physical and mental balance. At the same time, I would have created some humour by eating the floor or stairs in order to punish it for making my grandmother fall down.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Nasruddins Aim

6. Shoot the arrow and hit the target by matching the words with their meanings.


List I

List II


Informal talk


Greatly informed


Shooting with a bow and arrow


To protect from attack


The goal intended to be hit


Happy and proud

7. Replace the underlined word/words with a word from the box and rewrite the sentence.

(i) In no time she hit the object she aimed at.

Ans. In no time she hit the target.

(ii) Nasruddin was surely not a good archer.

Ans. Nasruddin was certainly not a good archer.

(iii) The teacher said something about his good hand-writing. He felt very happy.

Ans. The teacher remarked about his good handwriting. He felt very happy.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Nasruddins Aim

8. This is the picture of Rahul Gupta. Using the clues given below on the paragraph about him in your notebook.

Ans. Rahul Gupta is an Indian. He plays cricket. He practices eight hours daily. He eats healthy food. He runs kilometers everyday. He is a good batsman.

9. This is Rajiv’s family. They are a healthy family. See what each one to remain healthy.

Ans. Father: Iron pumping

Mother: Yoga

Sita: Rope skipping

Grandpa: Walking

Grandma: Drinking milk

Rajiv: Jogging

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Nasruddins Aim

10. Use the words ‘and’ or ‘but’ and make as many sentences as you can about Rajiv’s family.

Ans. (i) Grandpa and Rajiv’s sister. Sita was walking.

(ii) Father is pumping iron but mother is doing yoga.

(iii) Rajiv and his family members wake up early in the morning.

(iv) Grandpa is walking and Grandma is drinking milk.

(v) Father and mother are exercising.

(vi) Rajiv is jogging but his sister, Sita is skipping a rope.

11. Fill in the grid with words given below. You can use one word more than once.

Still, bat/ball, eleven, ball, football, two to four, stadium, ground, racket


Name of the game

What you play with

Where you play it

Number of players






Stick, ball



Table Tennis



Two to four





NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Nasruddins Aim

12. Using the information in the grid, write a sentence about each game.

Ans. (a) Cricket is an outdoor game. We play it with a bat and a ball. There are eleven players in this game.

(b) Hockey is an outdoor game. We play it with a stick and a ball. We play it in a stadium. There are eleven players in this game.

(c) Table tennis is an indoor game. We play it with a ball and a racket. There are two to four players in this game.

(d) Football is an outdoor game. It is played in a stadium. We play it with a football. There are eleven players in this game.

13. There are following words are used in various sports. List them under the sport that they are used in.








Penalty Corner


Free kick



NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Nasruddins Aim

14. Write two sentences on your puppet.

Ans. My puppet is made up from plastic sticks. It can walk, dance and play.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapter 3 Nasruddins Aim

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NCERT Solutions for English Class 3rd to 12th

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