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Reaching The Age of Adolescence worksheet for class 8

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CBSE worksheets for Reaching The Age of Adolescence worksheet for class 8 in PDF for free download. Science worksheets for class 8 CBSE includes worksheets on Reaching The Age of Adolescence as per NCERT syllabus. CBSE class 8 worksheets as PDF for free download Reaching The Age of Adolescence worksheets. Users can download and print the worksheets on class 8 Science Reaching The Age of Adolescence for free.

Download Reaching The Age of Adolescence worksheet for class 8

Reaching The Age of Adolescence worksheet for class 8 Important Topics

  • Adolescence and Puberty
  • Changes at Puberty
  • Secondary Sexual Characters
  • Role of Hormones in Initiating Reproductive Function
  • Reproductive Phase of Life in Humans
  • How is the Sex of the Baby Determined?
  • Hormones other than Sex Hormones
  • Role of Hormones in completing the Life History of Insects and Frogs
  • Reproductive Health

Reaching The Age of Adolescence worksheet for class 8

Some important Facts about Reaching The Age of Adolescence worksheet for class 8

  1. Find out from your elder relatives about their awareness of the legal status of early marriage. You yourself may get information on it from your teacher, parents, a doctor or the internet. Write a two minute speech explaining why early marriage is not good for the couple.
  2. Collect newspaper cuttings and information in magazines about HIV/ AIDS. Write a one page article of 15 to 20 sentences on HIV/AIDS.
  3. In our country, according to 2011 census, there are 940 adolescent females for every 1000 males. Find out.
    1. the concerns of the community regarding this low ratio. Remember that the chance of having a boy or a girl is equal.
    2. what amniocentesis is and how useful this technique is. Why is its use for identification of sex of the unborn child banned in India?
  4. Put your ideas together and write a short note on the importance of knowing facts about reproduction.

NCERT Class 8 Science Solved Worksheets

  • Chapter 1 – Crop Production and Management
  • Chapter 2 – Microorganisms : Friend and Foe
  • Chapter 3 – Synthetic Fibres and Plastics
  • Chapter 4 – Materials : Metals and Non-Metals
  • Chapter 5 – Coal and Petroleum
  • Chapter 6 – Combustion and Flame
  • Chapter 7 – Conservation of Plants and Animals
  • Chapter 8 – Cell – Structure and Functions
  • Chapter 9 – Reproduction in Animals
  • Chapter 10 – Reaching The Age of Adolescence
  • Chapter 11 – Force and Pressure
  • Chapter 12 – Friction
  • Chapter 13 – Sound
  • Chapter 14 – Chemical Effects of Electric Current
  • Chapter 15 – Some Natural Phenomena
  • Chapter 16 – Light
  • Chapter 17 – Stars and The Solar System
  • Chapter 18 – Pollution of Air and Water

CBSE Worksheets for Class 8 Science in PDF

Reproductive Phase of Life in Humans

Adolescents become capable of reproduction when their testes and ovaries begin to produce gametes. The capacity for maturation and production of gametes lasts for a much longer time in males than in females.

In females, the reproductive phase of life begins at puberty (10 to 12 years of age) and generally lasts till the age of approximately 45 to 50 years. The ova begin to mature with the onset of puberty. One ovum matures and is released by one of the ovaries once in about 28 to 30 days. During this period, the wall of the uterus becomes thick so as to receive the egg, in case it is fertilised and begins to develop. This results in pregnancy. If fertilisation does not occur, the released egg, and the thickened lining of the uterus along with its blood vessels are shed off. This causes bleeding in women which is called menstruation. Menstruation occurs once in about 28 to 30 days. The first menstrual flow begins at puberty and is termed menarche. At 45 to 50 years of age, the menstrual cycle stops. Stoppage of menstruation is termed menopause. Initially, menstrual cycle may be irregular. It take some time to become regular.

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