Some Natural Phenomena worksheet for class 8

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CBSE worksheets for Some Natural Phenomena worksheet for class 8 in PDF for free download. Science worksheets for class 8 CBSE includes worksheets on Some Natural Phenomena as per NCERT syllabus. CBSE class 8 worksheets as PDF for free download Some Natural Phenomena worksheets. Users can download and print the worksheets on class 8 Science Some Natural Phenomena for free.

Download Some Natural Phenomena Current worksheet for class 8

Some Natural Phenomena worksheet for class 8 Important Topics

  • Lightning
  • Charging by rubbing
  • Types of Charges and their Interaction
  • Transfer of Charge
  • The Story of Lightning
  • Lightning Safety
  • Earthquakes

Some Natural Phenomena worksheet for class 8

Some important Facts about Some Natural Phenomena worksheet for class 8

  1.  Open a water tap. Adjust the flow so that it forms a thin stream. Charge a refill. Bring it near the water stream. Observe what happens. Write a short report on the activity.
  2.  Make your own charge detector. Take a paper strip roughly 10 cm × 3 cm. Give it a shape as shown in Fig. 15.15. Balance it on a needle. Bring a charged body near it. Observe what happens. Write a brief report, explaining its working.
  3.  This activity should be performed at night. Go to a room where there is a fluorescent tube light. Charge a balloon. Switch off the tube light so that the room is completely dark. Bring the charged balloon near the tubelight. You should see a faint glow. Move the balloon along the length of the tube and observe how the glow changes.

NCERT Class 8 Science Solved Worksheets

  • Chapter 1 – Crop Production and Management
  • Chapter 2 – Microorganisms : Friend and Foe
  • Chapter 3 – Synthetic Fibres and Plastics
  • Chapter 4 – Materials : Metals and Non-Metals
  • Chapter 5 – Coal and Petroleum
  • Chapter 6 – Combustion and Flame
  • Chapter 7 – Conservation of Plants and Animals
  • Chapter 8 – Cell – Structure and Functions
  • Chapter 9 – Reproduction in Animals
  • Chapter 10 – Reaching The Age of Adolescence
  • Chapter 11 – Force and Pressure
  • Chapter 12 – Friction
  • Chapter 13 – Sound
  • Chapter 14 – Chemical Effects of Electric Current
  • Chapter 15 – Some Natural Phenomena
  • Chapter 16 – Light
  • Chapter 17 – Stars and The Solar System
  • Chapter 18 – Pollution of Air and Water

CBSE Worksheets for Class 8 Science in PDF


You just learnt about thunderstorm and lightning. In Class VII you learnt about cyclones. These natural phenomena can cause large scale destruction of human life and property. Fortunately, these phenomena can be predicted to some extent. The weather department can
warn about a thunderstorm developing in some area. If a thunderstorm occurs there is always a possibility of lightning and cyclones accompanying it. So, we get time to take measures to protect ourselves from the damage caused by these phenomena.

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