Introduction of Heritage Crafts in Class XI-XII

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Your attention is drawn to the Board’s Circular No. 17 dated 30th April,2008 regarding the introduction of the new Elective Subject – Heritage Crafts (Code No. 070) in Class XI from the session 2008-09 and class XII in 2009-10.

In this connection, please find enclosed the detailed syllabus along with examination specifications, guidelines for practical work, requirement of qualification for teachers, and infrastructure need.


The textbooks have been published by the NCERT and the titles are as follows:-

(i)    Living Craft Traditions of India, Textbook for class XI
(ii)    Living Craft Traditions of India, Textbook for class XII
(iii)    Workbook: Exploring Craft Traditions of India for both class XI & XII

Teachers Qualification :

A.    Essential Qualification : A Post Graduate in any Art Form (Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) or Masters in Drawing or Painting)

An exposure to at least one Craft even if it is in an unorganised sector.

B.    Desirable Qualification : Experience of working with crafts persons for at least three months or attending crafts workshop.

Infrastructure :

i)    A laboratory / art room to accommodate the class with ample space to work.
ii)    Potter wheel, kiln and other equipments which would vary depending upon the craft being offered.
iii)    School will need to conduct workshops with the artist and artisans from time to time and should be able to provide materials to the students.

Training :

A training programme for 10 days for teachers is desirable and will be conducted by the Board in collaboration with the NCERT. Your requirement in this connection may be communicated to the undersigned.

Details of this circular may kindly be brought to the notice of the teachers concerned and students who have offered this as an Elective for the session 2008-2009 in Class XI.

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